Eden Prime Resort It's been fun and thanks for all the beer

Posted Feb. 18, 2022, 12:28 a.m. by Lieutenant Anastasia Adelaide Halsey (Supply Officer) (Kate O'Neill)

Posted by Fleet Captain Garrett Michael O’Connor (Commanding Officer) in Eden Prime Resort It’s been fun and thanks for all the beer

Posted by Lieutenant Anastasia Adelaide Halsey (Supply Officer) in Eden Prime Resort It’s been fun and thanks for all the beer

Posted by Fleet Captain Garrett Michael O’Connor (Commanding Officer) in Eden Prime Resort It’s been fun and thanks for all the beer
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The wind blew across the hot sands creating an effect where one felt periods of heat but also a relief. It was as if the weather was programmed to make you want to order another cold drink or jump in the crystal blue waters to escape the sun’s rays, only a half a second later, be cooled enough to make you want to stay in your lounger. Knowing the owner of the resort, it was not too hard to actually believe this assumption was accurate. The entire week Addie had been here ever need or want was met almost before she even knew she had one. Meeting Garrett was both a want and a need Addie didn’t know she had. Of course, she had come here, like everyone else to meet someone and go back to her hum drum life in Starfleet with stories to laugh about later. What Addie didn’t expect was not wanting to go back to her hum drum life especially since it would mean not seeing the man next to her every day.

Garrett’s head was throbbing… yet, he was so thankful for this week. Addie really was something else and that “5th Element” or whatever she called it was a fun addition to his skill set he had tortured her with every time he got a chance. But… my god! Was she a wildcat in the sack. The pilot found himself wondering how walking tomorrow would work though he didn’t care. This had been one of the greatest weeks of his life!

Stretching her arms, she let out a small groan. Every muscle in her body ached. Garrett had promised a night to remember for their last night on Eden Prime. After last night, Addie wasn’t sure she could handle another night to remember. Dinners, walks, intimacy, cliff diving, base jumping, snorkeling, and scuba diving: These things had filled every minute of their stay. In between these minutes, she had learned far more than normal about her shore leave companion than normal. As Addie watched the blue waves crest and then break into white froth on the sandy beach, she tried to trace how she got here. A flirty invitation to recoup two hundred credits for a base jump had turned into something far more. Picking up her beer and taking a sip, Addie Halsey looked at Garrett sitting next to her. It was clear he was nursing the same headache playing out in her head. He had to be. This was the first time he wasn’t engaging her in conversation. The only other option was Garrett was looking for a way out.

Watching her stretch out of the corner of his eye, Garrett shivered slightly, remembering the powerhouse the woman truly was. He was an INCREDIBLY lucky man to have found her and he was thankful that she wasn’t going to the Odin… hell, he’s never get anything done! Well, not anything but her! Garrett chuckled to himself.

It might have been the headache or the slight hangover, but the typically happy Addie, suddenly was annoyed with Garrett. Was he giving her the brush off and she just not picking up on it? Turning in her seat, she scrutinized the man taking another sip of her beer draining it.

“Can I get you another Mrs O’Connor…,” a waiter instantly appeared at her side before she could set the empty bottle down.

There was a slight snicker that was barely audible at the slip, but Garrett said nothing, enjoying this final day with Addie.

“It is Miss…Miss Addie Halsey. I am not with him,” she snapped a bit more brusquely than probably necessary. If Garrett was looking to drop her, Addie would make sure he had no clue how mad at him she was. “And yes but put this one on my bill. Room 4260 B wing,” she replied taking the beer on the tray.

Addie Halsey

There was a slight laugh and after a sip, Garrett looked lazily to Addie. “The hell you aren’t Halsey! We broke a 2,000 credit bed AND a 3,000 credit couch. You don’t get after it like that with a stranger… Princess.”

Addie wrinkled up her nose at the dropping of the word Princess. Oh, Garrett wasn’t testing the waters about pissing her off. He was mounting the platform, doing a double back tuck, and diving into the waters headfirst. “I will cut you a check if you need the credits that bad,” she rolled her eyes.

He smirked. “And I fully intend to take that five grand outta that…” He bit his lip as his eyes rolled down her figure. “… deliciously perfect body next shore leave.” There was enough aggression behind his words, the waiter blushed and walked off.

“Next shore leave huh,” she raised an eyebrow. Taking a swig of her beer she looked at the water and not Garrett. “Tell me will you still be referring to yourself as a stranger if we meet again?” Why did he drop the word stranger in reference to their exploits? Clearly, it had to be a way for him to distance himself even when he was sitting one foot beside her. If he had seen them as something more than a fling there were a million names he could have referred to himself as besides a stranger. “I say if because a lot can happen in the next six months or longer. I don’t see you pining away in your stately captain’s cabin’s for your next shore leave. I am pretty sure I am going to get a Dear Addie letter so why don’t we just focus on sitting here on the beach ‘kay.” Her tone indicated something was irritating her and it wasn’t the mild hangover they were both nursing.

