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The call had gone out to the Odins Senior Staff almost as soon as the new Captain had stepped foot outside the Shuttle Bay doors. The Briefing Room was already ready, all Mason had needed was a time for the meeting to take place, and now he had it.

Coffee in hand, Commander Black stood and watched the space outside the viewport as the time for the Odins Department Heads and Senior Officers to arrive approached.

Cmdr Black, XO

“Thank you,” Paris said coming up behind him and taking the cup in her hand. “And before you say a word remember I had to drop the Princess off at Preschool this morning and they not having arts and crafts because of picture day. Apparently, she is lodging a formal complaint to Captain Black.” Paris could not stop laughing at the moment. “First off that makes you sound like a pirate and second you need to explain to her you were acting captain before the new El Jeffe shows up. If not we revert back to point one where you are a pirate and trying to stage a mutiny. Prison Orange is not my color and the New Zealand penal colony does not offer the world standard in Filet-o-fish sandwiches so you might be going there alone if you are found guilty or trying to take over the Odin Captain, “she let the words roll off her tongue with a smile, “Black.”

With a grin, Mason turned and allowed the stolen coffee cup to disappear, he would get more anyway and it was far safer to allow Paris the caffeine than try to fight for it. “Do I get to wear the hat again,” he asked with the grin turning to a smirk. “I can even take the eye patch to the next parent-teacher meeting.”

Solark, the COO, had entered into the briefing room. “Commander,” he greeted the XO.

He took his usual seat at the briefing room.


Doctor Abel came in and smiled at the two figures. “Hello gentlemen. I trust you are well today…” and he took a seat across from Solark.

Abel, CMO

“Yes, doctor,” replied the Vulcan. “I am very well today.”


“As am I gentlemen, ready to meet our new CO?” Turning from the window, Mason took his seat at the table also.

“Or are you trying to kill him with food poisoning,” Kate said entering the room and seeing the small assortment of pastries laid out to welcome the new CO. Picking up one she sniffed it and banged it on the edge of the table.

“Katie bug is it not that stale,” Shaun groaned setting the box down he was carrying.

“Fine make a plate and you eat that crap,” she raised an eye brow at him before grabbing a trash can and dumping the three plates. Reaching into her box, she pulled out several boxes filled with homemade donuts, danish, and muffins.

“Where you up all night baking,” Paris took in the spread. While Kate’s food was insanely good, she did not have the will or desire to cook like the security chief.

“Uh huh,” Kate picked up Shaun’s coffee raising it to her lips before he pulled it back just as Kate’s mouth opened. He replaced it with a bottle of water and took a long swig of the coffee.

“Shaun here is trying to make the baby aquatic,” she rolled her eyes and glanced down at the water in disdain. “Isn’t there some kinda medical problem of drinking too much water,” she posed the question to Able completely ignoring Shaun as pertinent to the conversation.

O’Connor finished getting situated and slipped into a fresh uniform before heading to the Briefing Room. Stepping through the door, Garrett smiled warmly and nodded to the group. “Thank you all for joining me. Shall we begin?” He asked as he sat at the head of the table.

FCAPT O’Connor, CO

Abel looked around to see if anyone was going to speak first and then softly cleared his throat. “Lieutenant Commander Siegfried Abel. Chief Medical Officer. Welcome aboard the Odin, sir.” he said and smiled in a friendly fashion.

Abel, CMO

Solark merely nodded to show agreement that they begin.


Mason Black, XO

“Lt Commander Black, sciences,” Paris commented from her seat. The name still sounded weird when she said it. It was funny though how she and Mason were always looking around in public spaces when their name was called out. At times it reminded her of a comedy as they tried to figure out which Black they were referring to.

Lt. Commander Paris Black. sciences, armor, and key to getting what you want from the XO.

“Kate O’Neill chief of security,” she nodded to O’Connor. “Welcome aboard Skipper.”

Kate O’Neill COS

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Lissi came in as introductions were being made. “Sorry, Sir.” She took the nearest seat to the door to keep her walk of shame as short as possible. Ka’lissi Rosh, Chief Engineer.” She set the PaDD down in front of her and tugged down the front of her tunic in embarrassment.

Lt Ka’lissi Rosh

O’Connor gave a slight smile to each officer as they introduced themselves. All seemed competent, sharp and professional… even if the Engineering Chief did appear to a little embarrassed for being the last in, but that wasn’t a big deal. Garrett made mental notes on each before clearing his throat softly and beginning.

“Thank you all for coming on such short notice. I know you are all likely very busy but I wanted to take just a few moments to allow for introductions and for you to meet me away from the rest of the crew.” His voice was a warm tenor, with a precise clip to his North American accent. “My name is Garrett O’Connor, Callsign Cannon, and I was most recently the Commanding Officer of the USS Monroe in Fleet 7 where I served two years. Before that, I spent two 24 month tours as CO of the 275th Aerospace Combat Wing out of DS4. I’ve spent most of my career behind a stick and have commonly worked very closely with my staff.”

He paused and looked at each officer again, his smile widening a bit. “I look forward to the same arrangement here. I consider myself lucky to have an Exec with Commander Black’s reputation and I would bet such a rep doesn’t come without an outstanding team supporting him. Now, if you each would be so kind… I would like each of you to very quickly tell me a bit about yourself and your command style. Starting with…” The CO’s eyes roamed the officers before him before settling on the CE. “.... Chief Rosh. If ya don’t mind Lieutenant?”

FCAPT O’Connor, CO

<other speaking ...>

It came to Solark’s turn. “I am Commander Solark. I am the Chief of Operations. I was Chief Science Officer several years ago on this ship until I was reassigned to operations.” The Vulcan spoke politely and in an even tone.


Morganna walked in and took her seat. She looked slightly tired. Etak had been fussy all night and she had walked the floor with him to calm him down. She looked at the cup of coffee in her hand and sighed taking a long drink of it. She turned her attention to the rest of the room and allowed herself to feel the emotions that were coming from her fellow crew mates.


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Abel nodded once and said “Well… again… I am Lieutenant Commander Siegfried Abel, the Chief Medical Officer. I have been aboard the Odin for almost two years. The ship is very fortunate to have a wholly talented and dedicated Medical staff, sir. My leadership style is therefore to let them do their jobs to the best of their ability, and to ensure they have all the necessary tools needed to do so.” Abel smiled slightly, knowing that the sickbay of the Odin was one of the most technologically advanced and supplied medical spaces in all of Star Fleet thanks to a permanent endowment from the SMT (Sine Medicina Terminos) Foundation. A discussion for another time. he mused silently.

Abel, CMO

Solark had suppressed all emotions of excitement about the new CO. His curiosity was roused, although not expressed outwardly. What had happened to the previous CO? Would the new CO be informing them?


When it came to Mason, he spoke easily and without fanfare. “You do me too much honour mentioning any reputation I have, Captain,” he smiled lightly, “it’s entirely due to the crew of this ship,” he let his eyes move over those seated at the table, resting on Paris for a moment and the corner of his mouth working slightly more before he continued speaking. “I was Executive Officer of the Asimov for a number of years before moving to the Odin, starting my career in Security before moving to Command.”

Cmdr Black, XO

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