Sickbay Is this a spot or Toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN)

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Ensign Angie Fin stood, but did not sit by the bio bed in sickbay. She held all her appendages close and looked around nervously. Sickbay was such an illusion. It was stark white and glistened liked marble presumably because it was clean but it was sickbay. Sickbay was just a synonym for hometown for germs. She cast an eye at the young handsome Dr. Grecken and let out a sigh. She hoped he was not going to be free. Her history with Dr. Grecken was long and tumultuous. When she came in with tonsilitis, his scans said it was just allergies. When her appendix was about to burst he claimed it was just her eating bad borscht. She shook her head remembering the time he suggested the splitting headache she was experiencing was not a brain tumor but merely a headache like the one she was giving him. Grecken may be easy on the eyes but he did not listen so Angie specifically requested the CMO for this trip to pathogen place.

Ensign Angie Fin (wondering if the medical staff should institute house calls)

Dr. Abel came over a minute later. Unlike Grecken, Abel was very easy on the eyes and had a smile that seemed to wash over a person. “Ensign, you requested to see me? What can I do for you?” he asked.

Abel, CMO

“Hello,” she smiled back feeling instantly as ease…well for as relaxed as one could be in a place like this The CMO has a warm smile that felt like it came from someone who knew the other intimately. “Thank you so much for seeing me on such short notice. The last time I tried to come here they made me wait a ridiculous amount of tie before giving me an appointment.”

“Honey what did you just say,” Yvonne Washington raised an eyebrow over hearing the words coming from the Ensign’s lips. “You called at 0800 hours which I know because that is the start of the shift. I gave you an appointment at 0910.” The annoyance in her voice was clear. Yvonne was a dedicated nurse who took her job seriously but she also was one you did not want to cross.

“Yes and in that time my aneurysm could have burst,” Angie shot back crossing her arms.

“You mean that non existent aneurysm that Dr. Grecken found out was only a headache?” The sarcasm was clear in Yvonne’s voice. “Doc, this one is yours,” she handed over the PaDD that she was carrying. “They definitely aren’t paying me enough to deal with this one.”

“See..” Angie waved a hand at Yvonne “People just don’t listen.”

~ Angie Fin.

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