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A few days have passed and you all got to see Ponyville in all its small glory. The small town fell, the pleasant aromas from the surrounding farms and gardens and flower shops. The delicious smells and flavors of the Surgarcube Corner and other dining areas. Today in Princess Twilight’s Castle, you all will be meeting Princess Celestia,adoptive%20aunt%20of%20Princess%20Cadance. and Princess Luna

A banquet has been made and although clothes are not really a thing in this world, Rarity comes in wearing a red and purple evening dress and a hat to match. The other ponies that you’ve all came to know, walk in looking like they always do, but Apple Jack’s mane and tail are brushed. Pinkie Pie places the last dish for the banquet on the table when Princess Twilight clears her throat. “Ahem. That’s better. Gentlecolts and Mares and esteemed guests! May I please introduce you all to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna!” She steps aside and in walks two very tall ponies, about the same size as the horses on Earth. One is all white with a Sun on her flanks with literal flowing pink, blue, green and purple mane and tail. Seriously, there is no wind or drafts, they just flow and shimmer. The other tall point with a serious look on her face, Princess Luna and she is all dark purple with a bluish, purple flowing Main and tail like her sisters but resembles the night sky. You can clearly see the “stars” twinkle in her mane. She has a black mark on each of her flanks with a white Moon in each of them. Everyone bows when they enter.

In a very soft but firm regal voice Princess Celestia speaks. “Thank you Everypony for coming today and a big welcome from my sister Luna and I from Equstria. Welcome. Please be seated and enjoy the food and drinks while we talk. I would like to answer and all of your questions before we begin. What would you like to know?”

Princess Celestia/Storyteller

Kastarak was bewildered by this entire occasion. Everything was surreal and illogical. After this ordeal, he would need some serious meditation. Despite all of that, he was loyal to his crew and performed his duties to the letter. As such, he participated in the banquet, while looking at this strange equine sentient beings doing their best to entertain and be hospitable to their guests.

He decided to simply discard the “equinity” and Earthen DNA of his hosts and, instead, see them as species with which the Federation was making first contact. But then… did they have warp capabilities? Would not the Prime Directive then not apply?

But he had orders to participate – so he had to assume all was in order. Trust the legality of his orders, question them only when in clear violation of the law.

– Kastarak

Umbri, on the other hand, bowed politely when Princess Celestia and Princess Luna came into the room. They didn’t want to speak out of fear of saying something they weren’t supposed to.

Lieutenant (j.g.) Umbri Hawkins, Security Officer

Over the past several days, the people - ponies - of Equestria had been most hospitable and had completely won over Q. As far as he had seen, they were a very cordial and intelligent people, and so Dawson quickly had begun to treat the mission as First Contact. He thought he had fitted well within his part of makeshift diplomats. But there were still questions that needed answering that Princess Twilight had put off until the other princesses could join them. Now that they were here, Dawson wanted to know how it was they knew who they were, knew of the federation, and what that cubed vessel had been that the earth satellite had picked up when exploring here. Much had been left answered during their stay, but hopefully now, things will clear up.

Lt. Q. Dawson, CWO

OOC: Hey, guys! Sorry for the absence. Was finishing up the latest script of my comic coming out next year and needed to step away to focus on that. But should be back now!

OOC: That’s great! I have a great friend that published some comics of his own. Can’t wait to get a signed copy from you!


William looked across the unusually quiet crew, he saw the hesitation in Hawkins and excitement in Dawson’s expressions. He gave both officers a slow nod, so they could feel free to ask any questions they wished “Thank you for your most gracious of welcomes Your Majesty” he spoke up, maintaining what he was hoping came across as polite diplomatic speech, especially after the utter disaster that had been the other night “I believe that most of our curiosity will stem from a scientific and historical nature. Though of course I would not delay the feast by too much so I’ll ask some of my crewmates to field questions to start with.”


Pawl kept quiet at this meeting unless he was needed he kept out of the way but tried to be attentive to anyone he passed by giving them a nice greeting as the others passed by him. trying not to be standoffish. As he tried to take in all who was there. As he grabbed a tall glass of water to drink as he casually walked around the big reception area. “greeting. ” Pawl said to the passing visiting delegates.

Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Chief Engineer

Dawson took in the Lt. Commander’s nod and nodded back, waiting for him to finish before speaking. “Well said, sir,” Dawson began before turning to the princesses, “We do have a few questions that, since all three of you are now here, I’d like to broach. I believe it would be prudent to begin with how you all were made aware of the Federation’s existence and indeed our coming, when we ourselves had no clue of you or that we would be coming here. This has certainly puzzled me over the few days you have gifted us with your hospitality.” Dawson took a sip of his drink as he ended his remarks, giving a light grin as he did so.

-Lt Q. Dawson, CWO

Princess Celestia nodded. “A wise question indeed Lieutenant Dawson, is it? We were visited before by a young human girl named Megan. I don’t know how or why it happened at the time but her she was and she helped defeat a great evil in our world with the help of Apple Jack. Not the Apple Jack that sits before you now but by one of her ancestors. I was young at that time, around 300 years old. After we all defeated the evil, I found an ancient artifact, a mirror, that enables us to travel to other dimensions and time. That is how we sent her back home. Since then, it’s been kicked away in my castle. I use occasionally to look around for dangers to be wary against and to formulate a plan of action for.”

