Main Bridge: En Route to Tammoron Grain

Posted Nov. 27, 2021, 1:59 a.m. by Commander Morganna Salazar (Counselor) (Tyra Schroll)

Posted by Fleet Captain Garrett Michael O’Connor (Commanding Officer) in Main Bridge: En Route to Tammoron Grain
O’Connor stepped from his Ready Room, a PADD in hand, and crossed to the Centre Chair. Without preamble, the Odin’s Commanding Officer softly cleared his throat and said flatly to the young woman sitting at the Helm station. “Ensign, lay in a course for Tammoron Grain… make your speed Warp 7.”

When she acknowledged the order, surprisingly quickly for such a junior officer, Garrett smiled softly and with a two-fingered gesture to the view screen… the Captain sent them on their next mission with the simple phrase. “Punch it”

FCAPT O’Connor, CO

Morganna stepped on the bridge and took her seat as the ship sped up, they were on a new mission. She knew that a senior staffing would be called shortly. She watched as the stars passed in a blur.


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