Sickbay Is this a spot or Toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN)

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Ensign Angie Fin stood, but did not sit by the bio bed in sickbay. She held all her appendages close and looked around nervously. Sickbay was such an illusion. It was stark white and glistened liked marble presumably because it was clean but it was sickbay. Sickbay was just a synonym for hometown for germs. She cast an eye at the young handsome Dr. Grecken and let out a sigh. She hoped he was not going to be free. Her history with Dr. Grecken was long and tumultuous. When she came in with tonsilitis, his scans said it was just allergies. When her appendix was about to burst he claimed it was just her eating bad borscht. She shook her head remembering the time he suggested the splitting headache she was experiencing was not a brain tumor but merely a headache like the one she was giving him. Grecken may be easy on the eyes but he did not listen so Angie specifically requested the CMO for this trip to pathogen place.

Ensign Angie Fin (wondering if the medical staff should institute house calls)

Dr. Abel came over a minute later. Unlike Grecken, Abel was very easy on the eyes and had a smile that seemed to wash over a person. “Ensign, you requested to see me? What can I do for you?” he asked.

Abel, CMO

“Hello,” she smiled back feeling instantly as ease…well for as relaxed as one could be in a place like this The CMO has a warm smile that felt like it came from someone who knew the other intimately. “Thank you so much for seeing me on such short notice. The last time I tried to come here they made me wait a ridiculous amount of tie before giving me an appointment.”

“Honey what did you just say,” Yvonne Washington raised an eyebrow over hearing the words coming from the Ensign’s lips. “You called at 0800 hours which I know because that is the start of the shift. I gave you an appointment at 0910.” The annoyance in her voice was clear. Yvonne was a dedicated nurse who took her job seriously but she also was one you did not want to cross.

“Yes and in that time my aneurysm could have burst,” Angie shot back crossing her arms.

“You mean that non existent aneurysm that Dr. Grecken found out was only a headache?” The sarcasm was clear in Yvonne’s voice. “Doc, this one is yours,” she handed over the PaDD that she was carrying. “They definitely aren’t paying me enough to deal with this one.”

“See..” Angie waved a hand at Yvonne “People just don’t listen.”

~ Angie Fin.

Abel smiled and looked at Washington. “Thank you very much, Yvonne.” he said with genuine gratitude.

“Mh hmmm. You say that now but later…doncha be comin’ back to me sayin’ where were you. I’m going on break,” Yvonne muttered to herself walking away. A smile crossed her lips as she knew exactly where she was going. There was almost a skip in her step as she headed towards Grecken. The poor guy was minding his own business sipping coffee and enjoying the lull as he caught up his paperwork. Maybe it was time to get his heart pumping a bit. “Dr. Grecken,” she said in a happy tone.

Shaun looked up with a pause as he came out of his thoughts. “Yes, Yvonne?”

“Your girlfriend is here to see you,” Yvonne leaned over his desk hooking a thumb over her shoulder.

“Kate?” Shaun asked with a puzzled look. She normally calls ahead when she wanted to come down, unless their was an issue.

The mention of the wrong woman brought a chuckle out. “Not Kate but Fin.”

“Oh lord… you keep that woman away from me,” Shaun said as he got up, looking for an exit but realizing that sickbay didn’t have as many exits as he wanted. He couldn’t just slip out a window, they were in outer space.

“You know there is only one way in and one way out,” she stared at him. Mmm mmm mmmm she hummed in her mind seeing him stand up. Those gym work outs are doing what they are supposed to. It was a brave new world. No one was supposed to say things like damn you look good homeboy or encourage him to bolt towards an exit so she could see his physique in action but that did not mean people still didn’t appreciate others in a carnal way. You just did it silently…in your head like everyone else. To Yvonne, if God didn’t want you to appreciate his work, he would have given everyone a hair lip, hunchback, and made them smell like cooked ham. It was just the way his unzipped jacket hung on his shoulders framing his broad shoulders and chest exposing the solid black t-shirt under it did something to pretty much the entire nursing staff.

“Then....” Shaun said with a wide-eyed look as he looked around the room. He had only one option, it was desperate, but it had a chance. Shaun hit the deck like there was an incoming artillery strike as he ducked under the table. As he laid there he reached on top of the desk searching blindly for a PaDD as he grabbed it as he sat there. “I’m on a break Yvonne!” Shaun said, knowing that she would find it beyond hysterical but at this moment it was self-preservation and he had a family to think of.

She looked at him lying on the floor and her mind went to all kinds of places it should not…but she did. How was one to choose? There was Able leaning against the table with his hands crossed staring at Angie the head case with a look Yvonne would love to have to scrutinize every square inch on her body. There was Shaun splayed out at her feet which had all kinds of mental possibilities that she would run through now and with a bottle of wine later. So many heart palpitations everywhere and yet only cold showers in her future..

