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Steven Sigle

CO's Pips

Greetings crew, glad to be aboard as your CO, can't wait to dig in and work with each and everyone of you.

Contact Information:
  • Discord: Darth Tadpole
Parisa Footohi

XO's Pips

Hello everyone! It is good to be here as your XO, I'm excited to see the ship in action.

Contact Information:
  • Discord: AwesomeChipmunk
Kenson Koh

GM's Pips

Just realised I have not filled this part up for the longest time ... Please see below for the sim introduction.

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  • Discord:

Sim Update
USS Odin, 5th Fleet. Mission Title: Tetrahedral Identity. Start Date: 2018
A tetrahedral ship was observed to have entered Federation space from the Borg transwarp exit point that was supposedly to be destroyed. It was destroyed before it's exact identity was determined. Was it Borg? The Odin has been tasked to investigate the transwarp exit point for any clues.

Department Orders

CMO's Pips

Stay Ready.

CNS's Pips
Morganna Keller-Salazar

Make sure everyone has their mental evaluation.

CSO's Pips
Riss Ch'ethyniq

Help Medical create a cure.

CE's Pips
Christof Robinson

Keep the ship together and running.

COS's Pips
Kate O'Neill

Do your job and you might survive this. The slowest one on the team will be sacrificed for the greater good when running from an enemy so remember your daily calisthenics. If you get hurt, rub some dirt in it and take a lap.

COO's Pips
Stop the AI from taking the ship.

Ship Status
Yellow Alert: Ship Status Diagram

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Commander Solark

AWOL Policy
Command Staff - 5 Days
Department Heads (DH) - 7 Days
Junior Officers - 10 Days
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Crew Roster
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Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Fleet Captain Rivar Calin Commanding Officer Trill (Joined) 6'3" 185 lbs Steven Sigle OK (4)
Commander Laura Jenkins Executive Officer Human 5'5" 125.8 Parisa Footohi AWOL (11)
Commander Solark Chief Operations Officer / 2nd Officer Vulcan Kenson Koh AWOL (11)
Commander Morganna Salazar Counselor Human/Betazoid Tyra Schroll AWOL (13)
Lieutenant Shrant Chief Engineer Andorian 6'5 260 Philip Graham OK (1)
Engineering Officer
Lieutenant Ean Zol Engineering Officer Betazed 6'0 165 lbs Steven Sigle OK (4)
Lieutenant Commander Pongo Bubbles Chief Medical Officer Tuan 4'8 165 Jeremy DeSpain OK (3)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Shaun Grecken Doctor Human 6'2" 175 Steven Sigle OK (3)
Ensign Tauren Doctor Vulcan 6'2" 160 Mike Bourdaa OK (4)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Kate O'Neill Chief of Security Human 5'4" 130 Kate O'Neill OK (4)
Security Officer
Security Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Riss Ch'ethyniq Chief Science Officer Aenar 6'3" 215 lbs James Sinclair OK (1)
Science Officer
Science Officer
Gamemaster Gamemaster Gamemaster Kenson Koh OK (2)

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