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Posted Nov. 28, 2023, 3:09 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Kastarak (Doctor / Counsellor) (Richard A)

Posted by Commander Chris Taggart (Captain) in Captain’s Mast, Tag Everyone.
Chris was sent a message that morning from his XO that made him cry for a bit, even though it was perfectly logical for her to do that and he had once Mentone it before to her. But the pain of it still shot through him and lingered. It was for the best and she asked him to convey her feelings. That was the very least he could do. After everything that they’ve shared and been through.

He poured himself another cup of coffee while awaiting everyone to gather in the ships big conference room that they held parties and ceremonies in.

Commander Chris Taggart CO

“Sir,” greeted Kastarak as he entered the conference room and took his place. Even though he wasn’t a department head, he had for a while now been regularly invited to senior meetings. He wasn’t sure why – perhaps it was because he could monitor Symar or because of his psychological knowledge, or perhaps just because the captain had taken a liking to him. Thinking. of Symar, he wondered if Symar’s confession to the captain would mean that Symar would appear less Vulcan and more Romulan. It would be logical, but Romulans… and humans… were not known for being logical when it came to their behaviours.

– Lt jg Kastarak

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