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Posted Nov. 28, 2023, 3:49 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Pawl Batario (Chief Engineer) (David Robinson Jr)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sara Lovejoy (Engineer) in In Engineering -Tag Pawl-

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sara Lovejoy (Engineer) in In Engineering -Tag Pawl-

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sara Lovejoy (Engineer) in In Engineering -Tag Pawl-
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While Lieutenant Lovejoy went from the mess hall to engineering, she went ahead and started to work in engineering and didn’t do any diagnostics. She stayed at her post and worked on what she needed to work on not what her department head needed done but what needed to be done by her.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Lovejoy

A short time later Pawl entered engineering as he took note of his crew before moving towards Miss Lovejoys Station. “Hello again long time no see.” He let out a tiny laugh. “I see you are doing things.” Pawl finished as he waited for her reply. As he looked at his padd for a moment to check on the odd chores and repairs everyone was doing.

Lt. Jg. Pawl Batario - Chief Engineer

“Hello sir. Yes I am. I’m doing my work like a normal engineer would.” She said with a smile and recording everything she has done so far on a Padd and handed the padd to him.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Lovejoy - Engineer

Pawl took the padd from her as he looked over everything. “Wow, you have been busy!” Pawl said kindly to her “Looking good keep up the excellent work.” He said with a smile as he left to check on his other engineers. Then a few minutes later he returned to Miss Lovejoy. “we can run a level five test on all the things you have repaired to see if there are still any issues this won’t require us to inform command since it is automatic and does not require any shutdown time to perform the test. on any of the systems anything higher we would need to ask the captain about. to make sure it does not interfere with mission or safety of the ship.” Pawl said with a smile as he initiated the level five scan of the repaired systems.

Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Chief Engineer

“Thank you sir.” She said. “I knew that after I did that level one diagnostic the other day I knew I did something wrong. But now that I hadn’t done that I know that doing these minor repairs was something that needed to be done.” She said. “So about my training that I need or is this what it is?” She asked.

Engineer Lovejoy

“Honestly, I believe they are mostly refreshers and getting you reorganized with protocols. structures. Focus on the jobs that need to be done. for the small and deal with the bigger ones as they come.” Pawl said calmly to her. “You will get there I have every confidence in you Sara.” Pawl added “There will be some book work as well. This way there is a paper trail of your progress and training too.” PAwl said with a smile.

Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Chief Engineer

“I know but,” she sighed. “What if I’m not good enough to become the Chief Engineer again? I mean I understand that you think that I am but at the same time, I feel like maybe you would be a better fit to be the Chief Engineer. But I also understand that you think that I should become the Chief Engineer once again. However, I’d like to get the refreshers and get reorganized with protocols, and structures done and out of the way.” She said.

Lt. Lovejoy

“Most of the protocols and reorganizations are simple bookwork. other items are simple hands-on applications. most could be done in the ship’s engine room or testing areas of engineering.” Pawl said calmly to her. “If you don’t want to do this or become chief Engineer again that is your decision. I won’t force you to do anything you feel uncomfortable with.” Pawl said calmly to her. “I will move you from other assignments so you can focus on your bookwork and testing. And the occasional engineering applications on real items in engineering later.” Pawl said quickly. “I need to check on the others in engineering. Be back in a Bit.” PAwl said softly and a bit unsure now.

Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Chief Engineer

“Well I do want to be Chief Engineer again sir. But I’m doubting myself.” She said. “Yes sir. I’ll be right here.”

Lovejoy. Engineer

Pawl nodded calmly as he continued on his way. Not sure what to say now. He took his time and checked on the others in engineering that was working. They all seemed reasonable and were doing their jobs properly and with efficiency . As he made his way back to Sara. Pawl sighed hard. “I understand you have doubts and my understanding of this is not much help or my faith in you that you can do this seems not to be helping either.” Pawl stated calmly to her. but if you can’t get this doubt under control it will cause you more problems down the road. “I trust you with my life as an engineer. I trust you to do your job effectively and efficiently and your pride and love and understanding of all things are an asset.” Pawl finished as he waited for her to understand what he was trying to say to her with sincerity and peace.

Lt Jg. Pawl Batario - Chief Engineer

“I understand. I won’t let you down.” She said.

Engineer Lovejoy

“Go ahead and pick your assignments from the board. I will follow through and check things when finished.” Pawl said kindly to her. For the more in-depth jobs I will be there with any questions you may have. And I will help in repairs with you if you need my help.” PAwl added then finished. “Sooner or later all of the odd jobs will be done and he can give the engineering teams a bit of time off or they can pursue a side job or activity for fun.” PAwl said with a smile.

Pawl Batario - Chief Engineer

“I’ll get on it right now sir. Like I said I won’t let you down.” She said.

Engineer Lovejoy

Pawl was rather busy today with all the odd jobs being done in engineering as he checked the progress of all of his engineering staff. He felt like he was stuck in amber or what is the old earth saying stuck in honey or molasses? He just could not remember at that particular moment. It took him hours to get back to Miss Lovejoy by the time he got close to visiting her it was almost the end of duty shifts for all. Pawl sighed hard before he spoke with a rather rough and dry voice. The words barely escaped his lips. “Evening Miss Lovejoy.” Pawl squeaked out barely.

Lt Jg Pawl Batario - Chief Engineer

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