While Yvonne was one of the most caring and dedicated nurses on the Odin, she did have an evil streak and at times loved the torment people suffered. “Relax Dr. Heartthrob,” she waved a hand. “I gave her to Able. Don’t say I don’t do anything for you,” she patted the desk twice and began to move off. “Oh and I need next Saturday off. Got me a hot date with a handsome gent down in sciences. Mmm hmmm, I do love how curious those science boys are. My knowledge of anatomy and his desire for discover....maybe make sure I get the last shift on Sunday.”

He looked at the Ensign’s file and his eyebrows raised. In the 193 days Fin had been on the Odin, she had been to or comm’d Sickbay 94 times. Dr. Grecken had flagged her record with an overall diagnosis of ‘Coo Coo For Cocoa Puffs’, and several of the staff simply refused to deal with her. Abel took a breath and said “Oh, Ms. Washington listens more than you may be aware of, Ensign. Now… how about we chat about what brings you in today?”

Abel, CMO

“This spot. See this spot,” she pointed a spot on her arm and kept pressing it and letting it go. “See it is so red and when I let it go it turns white. I think it is spreading. I am not experiencing any anaphylaxis yet but I didn’t want to take the chance.” Angie Fin continued to poke and prod her arm holding it out for inspection. There was nothing there one could see at a glance except the normal red and white coloration someone has when they are poking at their own skin.

“I noticed it when I got up. The glycerin, hyaluronic acid and propylene glycol cream Grecken gave me last week is doing nothing but making my skin soft. Not that I am complaining. It has seemed to stop the execma from spreading to dangerous levels but it is not doing anything to stop the spots. Are you sure he actually went to medical school?” Looking at the charts, Abel would find no indication the woman had execma or any other chronic or pathogenic skin condition. He would also see that Shaun had run every dermatological test and scan know the Starfleet medical to find she only had xerosis. A container of skin moisturizer was prescribed by the official medical term instead of Vaseline intensive Care Daily Moisturizer. “What do you think we should try first,” Angie looked at Able curiously.


Grekcen, Doctor

Abel looked as she poked herself and experienced normal capillary refill. He made a tsk-tsk-tsk sound and said “Hmm… that could be a sign of something very serious. I have seen cases like this before, though, and I know the treatment. The lotion Dr. Grecken, who went to a very good medical school by the way, gave you is the perfect first step. We have to keep your skin… and such lovely skin it is, by the way…” and he smiled his best smile at her, “… in a state of hydroensephalistrisis. The moisturizing medications will help with that. Secondly, we will have to put you on a very strict diet. Tell me, what are your favorite foods?”

Abel, CMO

Yvonne had settled into the nursing station ready to kick back and turn on the lastest installment of Baywatch Beach Hospital. It was pure tacky entertainment but had all the trappings of binge worthy programming. Hot doctors pulling off sunglasses in a dramatic flair as injured patients were carried in off the beach and into the tirage center of the hospital. Gorgeous nurses running across the sands with medical kits in tow treating jellyfish stings, cuts from stepping on pop tops, or the occasional help in slathering on suntan oil in those hard-to-reach spots on perfectly toned bodies. Everyone knew not to bother Ms. Washington when the theme song Baby come in out of the sun, starting playing. Today, however, it was going to be useless to try and watch this during work hours. Glancing over at Able and Angie, Yvonne flailed her left hand out hitting her co-worker. “Girl what is Dr. Dreamboat doin’? Tell me he ain’t feedin’ the crazy,” Yvonne stated. The woman opened her mouth to reply but Yvonne cut her off.

“Oh baby no. No no no you don’t want to be all charming an wastin’ that smile that stop hearts on her. She ain’t gonna appreciate it. Hell she ain’t gonna respond to anything but a lotion, cream, or hypo. That witch be crazy and everyone knows you don’t get personal with crazy. Back away from her slowly. Come back to Yvonne. Give me that smile an mmm hmm mmm I will show you want happens to a normal woman when you smile at her that way.” Yvonne was talking low but clearly able to be heard by her coworker who let out a small chuckle. Dr. Heartthrob and Dr. Dreamboat were the dream team of the Odin medical department. Every nurse wanted to be on duty when they were and here was Angie Fin focused not on trying to score a date but fix a fake problem.

Pulling out her small personal PaDD, Angie opened GalMD already researching the term hydroensephalistrisis. “So it that hydro or hydra,” she asked typing in the words but coming up as work not found. “Oh my god....the condition is so rare there is no research on it!” The tone in her voice indicated she was both thrilled and terrified by it. Angie was right. She did have a condition and wasn’t crazy.

