Arrival on the Odin - The search for room 717

Posted Nov. 19, 2020, 11:11 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Paris Carisi (Armorer/Physicist) (Kate O'Neill)

Posted by Commander Mason Black (Executive Officer) in Arrival on the Odin - The search for room 717

Posted by Commander Mason Black (Executive Officer) in Arrival on the Odin - The search for room 717

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Paris Carisi (Armorer/Physicist) in Arrival on the Odin - The search for room 717


The next few hours were a blur. Paris had a hard time concentrating on anything but Mason. He had a way of making her forget what wasn’t important. This was both good and bad because what Mason often thought wasn’t important, to a female, was paramount. Still, in his arms, all she could focus on was him. Flopping back on the pillow next to him, she let out deep contented sigh as she stared at the ceiling thoroughly exhausted. “So when are we due on the bridge.”

Lt. Commander Paris Carisi

“Not for a long time, so stop with the work talk so soon after we just performed the gymnastic equivalent of Ultimate Gladiator,” Mason laughed, and threw a spare pillow at her that had been discarded sometime earlier in the night.

He lay next to her and gazed at the ceiling for a moment with her, then reached for her hand and put his other one behind his head, not caring that the sweat was cooling on his body and he was uncovered. Their quarters were comfortable enough. “Maybe I’ll send Harper a message in the morning when we are up,” he said to Paris quietly, “Let her know we arrived and that we can still talk to her. Join me?”

Cmdr Black, XO

“Can we,” she suddenly sat up excitedly pulling the sheets with her. “She sent me like four messages yesterday after we called and told us about school. I got pics of her cubby, her desk, some weird shot of her shoe, and a video at lunch.”

“You need to send those through,” Mason laughed, and looked at her with raised eyebrows. “You’ve been holding out on me woman, I wanna see them.”

No longer worried about her afterglow, Paris reached across the bed to the nightstand grabbing her personal communicator. Moving back towards Mason she laid down next to Mason before adjusting the sheets between them so they didn’t actually touch. “What,” she smirked at him. “Sweat is only fun when your working out.”

“Oh right we’re engaged but the for better or for worse only happens after we tie the knot, gotcha. You’re just in it for the good time not the long time huh,” he teased her. “Gimme some blanket back before I freeze, you only get rights to that after you sign on the dotted line and I’m claiming my blankets now.”

Zerberting his shoulder playfully she smiled up at him. “Now watch this,” she wiggle back so she was curled up next to him and raised her communicator.

Lying back and looking up, Mason tugged on the blanket slightly more to cover himself. Which had the added effect of course of pulling Paris closer to his side anyway.

The image was of the ceiling with a ton of background noise. It was reminiscent of an undercover video where you couldn’t see the participants talking but were able to hear them.

“She has the same photography teacher as you, clearly.” He laughed, but his eyes were fixed on the video.

“I don’t have a puppy now but Paris says I can have one. Mason said I can have a kitten. I’m not telling either of them so I get boowf,” Harper’ said in her happy little up beat voice.

“Oh really?” Now Mason glanced at Paris and stuck his tongue out playfully. “She’s already playing us like fiddles babe, she’s clever.”

“I have a fish. He don’t do much. Your lucky,” a somber sounding boy’s voice rang out from somewhere is the distance.

“Wait, wait, who’s that boy?” Mason said, a frown appearing over his eyes as he watched the video. It was in vain though, the video never changed angle so they could get a look at who Harper was talking to. They got alternating views of the ceiling, chair legs and shoes however, one of which had the name Dudley written on the side.

The video played for another ten minutes with what appeared to be kids chatting away. It only ended when a woman’s face peered down at the camera rolling her eyes. “I said no communic,” the voice yelled out as a finger moved to snap off the feed.

“Was it just me babe, or was that woman scary?” Mason grinned. “It sounded like Harper was getting along okay with the other kids.”

“She said she was scared she wouldn’t have any friends at lunch. Apparently two minutes in we were dropped like an ex,” Paris laughed setting the phone down. “I’m sure that teacher call will be your first official duty as Xo,” she curled in Masons’s shoulder. “I forwarded to your in box. The subject was something like ‘no communicators are allowed during school hours.”

