Side Sim Eden Prime Resort First one doing the walk of shame from the Captain's room wins

Posted Feb. 6, 2022, 11:49 a.m. by Fleet Captain Garrett Michael O’Connor (Commanding Officer) (Jerome Davis)

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Posted by Fleet Captain Garrett Michael O’Connor (Commanding Officer) in Side Sim Eden Prime Resort First one doing the walk of shame from the Captain’s room wins

“So,” Addie let her voice drag out the word as she began to think about all the laundry she would have to have to do when they returned back to the Odin, “it is a beautiful night.” Addie wished she could come up with something far more titillating to discuss yet the thought of her clothes led her to wonder about his clothes. The old t-shirt that would smell of him that Addie would not only wear tomorrow over breakfast and coffee but steal. Garrett was definitely t-shirt stealing worthy. Maybe Addie would take two. God you smell good she thought laying her head on his arm for a half-second as they walked. It was disguised as a arm hug, but Addie was really enjoying being this close to Garrett.

Slipping his arm around her back, his hand resting rather possessively on her hip, Garrett breathed in the intoxicating combination of the sea and whatever the hell that incredible perfume Addie was wearing. It was driving him insane and with every step they took… they got further from his bed. “Ya know…” He chuckled. “… this sounded like a good idea at the time and I don’t want to come off as a complete ass…” He trailed off, looking down at Addie and noticed her breathing seemed a bit heavier and her cheeks, shoulders, and chest were flushing a light pink. She was spectacular and the fact that his overtly noble ass was moving them further from where they both truly wanted to be was ridiculous!

As Garrett spoke, Addie’s mind drifted back to the t-shirt. What kind did he have? Were they graphic? Solid colors? Looking to her right she felt a hot rush run through her body. They would be fitted, tight, easily showing off his arms. God, he had great arms. Closing her eyes, Addie thought about the moment at the car. His arms around her waist.

She heard Garrett start to talk and instantly her mind flipped from sensually hot to simmering. Oh hell no. You are not pulling the nice guy routine. Your hand has crossed the neutral zone half a dozen times with no resistance. You are not calling a full out retreat Captain Garret O’Conner. Addie turned to to face Garrett. The roll of her shoulders, the distance, hell even the moon’s lighter were all in place to showcase her north forty. If he was going to say goodnight, she was going to make him regret this moment for the rest of his life. “Yes Garrett,” she said in a sultry tone.

With a soft chuckle, Garrett said softly. “As much as I’m enjoying the view… I think we both have other things on our minds.” He squeezed her tight and, turning her to him… his breathing became noticeably shallower.

“Yes,” she replied hearing what she thought was a question he asked her. At least she hoped it was a question and that yes was an acceptable response.

Addie Halsey

“How about we save the romantic walk for another night?” His tone was a barely controlled soft growl.

“I dunno,” she gave him a seductive grin. “You might not be that kind of boy and your sister is a sniper. We both,” she started before Garrett cut her off.

“We both have other things that need… addressed.” As he spoke the last lines, Garrett’s lips move closer and closer.

“Excuse me did you say addressed or undressed? Could you please repeat that last part? For a ranking Captain, you do tend to be a little unclear at times with your verbiage.” Addie knew exactly what she was doing and would continue to do it until she drove this man as mad as he was driving her.

As the last word practically hissed, Garrett’s lips found the nap of Addie’s neck as he pulled her roughly against him.

“I can’t frackin’ take it another second…” His hands were like fire on her form, almost as if he were fighting himself not to tear the dress from her skin and take her right there on the sand. “We need a bed…” He growled. “… now!”

Garrett O’Connor

“No we don’t,” Addie said no longer caring where she was or who was around. Jumping up she wrapped her legs around Garrett’s waist and began to look around the beach as he kissed her neck. She rapidly blinked trying to push the fog from the edges of her mind and vision. There was the sand. They could worry about chaffing later still there had to be a better option. She had better find this option in the next few minutes or they would be signing a unilateral peace accord for the next fifteen minutes. Her hands were all over her as hers were his. Addie paused her moments of scanning for a more respectable place than the sand dunes to lose herself kissing him. As her fingers pulled at his jacket trying to remove it, she saw it.

