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Posted Nov. 19, 2020, 9:06 p.m. by Commodore Rivar Calin (Commanding Officer) (Steven Sigle)

Posted by Commander Samantha Jean “Sam” Halloway (Chief Tactical Officer) in CTO Reports In

Posted by Commodore Rivar Calin (Commanding Officer) in CTO Reports In

Posted by Commodore Rivar Calin (Commanding Officer) in CTO Reports In
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Commander Sam Halloway walked briskly from her quarters to the lift which took her straight to the Bridge. Stepping out into the large Bridge, Sam tugged her Tac-Gold topped tunic straight… her Master Pilot pinned perfectly to their spot on her left chest… and walked with the kind of cocky stride only pilots possess to the CO’s office door. Hitting the chime, Sam waited.

Halloway, CTO


“Enter” Came back Calin’s voice from his office. Calin had a very subtle office, he didn’t keep much of his personal life like some officers in his ready room. For the most part everything he was was separated from work and personal life. Looking up he wondered he would be coming to enter.

Calin, CO

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Commander Sam Halloway was tall for a female, at just under 6 feet, and carried herself with the swagger & confidence of a Fighter Jock as she stepped in the room. Her brunette hair was in a neat braid just reaching her shoulders. Smoothly, she glided with precision to around a meter before the front edge of the Skippers desk, before stepping into the position of Attention. “Commander Samantha Jean Halloway, Tactical Chief… reporting Sir.” She snapped an insanely crisp salute, her uniform was absolutely perfect with finely polished pips, CommBadge and opposite her Comm, the gleaming gold of Master Pilot Wings. The sharp 32 year-old could be a poster girl for Starfleet and the vibe the young woman put off said that her professional demeanor was far from an act.

Halloway, CTO

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IC: “Commander, welcome on board.” Calin said as he stood up as he nodded politely before gesturing for a seat to be taking. “Would you care for something to drink?”

Calin, CO


Samantha strode confidently into the office and greeted the CO with as brilliant smile. “Yes Captain, if you don’t mind.” She said as she came to stand behind the right-most guest chair. “I hope I didn’t interrupt anything important.”

Commander Sam Halloway, CTO

“No, not at all. Morning reports and duty rosters… R&R requests, the normal mundane work that comes with all the prestige of being the ships commanding officer.” Rivar said with a smirk as he walked to the replicator. “What can I get you?” he asked.

Calin, CO

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