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Ka’lissi had been in her way to the bridge when the call for briefing went up. Since she only had to alter her course a bit, she ended up in the Ready Room before the others.

Moving to the replicator, she had a pot of coffee and spot of tea available with cups when the others began arriving. Sugar, cream and a light breakfast spread were also coming out as others came in.

Lt Cmdr Ka’lissi Rosh

Garrett walked in just after Rosh finished placing the breakfast. “An Officer after my own heart! Thank ya kindly Commander.” The Odin’s CO chuckled as he grabbed a croissant and some jam. “You all always so helpful on this ship?” His smile was wide before he took a bit.

O’Connor, CO

“Where’s the bacon,” Kate said in a tone that conveyed abject horror. There was always food at the staff meetings. Food always brought people even though no one coming could not exactly miss it; however, bacon and coffee were their own separate food groups in Kate O’Neill’s world. “Looks amazing Lissi but remember bacon goes with everything,” she said moving towards the replicator and ordering four pounds of bacon to go with the delectable assortment already on the table. Taking her seat, Kate pulled off a piece of the bacon and laid it over a maple frosted donut taking a bite. A small groan escaped her lips. “This is almost the perfect portable breakfast food. Only Sausage Egg Mc Muffins top this…but it is a close call,” she inspected the bacon-laced donut deciding what spot to eat next.

Kate O’Neill COS

It took two minutes more before Mason walked in, paused and looked at the food on the table. He noted the breakfast food and then his eyes landed on the pile of Bacon. “Bacon?” He said and then fist pumped the air impromptu, “Kate is in the House,” he said with gusto, walked to his chair, stepped over the back of it to sit down and then reached out and took a hunk of bacon from the pile, one with a larger than normal bit of crispy fat on it, then picked up a second piece in the same hand and simultaneously with the other hand moved two coffee cups towards him and reached for the coffee pot.

Commander Black

Kate reached out and slapped his hand with all the gusto of a nun at a catholic school with a ruler. “Five pieces each,” she gave him a side glance. “This is a staff meeting not a buffet but will arm wrestle you for the left overs,” she winked and took a bite of her piece.

“Hey, no fair,” Mason said, snatching his hand out of Kate’s reach. “I’m getting Bacon for Paris as well, I swear!”

“Use his left arm…it’s weaker,” Paris said sliding next to Mason and taking the plate of bacon the XO had set aside already. “Oh baby, you got me all the ones with the cripsy fat. That is true love,” Paris smiled as she took a bite of a piece and moved it to the opposite side of her out of Mason’s reach. “You know it is the little things that keep this ship like a family.”

Paris Black.

“Yeah, they were totally for you, honey,” Mason replied and smiled sweetly, taking a sip of his coffee after the smile so that it hid him poking his tongue at her behind the cup. She would know he was doing it anyway, that was the beauty of knowing your soulmate so well.

“And this is why the OdinCommand staff is the only ship in the fleet with mandatory cholesterol testing weekly. Commander O’Neill, I told you what would happen the next time you overdid it with the bacon. We’ll discuss the replicator restrictions for you after this.” the CMO said as he entered and eyed the plate of pig-sicles. Grabbing one slice, he bit off a bite and said “Moderation, Commander.” and he pointed at her with the remained of the strip. “You need to learn the meaning of the word.” and he smiled slightly and sat down, taking a croissant and cup of coffee.

Abel, CMO

“Including Moderation, my old pappy used to say,” Mason added while casually reaching out and selecting another piece of bacon, but watching Kate warily in case her hand started moving.

There was a very soft snort from the head of the table as the Captain closed his eyes and shook his head slowly, his shoulders bouncing slightly from an inner laugh. He was amazed that O’Neill stayed in as good of shape as she did, even if she was head of Security, if she really did wolf down bacon like that!

As the pause in conversation occurred, she managed to hand the Captain a cup of coffee to go with his croissant. “They’re your children, Sir,” she laughed and nodded to the others bickering over the bacon. Laughing as the Medical Chief mentioned moderation, she shook her head. “Might as well tell a Tribble not to replicate, Doc. No good.” She moved to sit one seat from the Captain, leaving the vacant seat for the XO. Settling herself down, she sipped her own drink and watched the others. She would eat later, now wasn’t the time and she wasn’t exactly in the mood to gorge herself. But she did remain quiet, promising herself to chide Kate later when time allowed.


Garrett chuckled and, with a nod of thanks, graciously accepted the cup. “So I have been told… and unlike many ‘gifts’…” He air-quoted with his free hand. “… I can’t return them to the store.” His smirk was playful and he was already seeming as though he was relaxing well into his new Command.

“Why you gotta be hatin’ like that,” Kate laughed eating another piece of bacon and holding it to the side as if it were a martini. “Remember Tragalian V when we were pinned down by the rebel forces and all I had was my sniper rifle, rocket launcher, and a penknife. All of you,” she waved the bacon around like a pointer, “were not calling for moderation then. In fact I think it was suggested by that weasely diplomat to forgo the warning shot and I quote blow the whole thing. O’Neill blow the whole thing,” she imitated the high pitched warbly voice of the man they had to save from a botched negotiation attempt. “Ain’t no one telling me to moderation then but my bacon and coffee,” she waved the bacon at the mug, “you doctors want to act like we need to ration it.”

Kate like Abel. As doctors went he was pretty easygoing and generally made her laugh.

“Oh my god, I remember that,” Paris laughed. “I also remember Calin’s first words when we beamed back up. Can anyone tell me where in the diplomatic handbook are rocket launchers part of the gear?” Paris lowered her voice and took on the semi stern expression the old Captain used when he was not really upset but had to act in an authoritative manner.

Paris Black.