“Cabana,” she panted and tapped his shoulder rapidly and then pointed. “Get me to that cabana.”

Addie Halsey

Breaking the ravenous kissing long enough to gain his bearings before his lips once more hungrily found hers. With barely any noticeable struggle, the pilot carried Addie with haste toward the small cabana. The roll of the ocean just meters away was no longer noticeable as his focus was intently narrowed to getting some place private… fast. His arms would feel almost as stone as Addie’s weight was almost completely supported by them as they moved toward the discrete shelter.

Addie felt safe in Garrett’s arms so gave little concern about holding on as he carried her. Instead, she focused on getting him where he needed to be when they finally reached their location. Her hands tugged at his tie loosening it but careful not to lose it on their trek across the dunes. One never knew what the first time was like with someone new. It was a rookie mistake on losing something as valuable as a necktie and Addie was no rookie. She was more like a thoroughbred that knew how to pace herself during a run but still reach the finish line in first place when the time came.

Addie knew a lot about Garrett but right now she was learning things normally saved for the third date. How to concentrate her lips to make him let out a guttural growl? Where to place her hands in his hair or on his body. The way his fingers tightened on her thighs and back as he carried her as Addie titled her neck to give him more acreage only proved he wanted this as badly as she did.

Addie reached back feeling Garrett’s steps end the sluggish pace as he crossed onto the wooden planked floor of the cabana. Her hand rapidly moved back and forth swiping the fabric out of the way. It only succeeded in twisting back around her hand. The fabric was supple and slippery against her skin. His hand was immediately on her wrist helping to free her from the silken bond. The moment was not lost her that this was the second time she had been bound to him by silken cords and scarves. The first was the gossamer threads of the parachute. Now it was the silk scarves of the cabana tenting. Each of those times had raised her pulse in a way that every nerve fiber to spark. Only time would tell if three times would be a charm.

The moment the door cover was in reach, Garrett whipped it open and carried Addie inside… his teeth grazing her neck as they moved inside. A small auto light gave the darkened room, a 10 by 10 foot square with a lounger and a small side table in the center. Almost immediately, Garrett was removing his coat, shirt and tie… using Addie’s grip on his waist only twice as he struggled from his clothing.

“Not the tie,” she bit his lip and pulled slightly as she felt him loosen his grip to release her. “Keep it on,” she said in a husky growl.

A growl of his own escaped and his eyes glowed as she pulled his lip. “You can ask nicely!” Garrett’s eyes flashed in challenge before he grabbed a handful of Addie’s hair, yanked her head back and left his first mark of ‘ownership’ right where her neck met her shoulder. As his lips left her skin, he said in a soft growl a single word. “Mine!”

Now bare chested, Garrett lowered Addie roughly onto the lounger… his hands and lips moving down her body. Growling once more, he expertly lowered the zipper he had secured only hours before. After pulling her dress from her shoulders, Garrett pinned her to the lounger with his hips and through passion-glowing eyes… looked down at Addie. “I think I have behaved myself long enough…” His tone was surprisingly deep and husky. “… don’t you think?”

Garrett O’Connor

Addie looked up at him and slapped the side of his cheek hard. She raked her bottom lip with her teeth as she wrapped the end of his tie around her hand several times. Using it she pulled his face to hers and kissed him deeply feeling. “I just slapped a commanding officer,” she whispered in his ear. “I think that is insubordination…sir.” Addie let her breath linger a second longer than intended on his neck before she began to trace the curve of his neck with her lips. “You might need to confine me to quarters…for the next five days.”

Garrett growled as he lowered his body down over Addie like a panther stalking its prey. “Why the hell…” He purred, his eyes ablaze with passion. “… would I wanna confine you to anyone else’s quarters… but mine?” With a swift move of his hands, Garrett pinned Addie’s hands to the lounger and lowered his lips to her warm flesh.


