Twas the night before Christmas Harper's First Christmas

Posted Dec. 25, 2020, 1:09 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Paris Carisi (Armorer/Physicist) (Kate O'Neill) Original start of the post Arrival on Barlon V

Paris stood looking in the mirror at the little girl’s hair she was brushing. Everything Paris had ever wanted was in this shuttle. Harper was all decked out in a white nightgown patterned with Christmas symbols like candy canes, snowflakes, polar bears, and elves. Paris had found it on route to pick up their daughter. Their daughter Paris felt a rush of warmth thinking about those words but also trepidation. Mason had gone full-on Commander dealing with the officials of Barlon V and the orphanage. A smile curled on the edges of her lips as she also thought about how she was going to repay Mason tonight for dealing with the situation. Mason was always a devastatingly handsome man but tonight he had turned Paris on far more than he would ever know.

“Mommy,” Harper’s small voice filled the cabin, “will have Christmas in the morning, or do we have to wait another year since we are not home yet? I am okay if we have to wait for another year. I am just happy to be going home with you and daddy.”

Paris felt her stomach drop as Harper talked. She and Mason had been concentrating so hard on just getting Harper they did not focus on all the things that made Christmas Christmas. Looking around the room, the only thing that really screamed Christmas was the Pajamas Harper wore. Their quarters back on the Odin were decked out from wall to wall but they weren’t on the Odin. They were in a shuttle in the middle of no where.

“Of course we are having Christmas in the morning. It is Christmas,” Paris said firmly. From somewhere deep inside a voice took over. In years to come Paris would recognize it as the maternal monster voice but this was the first time it came out. The voice took over and immediately began promising things no one could deliver. The rational part of Paris tried to stop it but this emotional side was not going to be silenced.

“Really,” Harper spun around hugging Paris. Paris held her daughter tightly until Harper pushed away. Jumping down off the bed where her mother had been brushing her hair, Harper flew into the main cabin of the run about.

“Daddy…daddy....daddy,” she squealed happily jumping into his lap as Mason juggled a cup of coffee and a PaDD. “Mommy said that when I woke up tomorrow we were going to have Christmas. Can you tell Santa to put the tree over there and can we have a fireplace over there to hang the stockings. Mommy said all I have to do is believe and I believe Daddy I do even though,” she looked around the room, “this looks like the inside of a shuttle instead of a Christmas wonderland.”

Paris stood in the door of the bedroom biting her lip as she heard Harper talk. Why had she promised to much? There was a small replicator on the ship but it wasn’t industrial. Heck Paris wasn’t sure it could make more than drinks or simple foods. Taking a deep breath, Paris began to rationalize how she and Mason were going to accomplish this. Closing her eyes Paris saw in her mind her name being moved from the nice list to the naughty one with each passing word used by Harper.

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