Joining of the minds (tag pawl)

Posted Jan. 24, 2023, 8:40 p.m. by Lieutenant Alexander Blaze (Chief Engineer) (James Gray)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Pawl Batario (Engineer) in Joining of the minds (tag pawl)

Posted by Lieutenant Alexander Blaze (Chief Engineer) in Joining of the minds (tag pawl)

Posted by Lieutenant Alexander Blaze (Chief Engineer) in Joining of the minds (tag pawl)
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Blaze was in the main computer room checking the romulan files on cube ships that was turning up nothing. He was waiting for pawl to join him so they can check the database of his people to see it any one have seen a cube ship like this. Blaze was having a hard time even with the translation program running romulan was hard to under stand and most of the files were locked and can only be unlocked by a Tal Shiar rank of Velal. He had no idea what that meant. So he closed his eyes to let his mind wonder.

Lt. Alexander Blaze (CE/CP)

PAwl entered the room with his padd that gathered the information from the probe. “I am sorry sir! I am running behind.” Pawl said sincerely to the officer. As he took a seat and started to access the terminal. “I doubt my databae has anything about this race or ship but we can run through it.” Pawl said calmly to the officer. “You have full acess to the Betazoid database.” Pawl said calmly as he attemted to run some desphering software he created alone time back to help with better acess to the romulan database.

Pawl Batario - Engineering Officer

Blaze was happy that romulan was come well for pawl. Even with the translation program he made it was still hard for him. Maybe he can combine his translation program with pawls program.

“Ok let’s check the data going back 10 years. Let’s see if the romulan or your people have seen the cube ship”

Lt. Alexander Blaze (CE/CP)

Pawl took his time to look over this item in the betazoid database he did not see anything coming close to the search. “Nothingin the Betazoid database.” Pawl commented calmly.

Blaze was keeping his search up bit once again the message requesting a code from a Tal Shiar rank of Velal to access the information. A code they don’t have.

“Hey pawl have you ever heard of the Tal Shiar before” he asked because he been seeing a lot of restricted access for there ranks.

Lt. Alexander Blaze (CE)

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