Pre SIM: Promotion, Commendation/ Award Ceremony ALL ATTEND PLEASE

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“Now that we are all dressed we will disembark the ship and go to the promotion ceremony. There will be time, two days in fact to look around the city. But for right now we will be escorted to the ceremony. I hope I don’t have to remind anyone to be on their best behavior here. We are the first beings outside this planet to witness this ceremony. Kind of like when a Jedi Padawan becomes a Jedi Knight. It’s very secret. Let’s go!”

Captain Chris Taggart CO

Kane ran a finger around the collar of his dress uniform and mumbled something about ‘Order 66’ before walking off towards the ceremony. “Warren better appreciate this.” he thought to himself.

Kane, CMO

Mwezi had left a message to the Captain that he had some preparations to make before the ceremony, and he would see them all there.

Mwezi, CTO

Everyone was brought to the place of the ceremony.

OOC: Since this is Mwezi world. I will let her describe it.

Captain Chris Taggart CO

From the airlock to the ceremony room, everything seemed fairly similar. Stepping through the doorway onto Galdor’s main space station, they would feel a slight reduction in gravity.

The corridors weren’t of a particular design, seeming to be made of similar material to those of Starfleet Vessels. Their guide, an older Laleri, didn’t say much other than to welcome them.

Finally, they reached the room. It was set up almost like a court room or a lecture hall. Small, with space for only a couple hundred to sit on provided chairs. There was a small stage at the front with a microphone, and a stand covered by a cloth. A video feed of the microphone and stand area was played on the screens on either side of the back wall, so those at the back could see.

Mwezi, CTO

Kane looked around and a disapproving growl was barely audible. “Great. No bar. And I dressed up for this.”

Kane, CMO

Ensign Valharra stood toward the back of the room, he studied and surveyed the place as more crew members arrived. He wasn’t there as one of the chosen security personnel to protect them, he was there to watch his first ceremony on the ship.
Ensign Valharra

Chris came in wearing his Whites and stopped next to Valharra. “Ensign Valharra. Is this your first ceremony?” The captain asked.

“If it is then you would see it from a much better view by sitting up front with me. You are probably the first Vulcan to see a promotion ceremony from this world and we as a whole are amongst the first personnel from Starfleet to witness this ceremony as well. It’s very exciting! Come with me!”

Captain Chris Taggart CO

There was some noise at the front of the room, once everyone had seated themselves, or at least gotten mostly seated. It seemed there was something happening. A figure who might seem familiar to some of the Starfleet personnel who had been here on their previous trip to Galdor, a Raka male with dark ginger fur and grey clothing with golden trim, stood at the mic, and was tapping it lightly. There appeared to be a two-tiered platform system in place, to allow the shorter races to use the mic easily.

“Hello, yes. Hello all, and welcome to our guests. To our guests from among the stars, I am Controller Zish, one of the twelve leaders of the planetary government of Galdor. I am pleased to welcome you to this ceremony. I would ask that you are quiet and refrain from creating any disturbances… As your Captain knows, it was quite the discussion that led to your being allowed to join us in this… and it was a close decision. We are a deeply religious people. We acknowledge that some of you are not, but we ask you to keep an open mind. Without further delay, let us begin…”

There was a pause of a few moments.

Mwezi stepped out of the small door at the back of the stage area and stepped up to Zish. He wore a black outfit with green trim. A Laleri male with silvering brown fur followed after him. Like Zish, this male had golden lining on his clothing.

The three gathered around the stand, and Mwezi stood between the other two. The older Laleri smiled slightly at Mwezi. “Ka’de Me’zi,” he started. “We welcome you to the Temple, and we greet the gods in your honour. Which god do you honour with your heart?”

Mwezi bowed his head, and knelt where he stood. “I honour the Great Moon who stands guard over the night, and I greet the Swift Sky, the messenger, he who carries me home from afar.”

OOC: to be continued…

  • Mwezi

This is fabulous Chris thought to himself. He was very proud of the man or lupine thing that Mwezi has become.

Captain Chris Taggart CO

Next to Chris, the XO was also mentally remarking on the fine officer and man being commended. A noble moment.

-Lt Cmdr David Malkin, XO

The older Laleri lifted a very thin knife, almost more of an awl than a knife, from the pedestal and held in in the air. Zish picked up a medical device that the medics in the room would recognize as a dermal regenerator. “Do you pledge your life once more to the service?” The Laleri Controller asked.

Mwezi bowed his head. “As twice before I have pledged, I once more give my life.”

“Your blood is a symbol of your pledge,” Zish spoke, and placed a piece of wood behind Mwezi’s left ear, just above the earring that was already there. “Your ring is a reminder of your promise.”

There was a swift movement, and Mwezi barely even flinched as his ear was pierced. A few drops of blood were allowed to drip from the end of the awl into a small bowl, then dermal regenerator was used with the awl still in place, and then the awl was removed and a shiny ring was put in its place. The audience might notice that Zish and the Laleri each had ears full of similar rings, each representing a rank. Each of the Controllers had four earrings in the left ear and five in the right.

Mwezi stood, and Zish and the old Laleri took hold of his robes. “You shall also mark your rank with new robes, Kra’le Me’zi,” they spoke in unison, and pulled at the shoulders. Mwezi’s robes fell off, revealing that he wore a second robe underneath, similar black colour but with yellow trim.

“Serve with excellence.”
“Serve with humility.”
“Serve with diligence.”
“Serve with honour.”
“Serve with love.”

With each sentence, Mwezi took a step forward, until he was at the edge of the stage. “I will serve my world, and all the worlds around. For the honour of the gods. For the honour of Galdor.”

The pair stayed at the back while Mwezi continued to stand at the front in silence. There was a long pause.

OOC: To be continued

Ensign Valharra watched as they pierced his ear. He noticed some in attendence flinched at the process, but as a Vulcan, he showed no emotion to the procedure.
Ensign Valharra

As the ear was pierced, Kane subconsciously reached up and touched the lobe of his left ear. A scar bisected the lobe, and he stroked it. “Dude is solid, that’s for sure. I probably would’a cussed a bit.” he mumbled under his breath.

Kane, CMO

David shot Kane a glare. They were guests under delicate enough circumstances.

-Lt Cmdr David Malkin, XO

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