“Goddamn…” Garrett’s eyes shifted back to the beach and his drink. “… you’re not a child Addie. And if you don’t think I intend to wreck your quarters on my trip to your Outpost, you’re fooling yourself. Now… drop the attitude and enjoy your drink!”

Garrett O’Connor

“Attitude,” she let out a laugh. “Oh honey you ain’t seen attitude yet but if you keep it up you might get more attitude that you can handle.” Addie took a sip of her beer and set it down hard on the armrest. Addie wanted to punch something and hard. She had gotten way too involved with this guy. It was not like it was ever going to work. He was on some dirtside training facility and she was stuck on a mythology class ship being sent god knows where ever time she turned around. Letting out a frustrated huff, Addie frowned. She was a logistics expert but the logistics of trying to make him think she was on an Outpost instead of a ship might even be above her abilities. Staring at the water, Addie tried to figure out who she was angrier with: Garrett for not coming back with a term more meaningful than a stranger to describe her carnal activities or herself for telling the man she was stationed on the Outpost. Sitting here was not solving the problem at hand though. It was like pulling a bandaid off slowly. The bandaid had to come off so maybe it would be better to just yank it off tonight.

The man let out slow gust of air through his nose, his eyes never leaving the beach. I swear to God… Garrett thought. … is this nonsense why I’ve been single for so long?! He took a drink, trying to lower his blood pressure before he blew a gasket and ruined a perfectly good start to a promising relationship. That being said, every man has his limits and O’Connor was rapidly approaching his.

Standing up, Addie moved in front of Garrett’s chair blocking his view. “Mr. O’Connor, it has been a pleasure meeting you but maybe we should take a rain check for dinner tonight. I have so much to pack and my shuttle leaves early as does yours.” Addie felt her stomach and spirit sink. It was not like she wanted to do this but it was going to happen anyway.

Addie Halsey

“Oh for the love of Christ!” Garrett growled as his eyes snapped up to meet Addie’s. Those beautiful eyes, that Addie had seen glow with passion and a growing love for her over the past week flashed in clear defiance of her behavior.

Addie looked at Garrett as her forehead wrinkled up. She shifted slightly a little taken aback at Garrett’s reaction. If she had ever doubted his claim of being a captain, it was dispelled now. Garrett had the well-honed trait, like all those with shiny necks, of not raising his volume but making his point crystal clear. The only difference between Garrett in uniform’s message from Garrett in board shorts was the fact he began his speech with a colorful metaphor.

“Sit… your… ass… DOWN!” He snapped. “NOW ANASTASIA!” Sitting down his drink, with cold… focused movement, Garrett leaned forward slightly with his eyes locked on hers, his tone a challenging whisper. “I don’t know what kinda worthless assholes you’ve dated in the past… but I am NOT one of them!”

Addie opened her mouth to reply but saw the look in his eyes and his hand slowly rising from the arm of the chair that was not holding a beverage. It slowly curled into a fist with only his pointer finger extended and pointing to his left. The action and use of her actual first name made Addie close her mouth and follow his finger with her eyes.

Pointing to the chair she had just left, Garrett spoke in a tone that was /just/ below a command. “Park it Halsey!”

The look on her face was priceless. “Park it Halsey? Excuse me did you just say Park it…Halsey?” It was a cross of how dare you glare and the come hither eyes challenging him to make her. Addie was not thrilled to have an order barked at her yet it did make her stand up straighter and a part of her mind wondered if she refused would he throw her over his shoulder like a sack of taters and continue the discussion in a more private setting. The latter sounded like a far more satisfying ending to this conversation but Garrett might not be there yet.

” I have no intention of missing dinner with you and spending at least a few hours in my quarters showing you EXACTLY what you mean to me. I’m NOT done with us and I am NOT sending you some BS Dear Jane letter! I have a two-year tour starting tomorrow as the CO of the Odin… and I’m certain we can pass through your Outpost at least a few times plus we still have Annual ShoreLeave. Now…” He was nearly shaking. “… if you wanna be a damn child and blow me off, that’s on YOU! But let the record show… your paranoid ass left, not me!” With that, he leaned back… knocked his shades over his eyes… and picked his drink back up.

Garrett O’Connor

Addie’s amorous musings ended the second he snapped his glasses back down over his nose effectively ending the conversation with such confidence her only option was to park it irked Addie.

“Garret,” she snapped out pausing realizing she had no idea what his middle name was. The use of a first name, instead of a nickname, or the use of one’s middle name universally indicated you were in the dog house. Since Garrett didn’t have a nickname and she didn’t know his middle name, the pause only made her retort sound wobbly instead of firm. Shaking her head, Addie crossed her arms. “I am a beacon of honesty here. I am just stating what we both know. You being the CO of the oh....oh oh oh oh,” she felt the words catch in her throat. Addie’s angry expression melted into one of more surprise.

This man could not have said Odin but he did. How did she miss that? Addie no longer was in pissy mode but oh crap mode. During most couple spats, a surprise reveal typically silenced the other party. This reveal however stunned her more into submission than a sharp crack on her south forty.

