Eden Prime Resort It's been fun and thanks for all the beer

Posted Feb. 8, 2022, 11:28 p.m. by Lieutenant Anastasia Adelaide Halsey (Supply Officer) (Kate O'Neill)

The wind blew across the hot sands creating an effect where one felt periods of heat but also a relief. It was as if the weather was programmed to make you want to order another cold drink or jump in the crystal blue waters to escape the sun’s rays, only a half a second later, be cooled enough to make you want to stay in your lounger. Knowing the owner of the resort, it was not too hard to actually believe this assumption was accurate. The entire week Addie had been here ever need or want was met almost before she even knew she had one. Meeting Garrett was both a want and a need Addie didn’t know she had. Of course, she had come here, like everyone else to meet someone and go back to her hum drum life in Starfleet with stories to laugh about later. What Addie didn’t expect was not wanting to go back to her hum drum life especially since it would mean not seeing the man next to her every day.

Stretching her arms, she let out a small groan. Every muscle in her body ached. Garrett had promised a night to remember for their last night on Eden Prime. After last night, Addie wasn’t sure she could handle another night to remember. Dinners, walks, intimacy, cliff diving, base jumping, snorkeling, and scuba diving: These things had filled every minute of their stay. In between these minutes, she had learned far more than normal about her shore leave companion than normal. As Addie watched the blue waves crest and then break into white froth on the sandy beach, she tried to trace how she got here. A flirty invitation to recoup two hundred credits for a base jump had turned into something far more. Picking up her beer and taking a sip, Addie Halsey looked at Garrett sitting next to her. It was clear he was nursing the same headache playing out in her head. He had to be. This was the first time he wasn’t engaging her in conversation. The only other option was Garrett was looking for a way out.

It might have been the headache or the slight hangover, but the typically happy Addie, suddenly was annoyed with Garrett. Was he giving her the brush off and she just not picking up on it? Turning in her seat, she scrutinized the man taking another sip of her beer draining it.

“Can I get you another Mrs,” a waiter instantly appeared at her side before she could set the empty bottle down.

“It is Miss…Miss Addie Halsey. I am not with him,” she snapped a bit more brusquely than probably necessary. If Garrett was looking to drop her, Addie would make sure he had no clue how mad at him she was. “And yes but put this one on my bill. Room 4260 B wing,” she replied taking the beer on the tray.

Addie Halsey

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