Side Sim Eden Prime Resort First one doing the walk of shame from the Captain's room wins

Posted Dec. 2, 2021, 12:47 a.m. by Lieutenant Anastasia Adelaide Halsey (Supply Officer) (Kate O'Neill)

Posted by Fleet Captain Garrett Michael O’Connor (Commanding Officer) in Side Sim Eden Prime Resort First one doing the walk of shame from the Captain’s room wins

Posted by Fleet Captain Garrett Michael O’Connor (Commanding Officer) in Side Sim Eden Prime Resort First one doing the walk of shame from the Captain’s room wins

Garrett released the guides and pulled Addie against him with one arm, brushing her hair from her face with the other. “Addie…” His voice was gentle as he touched her cheek and smiled softly. “… you’re alright. I’ve got you.”

Addie blinked her eyes feeling him kiss her. It took her a second to register first that she hadn’t died but she just might be in heaven.

He didn’t know why but before he could think to not to, Garrett kissed Addie… pulling her into a tight embrace and being thankful they were going to be OK. After a few head swarming moments, Garrett broke the kiss and looked almost drunk for a moment before asking with a chuckle. “So… we still on for dinner?”

Garrett O’Connor

“Nah,” she looked at him not caring about the view around them but more on the blue of his eyes. “You saved my life. That might have just scored you breakfast.” Wrapping her legs back around his waist, Addie pulled herself up slightly and rested her chin on his shoulder as she took in the sight behind them. “It is rather pretty now that we are falling at a rate we can enjoy it. Next time we do this however can you plan to clip me so I face forward.” Reaching down she tried to tickle him along his side to let him know she was teasing.

“What?” Garrett smirked and jumped as she tickled his sides. He then slid his hands along the thighs currently holding him rather snuggly. “Why would I wanna do that? You seem to be… enjoying… yourself.” He brushed her hair out of her face once more. “It’s not like I planned on having your legs wrapped around me…well..” Garrett chuckled. “Generally that’s an after dinner treat!” Winking, Garrett tickled Addie behind her knees and smiled. It wasn’t what he planned when he left the platform a few minutes ago… but the man sure as hell wasn’t complaining!

“As to dinner if you are paying you can pick but let’s go try something exotic. Something we won’t normally get or replicate back in our quarters. I am pretty open except for living things. Went to a Klingon restaurant once. I learned real fast it is no fun to chase your food.” The ground was coming up far faster than Addie would have liked. This was not at all what she had thought the experience would be and yet she got to meet Garrett in the process. She felt the tension in Garrett’s body and knew he was preparing to absorb the shock of landing. Addie kept her feet up and around his waist. She wasn’t sure it would be the most graceful landing in this position but if the man stopped her from going splat, she could accept a scrapped knee if they fell over from this height.

When his feet hit the ground, Garrett took three long strides then stopped. Without even pausing, his hands scooped under her thighs… lifting her slightly. “Addie, honey…” There was the slightest bit of blush in his cheeks. “… not complaining at our current… arrangement… but you’re easier to unhook on the ground.”

“Yes but this is the only time we will literally be things eye to eye,” she replied as if it weren’t the most serious answer she had even given. The reality of her comment was far more comedic. Anyone looking at them would wonder how the man was staying up right with a woman attached to his chest. Her feet were not even close to touching the ground but dangling like a kid in a back pack carrier.

He then bent his knees and lowered them until Addie could reach the ground. He then first undid their shoulders, then their waist.

“So did you both have a good time,” the resort worker asked walking up to them once Garrett had detached the chute and Addie slid off him and onto firm ground. “If you both wouldn’t mind filling out this rating form with an honest review. If you can’t give us five stars there is a space to explain why,” the man pointed to a small area at the bottom.

“Oh you are gonna get an honest review,” Addie plucked the card from the man’s hand. “The five-star thing is probably as certain as the chute you gave me,” she shot back not angry but very sarcastic. As the man handed them their belongings, Addie looked at Garrett after checking her watch. “We both know that this changing thing is going to take me twice as long as you so maybe you can find a couple of beers and a reservation as I get changed?

By the time she’d turned back to him, Garrett had ditched the chute and had the top of his jumpsuit off and tied at his waist. His dogtags shined against his chest in the middle of his tan t-shirt. “I think I can find us something.” He smiled and for the first time gave Addie a flirty head to toe and back glance. “Got anything in green?”

Three hours later.........

Addie looked at the clock as she tugged and pulled at the dress she was wearing cursing herself again for agreeing to let him pick her up at her room and not downstairs at the bar. The man definitely seemed like the type to be on time whereas Addie, due to her genetics, was running about ten minutes late. Part of her was excited to be wearing the dress she picked out. Starfleet uniforms were not tailored to show off ones best assets. They were utilitarian by design because they were meant for the drudgery of the day to day and not make a fashion statement. Leave, weekends, and off duty hours you could dress as you wanted but one rarely put on a strapless dress and heels to head to the mess hall. Adjusting her top one more time, Addie looked at herself. To her knowledge she was probably the only woman in the world that did not own a little black dress. The one she was wearing sported a tropical patter with bold and bright colors. She had let her hair hang down in soft waves not messing with it much. They were at the beach after all. Looking at herself in the mirror and then the bed, Addie wondered if one more time should she change. The bed was littered with half a dozen dresses and shoes that matched. If Garrett was in security, he might just think the place was cased. Addie just wanted to look nice for him and for the first time since she met him, she was second guessing everything.

Addie Halsey

Garrett rang the buzzer at precisely 1800 (6pm) and stepped back waiting. He sported a tapered dark charcoal grey double-breasted suit, crisp white dress shirt and a perfectly coordinated dark crimson & charcoal grey striped tie and crimson pocket swatch. He looked polished and well executed, like he’d fell out of one of those old spy movies. He was honestly a bit nervous still… but once you save a woman’s life then spend the next 15 minutes wrapped in her legs… you become a bit more confident in her having at least an interest in you..