There was another soft chuckle followed by a sigh from the head of the table as O’Connor followed Kate & Paris’ back and forth. This /was/ going to be an interesting assignment and… at least… it seemed it would be an ‘entertaining’ one.

“Do me a favor, Commander…” O’Connor said to O’Neill, still chuckling slightly. “… let’s leave the damn bazookas at home this time. Please?” He gave her a wink and with a smile, glanced around the table at the assembled team. “Let’s hope this time we don’t need them!”

O’Connor, CO

“Dude,” Kate took Mason’s plate of bacon and slide it over to Morgana and moved to the replicator getting her favorite beverage. Over the years, Kate had gotten close to Morgana and the Salazar family. She might be the COS but she was also the go to babysitter for Morgana and Calin. Kate adored the kids and now with a baby, she tried to find any excuse to visit Etak. She had no idea how Morgana did it with three kids so when she was able, Kate tried to do little things, which today was get her bacon and coffee. Setting it down next to Morgana, Kate took her seat and continued talking. “You all say Kate we don’t need bazookas. Kate why are you carrying little bottles of booze on a mission? You all seem to no longer ask that when I use it to save your butts.”

Morganna watched Kate for a moment and gave a slight smile “What’s the situation we’re going to Captain?” Morganna asked taking a sip of her coffee.


“If Kates coming, we need the bazooka’s,” Mason smirked. “I’m pretty sure it’s in the 101 Essential Items Needed For Any Away Mission, But Don’t Tell the Boss handbook that she keeps stashed somewhere.”

Cmdr Black, XO

“And the shuttle booze bottles. Those little things are multi-purpose. You’ll see,” she shrugged it off.

Kate O’Neill COS

Lissi shook her head, silently laughing as she smiled. “Ok, guys… Time to listen up. We can discuss hardware, booze-ware and other Away Team necessities later. Let the Captain get his briefing in so we can go back to work.” She loved the banter as much as anyone. But she also knew they needed to get this briefing done so they’d know what they were up against and how long they had to prepare.

((Scolding mommy?))

OOC: Sorry for the absence. RL this year’s end was particularly hectic and tiring. Didn’t even enjoy Christmas … :(

IC: Solark was always puzzled at the way the discussion could go off topic during meetings. However he was used to them. He turned to the captain for some decisions that were made.


Taking a sip of his coffee, Garrett couldn’t hide the slight smile. He was happy to know how tight the leadership staff was close and got along well. They were the heart of the crew and the Odin would reflect the personality of the people assembled in this room.

“Alright folks…” O’Connor began after another sip, tapping the touch pad in front of him and bringing up the map the Admiral had sent him.

( )

“… our mission involves a situation at the Tammoron colony, located here (OOC: A glowing dot appeared in Grid L8), specifically a labor dispute between the growers and producers of the colony’s main export… Tammoron Grain. The colony’s director is concerned as the dispute could result in the colony shutting down, and as such he reached out to Starfleet to help calm things down between the parties in question.”

“Do note…” Garrett continued, looking at O’Neil. “… there have been reports coming out from colony leadership of violence between the groups at times but thankful nothing like all-out war… yet. Apparently, everything was rather kosher until traders began reporting that shipments were being delayed. Command wants us to focus on a…” The Captain paused and smiled at O’Neil. “… diplomatic solutions. We have to be ready in case violence erupts.”

Kate let a small throaty laugh erupt from her lips. She wasn’t sure if Garrett had been told of her no nonsense way of diplomacy or her golden rule of shoot the hostage to end stand offs but for some reason she was starting to like this new captain. He had a way about him. Easy going and laid back in close quarters. She wondered he was like when push came to shove. That other side would come out unfortunately. It always did when the crap hit the fan. Picking up her coffee she stopped getting lost in her thoughts and focused on the briefing

“Primary objective is to figure out just what the hell is really going on and find an…” Garrett pursed his lips in a thoughtful gesture for a moment then continued. “… amiable solution. The UFP has already enacted policies to try and keep the peace, but enforcing said policies has been a challenge. Abuses of said policies are expected to be responded in kind… embargos and the like. The UFP wants this settled and quickly… otherwise, the damn Diplomatic Corps and the Sector Ambassadors get involved.” With a pause, Garrett glanced around the table once more and asked. “Questions?”

FCAPT O’Connor, CO

Kate raised a finger signaling she had one. Garrett would soon learn among the plethora of nicknames she held, question Kate was one of them. “Do we know the difference in money flow from what the exporters pay the growers. This could be as simple as the growers getting Pennie’s on the dollar for their crops and the exporters selling it for hundreds of dollars. Tammoron grain is pricy. I know. I bake and my family owns the brewery. We pay a hefty price for their grain to make mash.” She took a sip of her coffee. Sometimes the easiest explanation was the right one. Greed was the root of all evil. Maybe this was just a money grab and too many people were getting rich off the profits they didn’t want to see past the end of their nose.

Kate O’Neill COS

“Also,” Mason chimed in, “do we have any information on how willing the different groups are to sit down and discuss their issues? What was the result of Tammoron’s previous attempts at diplomacy between the groups?”

Cmdr Mason Black, XO

Solark spoke up. “I was able to access the general intel files and discovered that the governor and the farmers have been having major disputes only in the last two years. There are three different groups on the farmers side. Before that, the groups were united under a man named Prox. He was usually able to settle issues with the governor amicably. He died of an accident just two years ago, before the major disputes occurred. Now the three groups have been having disagreements. One group chose to compromise so that the dispute regarding the price of the grain can be settled amicably. Another group wants to stand by protectionist policies to safeguard the livelihood of the farmers. A third group wishes to deal with traders themselves, bypassing the governor.”


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