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It’s been awhile since he has heard from the crew and Chris was getting worried. Then finally he got a message that the ponies of Equestria want to join the Federation. He was relieved that they wanted to and that things have been going smooth. He knew that any members of the Chernov would be professional. It’s almost like he has hand picked the entire crew, down to that crewman.

Walking to to transporter room he nodded for the Ensign to beam him down to the last known coordinates of the team and when he found out that they were split but thankful that they were still in groups, he told them to beam him down to the largest group, which was Commander Grey, Q, Symar and Kastarak.

Materializing before them all he smiled. “I’m glad to see you all are doing well. It’s been a week since I’ve seen your smiling faces.” Inside joke as he was talking to a bunch of Vulcans and Grey doesn’t smile. Q does. “So what are we all doing now?”

Captain Chris Taggart CO

“Captain!” Q said in surprise. He straightened himself and took his arms off from around Kastarak and Pawl. He gave the captain a smile and said, “Well, Commander Grey had just dismissed us with leave, so I was trying to talk our friends here to explore the local populace. Normally I would be anxious about having you down on the planet sir, but the ponies have been immensely hospitable, so I’m actually not that worried. So long as that Discord creature keeps away, I think this would be a nice shoreleave destination.”

Lt. Q Dawson, CWO

Laughing a bit. “Well! It certainly looks like you’re approving this place? There has to be something else here. I find it hard to believe that there is a place in this universe that is all sunshine and rainbows. But then again, that’s human nature. To find the bad in the good instead of just a accepting it or just enjoying the moment.”

William blinked at the Captain’s joke, his sense of humor really hadn’t improved over the years “They’ve shown an interest in joining the Federation, I was on my way to give you a full debriefing, sir” He said in his usual formal tone, hands clasped behind his back “Things have been going mostly well, they have had previous interactions with humans. They possess technological capabilities in some measure far beyond us, they seem to have mastered matter transportation to a level where its use is standardized across the planet, not unlike transporter hubs on Federation worlds but at an individual basis, paired with longevity and proclivity for peace show promise.”


“Well, number two, that is fantastic news! I can’t wait to meet them, but first, let’s do as Lt. Dawson suggested and walk about. This will give me the look and feel of the real pony people and not just a rulers saying. I am hungry though. Mind if we find a place to eat at first?”

Commander Chris Taggart CO

“I believe,” Dawson said, “There is a lovely little place not far from here. I saw it one of the times we were out and about. Haven’t tried it yet though. Anyone else down for a bit of adventuring?” Dawson turned back to Kas and Pawl with raised eyebrows.

-Lt. Q Dawson, CWO

“Then let’s get to it! Lead the way Lt. Dawson.” A few blocks down there was a restaurant called Che Jean’s. It looked a little fancy but was busy with seating outside as well. The menu consisted of hay burgers, hay fries, fish, dandelion sandwiches and the like.

Captain Chris Taggart/Storyteller

William looked at the menu and arched an eyebrow “I wonder if they’ll have cuisine that we can digest” He said with genuine curiosity.


Q looked over the menu and furrowed his brows in a sheepish apology, “Come to think of it, all of our meals thus far had been held in the palace, and not necessarily shared by the natives as much.” He caught on Fish and decided to take a chance. He figured he could try the hay fries as well, since normal fries were just potatoes so perhaps they could make it work. Besides, he’d certainly sampled stranger dishes while in Starfleet.

-Lt. Q Dawson, CWO

Chris laughed. “Well I think they will once
If they decide to join but I don’t think there will be any meat since the chips. Pigs, deer, chickens and the like are all sentient beings. But there will be more of a variety. For now. Let’s order something.” He waved over a Grey stallion with black mane and tail wearing white cufflinks and a white black collar and bow tie. “I’ll have fish and hay fries please and whatever else these fine people would like.”

He nodded and looked at the others and spoke in a French accent. “And what would you all like?”

Captain Chris Taggart CO

“Baked potato,” replied Kastarak. He did not want to eat food here, but he needed some carbohydrates to remain emotionally regulated in this bizarre environment.

– Kastarak

“I’ll also have the fish and chips,” Q said, and then remarking on the ponies confused expression, amended, “The hay fries. Apologies.”

-Lt. Q Dawson, CWO

Again William raised an eyebrow at his Captain’s odd attempts at humor, although there was a possibility that the man was actually funny it just didn’t seem to make sense to William “Water and whatever house salads you have sans-hay if would” He spoke to the waiter more politely than the others might give him credit for, in contrast to his usual arrogant attitude of looking down on others.


OOC: What joke this time? The cows talk in MLP.

The waiter took everyone’s orders and after awhile brought them all their food. “Thank you. ” Chris said looking at his good then the crew. “Looks good.” He took a bite of the hay fries and kept eating them. “Not bad. I wouldn’t want this to be my diet, but not bad.”

Commander Chris Taggart CO

Kastarak interjected.

“Since you decided to eat equine food before scanning it, I will need to scan you to ascertain that your body can process this… uhm food.” He looked around, trying to find somewhere private. A niche away from everyone’s attention was visible. Perhaps there. “A moment, now?”

– Lt jg Kastarak

Chris looked very confused. He surely knew that Kastarak knew that it took the human body hours to digest food and that it would take at 30 more minutes before it even starts. He thought maybe he needed to tell him something instead. “Very well Doctor. Over there then.” Looking around the table at the others. “Excuse is for a couple minutes.” He got up and went over to the niche that Kastarak pointed to earlier.

Commander Chris Taggart CO

Once safe, Kastarak quickly scanned Taggart. It was mostly for appearances’ sake, but Kastarak wanted to be sure it was all still fine.

“This food is tolerable for your body,” he commented. “but I should like to ask you: what is the plan? what do you wish me to do? how long are we staying here?”

– Dr Kastarak

“Well, since they want to be part of the Federation, we will be leaving soon and A first contact vessel will arrive. And we’ll be going past Klingon.” He said deadpan.

Captain Chris Taggart CO

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