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When the boarding party beamed into the bridge of the captured vessel, they found that there were 9 people on the bridge. The oldest was a human male. He looked most like the captain. He was about 35 years of age and had a day’s old stubble on his face. The rest were young, probably still in their teens. There were five girls and three boys, looking between the age of sixteen and nineteen. They were not armed. They looked afraid. The captain had a steely look on his face but his eyes betrayed the fact that he was afraid.


Paris took a deep breath and closed her eyes as the blue and white swirls coalesced around her body. It was not that she hated transporting. To hate transporters or to be scared of transporting was insane. What Paris always hated with the ‘surprise I am here effect’ beaming into a space created. Sensors, visuals, and scanners could tell you what you were generally appearing in the middle of but it was not like walking into a place. Beaming in meant you were instantly having to take in your surroundings and make judgment calls. Beaming into situations like this was no exception. She opened her eyes and immediately took in the room with her hand near but not on her weapon.

As she took in the room, Paris immediately noted that the age of the group appeared to be more akin to a high school field trip than a rough and tumble band of pirates. The Captain also appeared to be surprise or nervous that they had just popped in. The man had scanners on his ship and the shields were down so it was not like he was completely blindsided that someone was arriving so why did he appear so apprehensive. Maybe it was because the people that appeared were not the ones he was expecting. The decision now was was the captain afraid or relieved when he saw the others on his deck.

Paris glanced at Mason waiting for him to start the introductions.

Paris Carisi

OOC: Still need to know who is in the boarding party …


I can be part of this team

OOC: You could comms the Odin to beam up, reporting that there was nothing else happening. Then request to be part of the boarding party.


OOC: Moving things along ....

“I demand to know what’s the meaning of this?” asked the captain.


OCC: I know I am jumping the gun maybe but I cross-posted to the bridge so Kate and Lissi can be told about the new boarding party. Can I put Kate in here and speed it up assuming Kate at some point was sent a message to join the away team on the ship? If not tell me what you need and I will make it work. FYI....this is a great sim. I am really enjoying it Kenson.

Yes, that is a great idea, James, unless Kenson wants us to split security and if so I am 100% fine putting Kate somewhere else. ~ Kate

OOC: That’s not my call. :) I only set up opportunities. It is up to the CO, etc. to deploy personnel … :)


Mason was quiet for a moment as he looked over the crew on board the ship, then rested his eyes on the Captain. “I am Commander Black of the Federation Star Ship Odin. We boarded your vessel as part of an investigation into illegally modified Federation weaponry that has been found on the colony, which is notably not a Federation world. I require your full co-operation with my team in resolving this matter.”

Cmdr Black, XO

“We are neither a Federation ship nor are we in Federation space. You are out of your jurisdiction. Your actions are way out of line!” the CO muttered but it was clear to the XO that he was afraid.



Paris gave Mason the slightest of side glances. The XO could be intimidating but she didn’t see anything in his demeanor that would instill fear: Authority yes but fear no.

Lt. Commander Paris Carisi

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