Main Bridge: En Route to Tammoron Grain

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O’Connor stepped from his Ready Room, a PADD in hand, and crossed to the Centre Chair. Without preamble, the Odin’s Commanding Officer softly cleared his throat and said flatly to the young woman sitting at the Helm station. “Ensign, lay in a course for Tammoron Grain… make your speed Warp 7.”

When she acknowledged the order, surprisingly quickly for such a junior officer, Garrett smiled softly and with a two-fingered gesture to the view screen… the Captain sent them on their next mission with the simple phrase. “Punch it”

FCAPT O’Connor, CO

“We going somewhere, Captain?” Mason asked. He was sitting in the XO’s seat and had nodded greeting as the CO walked in.

Morganna stepped on the bridge and took her seat as the ship sped up, they were on a new mission. She knew that a senior staffing would be called shortly. She watched as the stars passed in a blur.


The ETA was about four hours from their point of departure.


Kate entered the bridge and moved to her station looking over all the information they had on the place they were heading. It was kind of exciting. It was the maiden voyage of the Odin with a new skipper at the helm. This mission would also give Kate a chance to see how he handled missions.

Kate O’Neill

In the meantime, the Science NE had heard the name Tammoron and started to look up information from the computer regarding Tammoron. Tammoron was the original place where Tammoron grain, a prized ingredient of the cuisines of many systems was grown.


A moment after the initiation of warp speed, the NE at the engineering station glanced at the Captain. “Warp 7 achieved, Sir. Approximately four hours to destination. Engineering reports ship running at peak efficiency.” She turned back to the console and pressed a stray amber hair from her cheek where it had fallen out of her braid. The woman was slight in build and easily would have been passed over if not for the fire color of her hair and the striking crystalline blue eyes. As the bridge engineer for this shift, she was already looking into their destination, as well. Her curiosity was more to the location than the site, itself. Were they gravitational or meteor fields they would have to make adjustments for? Were they on their way to a system where binary suns or multiple moons would mess with gravity once relegated to impulse speed once more? And what kind of atmosphere did the place have? Such things would go towards information for transportation to the surface as well as communication issues. Anything she found useful, she forwarded to Lissi’s console in engineering.

NE Marlin Johansen
((since there isn’t a reason for Lissi to be on the bridge, but wanted engineering to check in anyway))

“Thank you Ensign Johansen,” Mason acknowledged the report, then looked back at the CO. “We got a job?”

Mason Black, XO

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