A New Baby

Posted March 7, 2021, 8:38 p.m. by Commander Morganna Salazar (Counselor) (Tyra Schroll)

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Morganna had finished putting the girls to bed. Today her back had been bothering her more than usual and the baby had been very active. She sighed as she sank on the sofa and put her feet up on the table. The back ache became more regular. Not sure if she was actually in labor or not she touched her comm badge and called Rivar =^= Are you free to come home?=^= She asked as she stood up to move around.


Rivar looked up from his desk as he heard the comm as he felt a slight sense of wonder and worry. Morganna had been feeling the weight of the baby for some time, and he knew she was due soon and felt a wonder if any new call was the word he had been waiting for. =/\= Just finishing some reports love, you feeling okay?=/\= he asked tentatively, wondering if he was going to hear good news.

Calin, CO

Morganna was pacing =^=I think we might have this baby soon. I’ve been having contractions for the last hour or so.=^= She said glancing at the wall clock =^= I think we should go to Sickbay, just to be on the safe side.=^=


=/\=Oh! I am on my way now!=/\= Rivar said as he reached down to grab the bag under his desk. He had been keeping his “baby” bag near him for a while now and this was the moment as he began running out of the door heading to their quarters.

Moments later Calin came in, looking around for Morganna who was there looking ready to pop. “How far are the contractions?”

Calin, CO

“About 4 minutes.” She said as she stood up and put a hand in the small of her back. “We should probably head for Sickbay.” Morganna said looking at her husband as they headed out of their quarters toward Sickbay.




Ensign James Wolf was in the hallways doing his security patrol when he saw the two coming down the hall “hello captain is everything ok he said.

Ensign James Wolf. (Security)

OOC: as of now we haven’t left the room we are in, so as soon as Tyra posts we can see what can happen.


Morganna let Rivar talk to Ensign Wolf, she was keeping her mind on just staying on her feet.


A few moments later, the couple arrived in Sickbay.


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