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Posted Sept. 30, 2023, 1 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Pawl Batario (Chief Engineer) (David Robinson Jr)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sara Lovejoy (Engineer) in In Engineering -Tag Pawl-
While Lieutenant Lovejoy went from the mess hall to engineering, she went ahead and started to work in engineering and didn’t do any diagnostics. She stayed at her post and worked on what she needed to work on not what her department head needed done but what needed to be done by her.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Lovejoy

A short time later Pawl entered engineering as he took note of his crew before moving towards Miss Lovejoys Station. “Hello again long time no see.” He let out a tiny laugh. “I see you are doing things.” Pawl finished as he waited for her reply. As he looked at his padd for a moment to check on the odd chores and repairs everyone was doing.

Lt. Jg. Pawl Batario - Chief Engineer

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