Lt. Commander. Paris carísi.

Wrapping his arm around Paris, Mason relaxed back and his hand gently stroked Paris’ hair. “Draconian rules, every kid these days has one anyway,” Mason grumbled, then looked at Paris and smirked. “Maybe we can drop by for career day. I bet none of the other kids have a dynamic duo like us watching over them or a Starship like this one.”

Yawning, Mason pulled the sheets so that both of them were covered again properly. “Lets call her before we begin the check-ins and get tied up for the entire day. I think we should be able to catch her before she starts school.”

Cmdr Black, XO

“Or we can just pick her up and enroll her in school here. Pull some rank,” Paris said it flippantly as if she were giving him orders for pizza. It was only masking the emotions she felt tightening her chest. She, Mason, and Harper had been through so much the thought of being alone however was tearing Paris apart. “Or money. Orion’s bride and payoff people. Can’t you just go in an drop like a ten pound diamond on someone’s desk to either ignore or speed up the paperwork?”

Lt. Commander Paris Carisi armorer

“Yes,” Mason answered matter-of-factly as if it wouldn’t exactly be an impossible thing to do. “We could just roll in there, make the Odin change course from wherever we are going and fly a hundred light years off course to pick Harper up, then become fugitives and live on a swamp planet with our happy little family for eternity trading with the swamp rat people for furs and mushrooms. “

“Perfect I will get dressed,” Paris made a gesture as if she were going to get up. Mason tightened his grip around her body making sure she did not get up until she had finished hearing what he had to say. Paris let out a small laugh relaxing back on his body. “Is there a but,” she posed batting her eyelashes at him.

“Orrrrr,” he drew out the sound as he turned and looked at Paris and paused slightly. “We file the paperwork to become her legal guardians and really do bring her here to live with us.” He raised an eyebrow at the suggestion, waiting to see what Paris’ reaction would be. She started it, after all.

Cmdr Black, XO

“I say we swoop in like thieves in the night and steal her. Swamps can’t be that bad. I grew up on Mars where we never had fresh air. The change in scenery might be fun.” Paris knew Mason wasn’t really giving her a choice and she was not really giving him an answer. Moments like these were what she loved about the man. He was playful and charming. Lying in bed like this Paris got to see a side of him no one else did. “The only real decision left is what should our new names be?”

Lt. Commander Paris Carisi

“Mr and Mrs Ooyalooyahooliewooga,” Mason said without hesitation. “See, nobody will be able to find us because nobody will be able to spell or pronounce it right. Unless they actually eat the mushrooms from the swamp rat people and then we are in trouble, but see the only one likely to eat those is that weird girlfriend of Duncans. Did you hear that she got her medical license from that planet? Maybe she’s a loose end we need to tie off.” He grinned, then sat up in bed beside Paris and breathed in deeply.

“Perfect” she nuzzled his neck with her face. “I just need to know if Ooyalooyahooliewooga starts with one oh or two ohs.”

“I’m serious though love, how about it? She’s in foster care with Federation Family Services, that’s no life for a little girl. She loves you, and yeah a Starship isn’t exactly the safest place to be but this is a floating city. We can give her a family, get a dog. Get married and she can be my best man or your Bridesmaid.”

Cmdr Black, XO

“No joking,” Paris sat up realizing Mason’s tone was no longer silly and playful. “Really adopt her? Like start the paperwork,” she got up from the bed and began ripping open the boxes and duffles the crew had brought up before thier arrival. Finding a pair of pants, she snapped them out trying to remove a few of the wrinkles. “It’s seven fifty back on Earth. I…e… hur…we can contact the FFS when they open,” she kept speaking even thought the shirt muffled the first part of her sentence. Finding a pair of slacks for Mason, she unceremoniously tossed them at his face. “Get dressed. We can sleep later. I will go make coffee. Be out in ten minutes.” Her words left no wiggle room for debate. The fact she walked out of the room also ended any chance for conversation. Mason had agreed to this and Paris was not going to let his decision loose steam.

Lt. Paris Carisi Armor

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