Angie Fin

Abel looked at Angie and said “I’‘l be right back. I have just the thing. We can even skip the special diet, you just have to not eat anything pink or purple for the next six weeks. Light red and amaranthine are fine, though.” and he walked over to the nurses station. He pulled something up on a PaDD and handed it to Nurse Washigton’s coworker, winking at her with the eye opposite Yvonne. He then looked at Yvonne and said “My dearest Nurse Washington… would you please get me a hypo dialed up for fifteen cc’s of normal saline and five cc’s of diphenhydramine hydrochloride?” and he flashed the smile at her and did a soft drumbeat on the desk as he turned back to Angie and walked away.

On the PaDD was an entry for the Ardanan species. Highlighted was an entry ‘While identical to humans in almost every aspect, Ardanan’s posses a keen sense of hearing; even able to hear whispers from almost fifty meters away.’ Noted in ‘Dr. Dreamboat’s‘ handwriting was ‘Shhhhh… don’t tell her.’

Abel, CMO

“Oh oh oh dear,” Angies said wringing her hands. ” I am not sure that is going to work. The last time I was here I mentioned to Dr. Grecken I might have Protan Color Blindness. How am I going to figure out what to eat with my IBS.” Nothing in the woman’s chart would indicate she had any issues with seeing colors. In fact she could spot a pill color from one hundred miles away. What Angie could do however was memorize that people with protan Color Blindness saw purple as blue as well as blue being blue. They saw green, red, and yellow but more muted than vibrant. Pinks did blend into the more white and gray scale. “Maybe you and I should sit down and plan out my dietary needs for the next week,” Angie suggested picking up a Padd. “Let me get started with the foods I love.”

“Abel why aren’t you able to toss that woman out on her keister,” Yvonne asked the CMO with a smirk.

Angie Finn

Abel laughed and said “Protan Color Blindness? What is this, the Dark Ages?” He reached in his pocket and pulled out a small oval wrapped in white wax paper. He walked over to the medical replicator and dialed in an item. A swirl of light and a small shot glass appeared. He unwrapped the item, dropped it in the glass, and turned around to Angie. “So drink this, then suck on the lozenge. Bifurcated Carellian aminos from the Frezinisith vine will, over the next few hours, attach to the cones in your retina and will then permanently act as fully functional cone cells. Voila, you see colors normally. I am really surprised that the Academy didn’t do this for you. Color blindness being a disqualification for starship-based duty and all. Oh, and the lozenge is butterscotch. Helps with the taste of the amino solution.”

“I know and one can only tell the medical staff so many times that I was having an issue telling blue-violet and violet-blue apart before you just give up.” Gargling the saltwater, Angie spits it back into the glass not caring about how unladylike she looked. Sick bay was used to bodily fluids. “I am also so happy to see you explore the homeopathic side of things. Most of the time they just want you to take a pill or hypo.”

The nurse’s station log would show the last thing replicated at that station was a suspension of sodium chloride in a Dihydrogen Monoxide suspension matrix…

Salt water.

Abel, CMO

Looking at the CMO as she sucked on the lozenge, Angie made a decision. “Able…can I call you Able,” she asked.

“Well, that is my last name… although a tad on the familiar side…” Abel said but inclined his head slightly.

“Yes but you are now my doctor,” she said matter of factly. “We are going to be spending so much time together. I think Angie and Able are perfect,” Angie smiled brightly. For the first time, she had a doctor that got it. Medical personnel always said come back if you had any issues. Able made her completely comfortable. “Besides, it is only natural that when you had a friend you used their first name. ”

“Since you seem to have a wealth of knowledge that most don’t seem to have I say we spend today and go over my records and try to figure out what is wrong. For instance, my hair has been so flat and dull recently. Not like the voluminous locks I had when I was younger. I did some research and discovered this could be the start of a thyroid condition. What are your thoughts and how should we treat it?”

Angie Finn

“Well, I am sorry… but I do have other appointments and patients today. But what I can do is tell you that I will go over your record with a fine-tooth comb, yes indeed, and I will schedule you for all necessary tests no later than two days from now. As to your hair? Have you tried Gorn avocado and peppermint? That should give your hair what you are looking for.”

Abel, CMO

“Doctor if you need it I can reschedule that appendectomy for Ensign Barlow and double aortic transplant for K’ah Lun Rha,” Yvonne offered helpfully or not so helpfully. Angie was too stupid to even understand her imaginary conditions would never come before a real emergency. Part of her wished a medical emergency would come in and she could toss Ms. FIn out on her tail fin. The only bonus was that Yvonne was rather enjoying watching Able stay in one place for so long . The view was stunning of the man at this angle. It was why she put him on that table so often. “I don’t think Dr. Grecken is busy.” The last part made Yvonne barely able to hide her smirk.

“That might be best. If my hair condition is due to my thyroid shouldn’t we run tests?” Angie asked sincerely.

Angie Finn

Grecken, Doctor

Yvonne Washington

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