Symar and Kastarak paying the captain a visit – Captain's office

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Kastarak led Symar to the captain’s door, chimed it, and hoped the captain would be willing to see them.

Last time Kastarak had met with the captain, it was an emotional and solemn occasion. This time it would be difficult, Symar would have to come clean of his identity, discuss his traumas, and could face the consequences of the law against augments, depending on how it would be defined in Symar’s case. Symar was brave, and Symar had wanted Kastarak to join him in this meeting. It was Kastarak’s solemn duty and high honour to do so.

He would fight for his friend, colleague, mentor, and patient. In this matter, Symar was all of it, and Symar had Kastarak’s unconditional regard.

– Lt jg Dr Kastarak

Chris was in fact in his ready room. Mail call came, finally, and in it was another Hellraiser cube signed by Doug Bradley, the guy who played Pinhead. It was in pristine condition being almost two hundred years old. On Risa, Chris met a Ferengi merchant and told him what he wants in his collection and the merchant told him that he’d keep an eye out for anything. Chris wished they’d keep an ear out since they were bigger and against Chris’s better judgement, have the Ferengi 500 Latnium to bump him up the “watch list” and that Ferengi came through and Chris was overjoyed!

Unboxing cubes was just as much exciting as it was nerve-wracking. Wearing gloves and holding a scalpel and forceps, he was just about to cut the tape and lift it up when the chime went off. “Bloody hell!” Chris cried out as he almost slashed the cube itself with the scalpel. Scared but better now that he realized the cube was unhurt, he stood. “Come!” He said looking for the scalpel that disappeared on him. (It is stuck through his bionic hand.)

Captain Chris Taggart CO

Kastarak immediately noticed that the captain was at a heightened emotional state. Was this, perhaps, a bad time?

“Captain, Dr Symar and I would like to speak with you, when you have the time. It is a highly serious matter which requires your attention. Is this a good time?”

– Dr Kastarak

Symar noted the heightened state and had to fight hard to stop confusion from crossing his face.

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

“Yes. This is a good time. It will allow time for my eyes to rest. Please take a seat over by the conference table.” He said as he gestured with his right arm. “Can I get you two something to drink. I am getting some coffee myself.” Chris walks over towards coffee/tea cart and pushes it over towards the two Vulcans. While pouring coffee out, “The tea is still warm gentlemen.” As he felt the pot.

Captain Chris Taggart, CO

“Thank you, sir,” said Kastarak. Kastarak made himself a cup.

Symar breathed deeply, finally completely letting go, “Honestly Captain, what I wouldn’t give for a Romulan ale right now…”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

He glanced at Symar – that was a highly inappropriate thing to say, but typical, and what to be expected, of Symar’s unusual condition. That said, Symar did seem to lower his guard, that was positive, and hopefully would allow him to disclose what he needed to disclose to the captain.

Kastarak decided to remain quiet and let Symar lead the conversational way.

– Kastarak

Kastarak want the only one to look at Symar funny. Not only did Symar talk “normal” but conveyed emotion. Chris’s one good eye went a little wider as his eyebrow over that eye raised up. “You ok Symar?” He asked with genuine concern.

Symar sighed, “I’ve been keeping something from the crew of this ship for a long while now Captain, I feel that it’s only right to share it with you now.”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

Chris’s facial expression went back to normal and he smiled while motioning with his right arm to the chairs. “Please. Have a seat and tell me what’s troubling you. I promise not to get mad or upset.” Looking at Kastarak walking back with a cup of tea, he looked back at Symar. “And I take it that Kastarak is here to support you in this endeavor or his he here in a counseling compacity? “

Captain Chris Taggart CO

“A mixture of both Captain to be honest; to explain this situation best, I think it might be prudent for the to of us to meld.”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

Kastarak raised an eye-brow. Symar hadn’t melded with Kastarak – was there something deeper that was needed to be communicated to the captain that Kastarak hadn’t been privy to?

– Kastarak

“What? Melding?”. This must be serious. Sitting back in the chair now he eyed Kastarak then Symar seriously. (He eyed them because he only has one eye, not in a threatening manner).

Leaning in to address them. “If you think that the situation warrants it. I hope you realize the significance of this and how it will affect both of us for the rest of our lives, yours longer because you live almost there times longer than us humans. Not to mention, if you don’t mind me stating the very obvious, if you completely screw up.” He said flatly. “Now you know that I’m not one to use or pull rank, but you are asking to use this on a Starfleet Captain. You sure that this is the best recourse? And if it is, and you both agree that it is, then I’ll allow it. I also authorize you both to speak frankly, and without any fear of reprisal.”. He sat there waiting for their response.

Captain Chris Taggart CO

Kastarak sensed the captain’s apprehension.

“I don’t think you are in a good emotional state enough to make a safe mind meld with a non Vulcan,” he whispered in Vulcan to Symar. “Please consider another approach. You did it with me. You can do it with the captain too.”

Lt Kastarak (counsellor)




“Sir?” said Kastarak to Symar, returning to Federation Standard. He had grew concerned with Symar’s silence.

– Lt jg Dr Kastarak

Symar sighed, “I’m half-Romulan Captain.”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

Chris looked at Symar and then to Kastarak and back to Symar then leaned back into his chair. He started to think about all the non-Vulcan things he’s seen Symar do but that doesn’t matter because he knows of some Vulcans that don’t do the hide their emotions thing that Kastarak does. Heck, his XO smiles and laughs and Yells, which sucks and Chris needs to stop making her mad with his antics anyway.