Six hours later…

The sound of cresting waves and seagulls were the only alarm clocks on the island. It was the only one most guests ever wanted or needed. This close to the ocean, however, it worked almost like white noise drowning out all other environmental noises. Addie’s eyes opened slightly and looked around at the chaos and disarray. How two people knocked over this much stuff kinda amazed her. The place looked like they had thrown a house party for twenty instead ot two people getting to know each other. Slowly sliding from the bed, Addie grabbed a towel on the floor and tucked it around her as she looked for her dress.

What the hell? she thought to herself not seeing it immediately. This place is the size of a bathroom, she muttered to herself dropping to her hands and knees looking under the lounger. The edge of her floral print dress was just out of easy reach. Dropping lower, Addie tip-toed her fingers to reach the material and tug it free from its hidden location. Slipping into it, Addie wiggled and wobbled with only her barefoot making soft sounds on the wooden floor. Letting out an internal moan, she stopped fiddling with the zipper. The dress came off far easier than it was to put on. Looking around the room, Addie problem solved. Walking on her tip toes, she bunched the dress at her waist since that was as far as she could get the zipper. Finding Garrett’s t-shirt, she slipped it over her and knotted it at the waist.

Her shoes were easily found with one on the chair and one on an end table, probably after being hastily dropped when they entered. Slipping two fingers under the straps of the heels, Addie glanced back at Garrett still sleeping peacefully. She smile at the man and shook her head feeling a redness fill her cheeks. “I think you are a keeper,” she whispered before slipping out between the silk red tenting scarves.

Sometime after…
Garrett woke to the sound of an older lady scolding him in… was that French?! He went to rub his face, Garrett found his right arm was tied to the frame of whatever it was it was he was sleeping on. “I’m sorry…” He began as he started to untie his wrist but his was cut off by the lady, in heavily accented English. “You rightly should Sir!” The lady snapped. “I don’t know what you were thinking… or where your partner went… but these are NOT places for rendezvous!”

“Just bill the stay to my account.” Garrett said, rather embarrassed as he rubbed his now free wrist. “Garrett M. O’Connor…” He sighed. “I’m a Premier Platinum Member. If you’ll give me a minute to get dressed, I’ll be on my way.” The lady turned in a huff and as she stepped out, called over her shoulder. “You have five minutes, Mr. O’Connor!”

Ten minutes later, Garrett was still shaking his head as he walked into his Suite. Tossing his clothes into the hotel laundry basket. After taking a long shower, Garrett stepped out, turned his back to his mirror and chuckled. The marks down his shoulders and back were… thankfully… not to bad, but at least confirmed she had as good of a time as he did! Following a quick shave… Garrett got dressed in a pair of khaki cargo shorts, a bluish-grey Aerospace Combat Command t-shirt, and hiking sandals before heading out to find Addie.

Addie at the Patio
“Wait wait wait,” Betty held up a hand looking at her friend. “Are you saying you did method five…less than twenty-four hours after you met Hot stuff McGee?” Picking up her coffee, she sipped at it waiting for her friend to respond.

“Are you sure it was less than twenty-four hours,” Addie laughed trying to hide the redness of her cheeks.

“Okay what is method number five,” Jane asked leaning in. People always thought of women as shy and demure but the truth was at times they were worse than high school boys in a locker room.

“I got this one,” Betty put down her cup. “So it is when you use something nearby to,” she mouthed the rest since they were in public but the hand gestured made the passing waitress raise an eyebrow as she refilled the coffee and set down. “Its your choice of if you do it vertical or inverted. That usually depends on how strong the guy is. Garrett looked solid you did it inverted right,” Betty looked for Addie to confirm.

“Duh I mean that man had muscles under his muscles. There isn’t a soft or flabby square inch on his body,” Addie confirmed with a sly smile.