Garrett O’Connor

“Coming” Addie yelled out. From the other side of the door Garrett would hear a slew of muffled curses and a stumbling sound as Addie tripped over something behind the closed door.

The veteran pilot straightened his suit coat and gave his fingers a last-second pass through his hair, a smile already forming on his lips as he listened to Addie struggle to get to the door. My God, Mike! Garrett thought to himself with his preferred familiar moniker. Do you really have to be so punctual!? Women these days don’t give a damn about what time you show up! They only care that you drive, you pay, and you know what your doing between the sheets. He truly did hope that Addie was a bit different and truthfully, it was still to early to tell. She clearly liked him and he sure as hell liked her! The challenge will be when she realizes he was a Starship commander and probably close to a decade her senior. Oh well! Garrett’s smile, which had wavered just a bit quickly returned. It’ll be fun while it lasts!

“Sorry I,” she replied opening the door and then closing it immediately. Leaning her back against it Addie but her lip. Normally she wouldn’t give half a thought at what she was wearing yet seeing Garrett she paused. The man looked amazing and so put together. She had expected a polo shirt and jeans. SHe had hoped for dress pants but this guy had spent a hella more time getting ready past the three S’s that was their routine.

Garrett blushed and chuckled softly. “I’m sorry Addie…” He called through the door. “… I really don’t go out much and I guess I over did it huh?” He felt ridiculous now and added. “If its a problem, we could swing by my place and change real quick”

“Nope. No problem,” she replied to his question. Pushing off the door, Addie immediately kicked off her heels and began to try and unzip her dress. She needed to look a little more put together. Bouncing around the room she tugged at her zipper with one hand as she grabbed a clip to turn her hair from down to a more formal updo. Cursing at what would become known as the zipper that refused to budge, Addie twisted her hair into a loose French twist. Small curls naturally fell out of it framing her face. Reaching into her roommates closet she pulled out simple black cocktail dress. It wasn’t really her style but matched Garrett’s look far better.

“Hey Addie…” Garrett called through the door. “… is everything OK? Do you need my help?”

“No…no Im doing fine,” Addie replied to his question again through the door as she fought with the zipper desperate to change her dress. After a minute and a half she sighed and threw up her hands. “Okay close your eyes and hold your hand out,” she directed. Opening the door she put her back to him. “Okay I do need your help. Can you help me get out of this dress,” she asked ?

Addie Halsey

Garrett’s normally charming smile was replaced by a barely concealed smirk as he did as instructed, closing his eyes and extending his hand. When she finally asked for assistance, Garrett stepped forward… reached forward with one hand, pushing her gently into her room then with the other… closed the door behind him. A playful puff came from his nose as his left hand settled onto her shoulder and his right landed on the small of her back. Carefully, he slide his hand up her spine till he found the zipper.

Addie let out a small moan that was barely able to be heard. She felt the muscles in her back knot as his hand slowly traced up her back. It was not a bad feeling but it made Addie squirm slightly.

He held the top edge of the dress with his left and after a moment, the zipper moved slowly down… back to the small of Addie’s back. Before she could step away, Garrett leaned over and whispered in her ear… his lips just barely brushing her earlobe, his left hand still on her shoulder. “You really like alluding to things that should be… after dinner.”

“My understanding…” Garrett continued. “… is that dessert is generally better after a good meal.”

Garrett O’Connor

Addie raked her lip focusing on breathing in slowly. It was a mistake letting him come in to help her. The last thing Addie wanted to do now was put something back on. Her mind was drifting to the point of the night where not only her clothes were puddled to the floor, but also Garrett’s. She let out a small laugh as she moved back to her roommate’s closet and pulled out a more formal black dress. The dress was simple but hugged every curve of her body like it was a second skin. It was strapless which worked perfectly for a date in a place like Eden Prime. It would also let Addie use his sports coat later on in the night. Moving back in front of him, Addie let out a small laugh. “Okay last time with the zipper but you are getting so good at this I might need your help later tonight getting it back off.”

Stepping away, she turned back around to face Garrett. “Ready,” she said indicating he could open up his eyes. Sliding her arm into his, Addie let him escort her out of the room and out to the long terrace-type hallway of the hotel. “I am so sorry that took so long,” she started the light conversation. “You look amazing and,” whatever Addie had planned to say was immediately drowned out by a series of whistles and catcalls. The noise was from a group of people down by the pool. What was more uncommon about this was the “work it baby” and “darn you look hot” comments were not directed at Addie or from male voices. Stopping Garrett from continuing forward, Addie moved to the ledge and looked down. “Seriously,” she yelled.

“Why you have to be haters,” she leaned over the rail.

“Because we are jealous,” one of Addie’s female friends yelled back motioning for Addie to come down and meet them. “Where would you rather be tonight? Hanging out with us,” she gestured to the group of women with her beer, “or on the arm of some guy that looks like that. I’m Emma by the way,” she shamelessly flirted with Garrett.

“You know this some guy has a name,” Addie teased them back.

“Mc Hottie,” Emma offered raising her beer in a mock toast.

“Tater tots because I am so ready to snack you up,” another one of her friends joined the game of creating Garrett’s nickname.

“Trouble. Captain Trouble,” a third friend called out. “Addie said you are a Captain. Give us a command in that tone that gets your attention.”

Addie looked down and let out a small laugh. “Guess I should have been more tight-lipped about you. Sorry,” she bit her lip coyly.

“Oh do not listen to that woman,” the first woman yelled up smiling at Garrett. “She has been talking about you all night”

Addie Halsey

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