She used her magic to pick up a glass of water and drank from it before continuing. “One day I was there looking into the mirror and heard a young girl mention something about our land that was not on your planet of Earth. That young woman is here today. A Umbri I guess you call her. (I know to use the pronouns they/ them, but Celestia would not. Sorry if this causes you problems.) I noticed that your ship was real close to us and I had my sister, Princess Luna, go out and check and sure enough, there you were. So I asked Pinkie Pie here to plan a party for you. Does that help Lieutenant Dawson?”


OOC: Doesn’t cause problems at all. I’ll just have Umbri politely correct Celestia IC.


Umbri was absolutely floored. Princess Celestia was spying on them? Why? They took a deep breath and stepped forward. “Yeah, I’m Umbri. I was born female, but I go by they/them pronouns,” they paused for a moment, taking another deep breath and trying to remain as calm as possible. “I just have one question: How long have you been observing me?” they asked.

Umbri then looked at their fellow crew in shock. “I swear, I had no idea this was happening. You have to believe me,” they said.

Lieutenant (j.g.) Umbri Hawkins, Security Officer

Celestia put a good up to her muzzle and have one of her famous chuckles. “Oh dear. I wasn’t spying. I was looking around. Whenever our place is or names are mentioned, the mirror let’s us see who said it and where. We can choose to ignore that and thank me that I can do that since after the cartoon …I think that’s what those are called… came out. So it was strange when I heard my name in its entirety out in space and close to Equstria. So please. Don’t be alarmed and we all will do our best to address you in the proper way, Lieutenant Umbri. We hope that you are comfortable.”

Princess Celestia/Storyteller

Whilst listening to the conversation William slowly but surely tensed up, his emotional reactions were often muted or lessened by his self-control but those who knew him would see the indicators, closed fists, stiff movement, and tensing of his jaw. It only lasted a few moments before he visibly relaxed, he raised a hand to Umbri “Be at ease Lieutenant Hawkins, we have no reason to doubt you” He said calmly, it was becoming easier to remain calm off the ship compared to a few years back. He looked toward the princess “I thank you for your honesty regarding this magic mirror” He was certain the mirror was some form of highly advanced technology, dimensional shifting was theoretically possible with the correct mathematical equation and power source. “Does this mean that this is not your home universe?” He asked


“Commander Grey, is it?” Celestia stated. “First. You are welcome and I want to stress the importance of the secrecy of the mirror. Second. This is my own homeworld, time and dimension. It is all of ours. None of us that live here come from other dimensions or time. Even Discord. And before you all, all we know is that Discord is at least 5,000 years old and again, he’s native to this world. And while we are all asking questions, please eat and drink. Are there any other questions? Everyone please ask. It doesn’t have to come from your higher ups. I’ll answer anything.”

Princess Celestia,/Storyteller

Not for the first time since arriving on the planet, Dawson raised an eyebrow in the direction of Lt. Umbri. It seemed they were quite embroiled in this culture, but as Celestia spoke, she mentioned a “cartoon.” Dawson’s face relaxed some as he thought, Ah, so that explains it somewhat. Umbri knew the show as it was on earth, and somehow notified the magic mirror. But that still didn’t explain the cube that they were here to investigate. As far as Dawson could tell, the inhabitants had no means, nor interest, in space travel. Given Celestia said she had been 300 years old when Apple Jack’s ancestor had helped defeat a “great evil,” Dawson would assume that she had been around when the Cube had come into orbit. Perhaps the cube was the evil that she talked about.
“Princess,” Dawson said, “We came here investigating an image picked up by one of our early earth probes. It showed us an image of a cube-shaped craft in orbit here. Do you know anything of this?”

Lt. Q. Dawson, CWO

She lost her smile and starred at him intently before she spoke in a soft and cautious manner. “Thank you for the question Lieutenant Dawson. We know that those things are not beings from their original home worlds anymore. They are lifeless and think as one. Like a hive mentality. They have a bunch of augmentations that don’t make sense. Like it was done to just be done.”

“I talked with their Queen. She was the only one that could talk and think on their own that I saw. My sister was on our moon at the time and I joined forces with Discord to go and talk. This is one of the extremely rare times Discord was serious. He knew the dangers and helped me. Their Queen was not interested in negotiating. She flat out told us to surrender and prepare to be assimilated. Resistance is Futile. They repeated that constantly and I’ll never forget that.” Celestia looked away and wiped away a tear and shuddered before continuing.

“Forgive me. Memories. They didn’t want to listen to us and they wouldn’t let us leave on our own. We had to fight our way out. Then we teleported off their ship and back to planet. Discord and I used a lot of our powers to send them away. Far away. If they ever come back, then we’ll send them away again or fight them to stop them once and for all. They are world destroyers Mr. Dawson and they will not test until everything and Everypony is under their control. Anything else?” Princess Celestia gulped down the water and refilled her glass again.

Princess Celestia/Storyteller

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