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The day after the Senior staff meeting, Abel sent a text-based message to the new CO.

=/\= Sir, per your request, I am contacting you to set up a time to discuss the SMT endowment to the Odin’s medical department. I am free today for lunch and this evening for a late dinner, around 2000 hours. Please let me know what time works best for your busy schedule and I will try to accommodate. Lieutenant Commander Siegfried Abel, Chief Medical Officer =/\=

Abel, CMO

=A= Hello Chief. Let’s grab lunch. I’m free today and tomorrow. O’Connor clear=A=

O’Connor, CO

Abel sent a confirmation reply and suggested a time. Later that day, the CMO walked into the lounge and found a seat and began reviewing noted from Tbird shift on a PaDD.

Abel, CMO

Garrett walked in, looking a little more tired than usual. I really need to learn when to tell her ass no! He thought as a neared the Odin’s CMO. “Afternoon Chief…” The CO began with a smile as he pulled back a chair and sat down. “… thanks so much for the invite. I have always preferred visiting one on one with people. Helps you get to really know them.” About that time a server approached. “Good afternoon Captain…” She began. “… can I get you something to drink?” With a smile and a nod, Garrett replied “Ice Tea, Black, three sugars, no lemon” With a quick nod of her own, the server headed back to the bar.

“So…” Garrett began, his Ice Tea already back and sitting on a coaster. “… tell me about this endowment.”

O’Connor, CO

Abel smiled a somewhat forced smile and said “So much for getting to know them.” and he chuckled. “Very well… the endowment is specific to the Odin and comes from SMTF, the Sine Medicina Terminos Foundation. It is a relatively new medical foundation that is helping get medicine and medical aid to those in need. It also does a great deal of medical research and development. That is where the endowment comes in. The Odin was selected to field test new equipment, medicine, and procedures. Once a quarter, a representative of the Foundation meets with myself, the CO and the XO, and we go over results of what we have done here; and they give us new things for testing. They also ensure that we have a plethora of some of the newest equipment available. Not just theirs… anyone’s. If it works and is useful in treating people, we either have it here, have access to it nearby, or it will be en route to us in a matter of hours. We provide detailed reports on the equipment of theirs we use, not anyone else’s unless it is in conjunction with their development. In exchange for this, the Odin informs the Foundation if we find anyone in need of their help during our operations. The Foundation also sponsors a scholarship for the children of crew of the ship, and once a year we are invited to their retreat if people want to go.”

Abel, CMO

“That sounds like a hell-of-a deal for us Chief.” Garrett began, smiling at the thought of such a sweet arrangement. “But, forgive me for being a pessimist, what’s the catch?” He took a sip, appearing to think rather deeply for a moment. “I can’t imagine that this sweetheart of a deal for your department and the Odin doesn’t come without us giving up.... something. So, what do we give up?”

O’Connor, CO

Abel pulled a brown leather portfolio from the seat beside him in the booth and handed it to the Captain. On the cover was the logo of the Sine Medicina Terminos Foundation, and inside was actual paper pages. “It is not exactly what the Odin gives up, sir… so much as what it guarantees. And that, Captain, is anonymity. I would suggest paying close attention to the corporate structure section and the executive directorship.”

Flipping to the section, there was a diagram… an organizational chart, to be exact. The Executive Board was a who’s who of finance and medical research; names synonymous with elite levels of science, business, finance, military strategy, and philanthropy. And there, at the top of the page… as Founder, Executive Director, and Chairman of the Board was a single name in gold lettering:

Doctor Siegfried Abel.

“I hated the gold letters. It seems… I don’t know… pretentious, somehow. But as this is for the Foundation Archives, it was insisted.” Abel said and sipped his drink, looking everywhere but at the new Captain. If he could have not told him, he wouldn’t have. But things like excessive wealth and generational influence tended to rear their ugly heads at the least opportune times… better the new CO knew about before than after.

Abel, CMO

Siegfried Abel Garrett’s eyes hung on the CMO’s name for several moments, close to gobsmacked over the implications of such a power group of people’s influence directly into the very heart of his command team. Some names… Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Holloway… he immediately recognized by name alone. Others… like Northrop, Lockheed, Sirius Cybernetics, Conrad Aerospace… by corporate reputation.

Looking up to the now diverting eyes of Abel, O’Connor asked flatly. “Why? Why and more importantly… how…” His tone soft, keeping his volume down. “… in the actual frack did you even get this approved!? Having Holloway’s direct influence alone is, personally, enough to raise red flags for me… especially after he put that damn loose warhead niece of his in charge of day-to-day ops! You know she shot an Sec31 Spook right between the eyes, right?! How in the hell someone like Lucas Holloway could put that maniac in charge of one of the Federation’s most important shipbuilders is beyond me and really none of my damn business. But her company’s VERY influential hand inside my ship is another manner entirely.”

Abel smiled slightly as his attention was directed back to O’Connor. “They have no influence here, actually. And no real say in the Foundation. The members of the board are advisers, contributors yes, but board membership does not come with the ability to make large decisions.”

Pinching the bridge of his nose and taking a slow, deep breath… O’Connor ended with a singularly harsh word. “Explain.”

O’Connor, CO

Abel nodded and set the drink aside, folding his arms on the table and talking quietly. “It’s quite simple. I founded the organization with one goal: Provide medical supplies, personnel, and critical health infrastructure to whomever needs it without regard for politics, governmental affiliation, or species. To that end, we dedicate a substantial amount of our resources to impoverished and war-torn areas and peoples. We also do R&D on level comparable to the Federation Medical Association, Star Fleet Medical Command, and the Vulcan Science Academy… combined. Anything we create is patented and trademarked, and we then either lease or donate the designs to whomever needs it with the caveat that they cannot make more than a two percent profit over cost from the sale or distribution of said product. The Foundation has accountants and auditors who perform random checks on any design that is out for use. If we find that someone is profiting over the mandate, they are obligated by contract to cease all production and distribution immediately, return the design, and donate all excess profits to the foundation… plus twenty percent of the gross. We have found that tends to motivate companies like Holloway and others to play… nicely. Additionally, any organization that leases our designs must contribute to our main mission with either material goods or direct funding… or both… of any of our numerous operations across known space. Such contributions must meet ten percent of total Foundation expenditures. With that model, we have actually financed many operations without the Foundation losing any money at all. Numerous corporations contributing the minimum means we garner a profit… which then goes directly back into the Foundation operational budget as we are a true non-profit. No one on the board is paid, it is strictly a volunteer position. The only one of the board who receives any kind of compensation is me, because the lawyers said I had to. But we have many well-paid and cared for employees who we are fortunate to have with us. And they are all dedicated to the vision. If they weren’t, I assure you the environment would not be conducive to simply wanting a paycheck. The hours are long and the destinations are not Risa, I can assure you.”

Abel, CMO


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