The Captain just sat there for a minute and and started to smile then laugh a bit while putting his hands up to show he meant no disrespect. “Symar. Was that your big secret? I’ve know for awhile that you were different from other Vulcans, just slightly. I’ve been around Vulcans my whole life and as Kastarak once stated, I’ve made this ship into a kind of safe haven for them. Plus the transporter has a history of your DNA. I don’t know how you got past the Academy and your other ships and I don’t want to know, but I’ll make a video call to an Admiral right after this and get it taken care of. After today, you can roam around as your true self anywhere in Starfleet. I’m sorry for the laughing. I know to you that this is a great matter, but I assure you it’s not. I thought you you were going to tell me that you murdered someone and needed my help to get rid of the body, which I would unless it’s a crew member. You know I love this crew.” Pausing a bit before continuing.

“Symar. You’re a great officer and a great doctor. There’s no malice in your heart and I’ve seen that in your work and your off duty time. Heck, there’s a lot of pure Romulans on Romulus or their ships act like you in private. But they put on a show in front of others so they don’t get killed. You won’t have to pretend anymore and although your work is exemplary, I know it will increase and get better without you having to have to pretend anymore.”

“This is a very brave thing that you did just now by coming to see me to tell me this. I would like to think you came to me with it because you know I’m understanding and approachable and would do anything for this crew, but I also know that you’d have to eventually see me no matter who you told because I’m the last part of the chain that could make or break your career. You did wise by bringing Kastarak here to help you. Does Commander T’Aria know?”

Captain Chris Taggart CO

Symar relaxed, but only slightly. The Captain’s nonchalent reaction caught him off guard initially; however, he had to admit that he was greatful he wasn’t being marched out of an airlock this very second. Now though, came the slightly more interesting part, Symar wasn’t sure how much Taggart knew of T’Aria’s personal life, but he was about to find out a lot more, “T’Aria was… actually the first person I broke the news to, we have been quite… close ever since.”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-



“Chris got a serious tone and his smile went away. Looking at both Symar and Kastarak a few times before commenting. “I see.” Letting out a long breath. “Well. You didn’t fool me acting the Vulcan part.... but you two deserve Oscar’s for fooling me with your romance deception.” Looking away from them both and then getting up from the chair slowly he looked at his cup and although it was full, picked it up and went over to the sink and dumped it out before telling it again and taking a few sips while looking out into space by the big window. After a few more minutes he turned around gently and sat back down and placed his cup down as well.

“Ok. Here’s the deal. I can give you the rundown on many Starfleet regulations about dating, marrying or just plain having an affair with not only a coworker but a supervisor.” He looked Symar dead in the eye with his icy blue eye. “But I won’t. You two have managed to keep your closeness, a very good secret. And you’ve both managed to do your jobs with the upmost diligence despite she’s your direct supervisor. I’ve seen no instances of favoritism or the like and you’re both adults. I will grant you the permission to date her, even in public, if she so wishes. But mark my words Symar. If I find out any different that either one of you two is showing any kind of favoritism, or that your relationship, no matter who is at fault, is a direct hindrance to a mission, then one or both of you will have to go as much as it pains me to say. Do not get me wrong Symar. You do not need my permission to date anyone and nor does she. But she’s the Executive Officer. You’ll both need my permission to STAY on The Chernov. Which you both have. Are we very clear on this?”

Kastarak tried to resist the urge to raise an eyebrow - to no avail. This was news to him: Symar and T’Aria dating (whatever that meant). Were they betrothed to one another? Were they about to marry? Why had neither told him about this?

He went over his memories of his interactions with both Symar and T’Aria, and his interactions with them two together, too. Were there signs? Perhaps, but the signs could easily be signs for anything else too. If they were in a courtship with one another, which Kastarak still doubted, despite the captain’s monologue, they surely deserved an award for their deception – one grander in scale and in results than Symar’s Romulanness.

Kastarak felt an uneasy feeling in his gut, but decided to purge it immediately, before analysing its meaning. Now was not the time for introspection.

This news hit harder than the Romulan news for some reason to Chris. Maybe it was he had feelings for T’Aria or maybe since they’ve been through so much, she was like a sister to him or the fact that she was Vulcan and Chris swore to protect Vulcans. But Symar was a Vulcan as well, partly, but was still a Vulcan. Chris would have to have a serious conversation with himself after this. Most likely it was the second reason but in any case, she was Symar’s lady now and off limits.

Shaking himself out of it. “Symar. Anything else that I need to know before I get you cleared? Most likely they will still go through all of your data, files and the like to make sure you weren’t a spy, but I’ll make sure that it will be a painless problem for you. After all you’ve saved my life and I owe you.” Holding up a both hands, palms out, towards both Kastarak and Symar. “Don’t say, “it was my duty” crap to me. We’ve all been through the ringer a few times and we’ve always had each other’s backs. It goes deeper than duty and you both know that. I’ll protect the crew of The Chernov by any means available and to and including my life against all enemies, foreign.... and domestic.”

Captain Chris Taggart CO

“As will I,” Kastarak vowed and quickly shook the captain’s hand. “What we, together, on this ship have suffered, survived, and been through, has shaped us into a family of sorts, where my identity has become inseparable from the identity of the ship. The ship and its crew are part of me, and I should like to think I am one of theirs. You, captain, form part of my identity, Symar is part of my identity too. Without you, something would be amiss within me.” Kastarak tried to convey what he could of his feelings of belonging and love.

– Kastarak

“Captain, I haven’t properly confessed to T’Aria my feelings… yet, but with your permission, I feel that that is a step I need to take. As far as the issue of favouritism is concerned, you have my word that my duty as a Starfleet officer will always be the thing that comes first. I may well be Romulan, but I like to think I am a rare breed that you can trust.”

-Lieutenant Symar: Chief Medical Officer-

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