A New Baby

Posted May 8, 2021, 10:48 a.m. by Commodore Rivar Calin (Commanding Officer) (Steven Sigle)

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OOC: Wouldn’t that be one for the medical journals…


Morganna nodded “Both.” She said “Third baby.” She said looking at Rivar. Morganna was calm even through the contractions. She kept her mind calm and let things move along like they were supposed to.


Siegfried smiled. “Fourth time’s the charm.” and he patted her shoulder. “Are we doing an epidural?” he asked as he watched the scans. Everything was normal as he moved to the end of the biobed and said “Up to you, but now’s the time to decide.”

Abel, CMO


Morganna shook her head “No I’m good.” She said “Third baby is always easier.” She said as she looked at River “I love you Imazadi.” she said as another contraction started and she took Rivar’s hand.

“I love you too…” Rivar said with a large nervous smile. It was her third time but his first. Her precious husband had a hand in the other pregnancies. Now he was here and things felt nerve wracking and terrifying. He couldn’t let his emotions overwhelm her though.


“Hope so. It’s only the third time I’ve done this, too.” and he gave her a wink. Settling in to position, he looked and assessed where they were at.

(OOC: Don’t know how long or complicated you want this to be. Let me know and I’ll run with it.)

Abel, CMO

OOC: Can an NE nurse be of help in any way? …


OOC: Always. A doctor is only as good as their nurses.


NE Doubtfire prepped up and reported to help with the delivery. She looked at the mediscans and prepared a warm bath.


OOC: Uncomplicated

IC: Morganna listened to her body and what the doctor told her, this was very different from her second daughter’s birth, when she didn’t know where her husband was or if he was alive. This time her husband was with her and they were prepared and ready for this baby. S


“What can I do?” Rivar asked. This wasn’t the ask of a captain but a very nervous husband and father as he looked around the room.

Calin, CO

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