“Well that is good to know,” Jane replied causing everyone at the table to break out in laughs.

“You are all terrible people,” she pointed her spoon at the group of cackling women. “It was sweet and beautiful and exerting,” Addie could not help but give them a wink before grabbing the waitress’s arm. “Can I get a Denver omelet, side of hash brown, some bacon and sausage, and a danish all to go” she put in an order to the woman as she left the table.

“Couldn’t have been that great if you are here and he is not,” Alice remarked looking over Addie’s shoulder.

“God no it was perfect,” Addie set her cup of coffee down. “We laughed and joked and taunted each other all night. I should have known I was in for a wild night the way he swung the car into the parking space after a little car fun.” Addie’s eyes had a sparkle to them and her mouth was permanently turned up into a smile as she spoke. “He has two sisters and is into restoring cars. He is from Colorado. His dad is,”

Garrett over heard the girls and walking over, stood just outside their view… chuckling at their discussion.

“Wait stop,” Betty smiled. “Lemme get this straight. You not only slept with Mr. ‘He is just hot and a shore leave thing so there are no attachments, ” she imitated Addie’s voice, “but also performed method five, know his family and his shoe size?

“Eleven,” Addie let out a huge laugh.

“Girl you are not going to sit there and tell me this is a shore leave thing,” Betty leaned back, crossing her arms over her chest.

“No…no I am not,” Addie leaned in with a sad and confused expression. “He…he is amazing and it’s not just his body. He is smart and funny and…and I could really like him. Like really really like him. It’s just so easy with him. Like we have known each other for years. You know that awkward silence,” she tapped a fingernail on a table. “We don’t got that. We drove all the way back from the restaurant and no talking…none but it was wonderful and sweet.” She melted back into his seat. “I mean I am even planning on returning the shirt…well maybe not but I think I could even fall,”

Addie Halsey

Clearing his throat, Garrett smirked as Addie turned in face him.

The table let out a small round of chuckles hearing Garrett’s voice and Addie scrunched up her nose and cringed. “He’s behind me…isn’t he,” she asked the group in a low tone which was immediately answered by Garrett.

“Addie, honey… are you gonna do this ‘every’ time I take you to bed?” He winked as he stepped forward and snaked an arm around her, his right wrist still a little chaffed.

“Only on the nights we have a cabana available,” she shook her head laughing leaning into his embrace. “But she,” Addie pointed out the waitress scurrying about, “is about to bring you something.”

Kissing her on the temple, he pulled her close for a second before chuckling. Reaching into his pocket with his free hand, Garrett handed Addie an earring. “Security brought this to me… along with a bill for the overnight use of the Cabana.”

“I was wondering where that when to,” Addie took the earring and put it back in her ear.

“I wondered where my undershirt took off to.” Garrett smiled before adding. “And by the way Ladies…” He winked. “… I’m a size 11 1/2… have been since high school. Now, if you all will excuse me, I have to steal your friend for a few hours.”

Garrett O’Connor

Just as Garrett spoke, the waitress came back with the tray laden with all the food Addie had ordered. “Oh shoot,” Addie grimaced. “Baby I got you breakfast,” she smiled up at Garrett. Standing up she took the tray from the waitress and motioned with her head for Garrett to follow. “I need ten minutes for a shower so we can take this up to my room where you can eat on the balcony. I am only lascivious when the sun goes down. Goodbye girls,” Addie said to her friends with a smile and began to walk away from the table holding the tray in one hand making sure her pace and cadence would have Garrett’s attention solely on her. Turning after a few steps she looked over her shoulder at Garrett. “You coming or do I need to beg.”

Addie Halsey

Baby huh? The Pilot thought. Garrett’s eyes had been on the woman since she turned to leave. Her form was perfection and enough to distract any man. Shaking his head out of his fog, Garrett quipped “Both in the past 12 hours… but that’s beside the point.”

He strode up behind her as they moved away from the girls, they could just hear the man ask. “And what the hell is Method 5?”

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Garrett O’Connor

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