The veteran officer heard pause and his eyes locked on hers from behind the INCREDIBLY expensive custom-fitted Ray-Bans. His raised right eyebrow peeked from behind the glasses as he waited for her to continue, his expression never changing from annoyed stoicism.

Leaning down she reached out to the tip of his nose and raised his sunglasses up so she could see his eyes. “Did....did you just say Oh…din,” she stressed the name into two syllables? “As in the USS Odin, mythology class starship, currently being renovated and due back to pick up the crew tomorrow. That Odin cause I am awfully positive we discussed it and you,” she pointed at him not angrily but with a slight firmness, “are a CO on some dirtside training base pumping out fighting Ace’s.” Addie’s eyes darted to the side for a second as she tried to recall how she did not know this was the new CO of the Odin. They were at dinner. He said he was in charge of training pilots. She lied and said she was stationed on the Outpost. Yes, that had to be the way it went. There was no way she had just spent a week banging the boss on a tropical paradise. Oh for the love of Christ! Addie repeated the words that had started their first couple spat.

“No… I didn’t.” Garrett carefully removed his glasses and looked up again. His eyes were quizzical and wondering what she was thinking.

She looked into his eyes hoping they would break into a sparkle and that his next words were some version of I am just trying to get you to lighten up honey.

Addie Halsey

“Are you sure,” she looked at him searching for any hint of humor, “cause I am pretty sure you we covered that. You said you trained pilots and were being transferred which obviously had to be so some dirt side space. Are you sure you didn’t tell me exactly where you were living?

“You never asked.“ He began with a smirk. “I figured with as much time as you spent with your ankles by my ears… you didn’t care where I worked.” Garrett slipped the glasses back on his nose and leaned back with a mischievous smile.

“How could you think I didn’t care where you were gonna land their flyboy? I mean how was I going to send stupid gifts you would stuff in your closet and only bring out when I came to visit or in a drawer so you could position just outside the viewing field so that I assumed it was always sitting there and not tucked away inside a drawer? Logistics are paramount in an operation like this so yeah…kinda important I knew where you were stationed. So,” she looked at him waiting for him to fill a comment about her summation.

“So…” He asked flatly. “… you gonna stand there looking smoking hot but completely clueless or…” Garrett chuckled. “… you gonna lay back down, still smoking hot and equally clueless? But hey… at least you’ll be more comfortable!”

Garrett O’Connor

Dropping to the soft sand between his slightly open legs, Addie rested her elbows on his knees. “Um Loverboy are you sure it’s the Odin,” she asked Garrett again as if he had suddenly developed short-term memory loss. “Like it’s a definite. You take command in less than twenty-four hours Odin?” The look of desperation was real on Addie’s face as she spoke with an undercurrent of frustration. As she waited for his answer, Addie tuned out the beach and thought of possible responses to his yes and her reaction to this.

Raising an eyebrow, O’Connor smiled ever so slightly as he looked down at Addie. She really was breathtakingly beautiful… likely the hottest woman he’d ever met, much less taken to bed. The way she looked at him made his heart race and his mind fog. She was truly like a drug and he was finding himself drawn more and more into a practical addiction that had come to encompass all he desired.

I’m pregnant, would explain her wild mood swing and temper tantrum about not labeling them as a couple; however this would only create a whole host of other issues. Namely, because Garrett didn’t seem the type to cut and run and more importantly she wasn’t expecting a bouncing baby O’Connor.

I am not in Starfleet but a waitress from Des Moines looking to score a sailor on shore leave, would explain why she came on so hot and heavy after a less than respectable period of getting to know him: however, the second he came down to pick up his stuff or requisition something for his damn car he would see her behind a supply counter and not a dining counter.

I’m seeing someone else, would explain why she was so desperate to know exactly how and when she was going to be able to see him again; however, Addie didn’t want to see anyone else and the only man she wanted and ever wanted in her world was Garrett. He fit her like the opposite side of a three-D mold. While there was a long time to go before she convinced Garrett she would the perfect future Mrs. O’Connor as the waitress left the drinks suggested, it was a real possibility for her.

Garrett I have a secret to tell you. I am banging the boss and oh by the way you are my boss. Get ready for all the jokes about me being the package you requisitioned because Addie Halsey can deliver anything and everything, would be her beacon of truth moment; however, this was one time the truth could ruin everything. Garrett clearly did not date where he barked out orders. If he did, someone would have snapped him up by now. The thought of Garrett not wanting to pursue this simply because of all the rules and regulations involved was a possibility Addie did not want to contemplate.

Addie Halsey

Without even looking, Garrett silently picked up the PaDD he’d been reading through off and on throughout the morning. When Addie had asked, he’d simply said ‘work stuff’ and went back to reading. He tapped a few times on the device, paused, tapped a few more times and swiped the screen to the right. Garrett then handed the PaDD to Addie with a smirk.

“Really,” she took the PaDD and let out a sigh. “We are reading. Garrett,” she said his name with all the frustration of a wife of thirty years to a husband that she assumed never listened. Glancing down, she looked at the screen so she had some ammo for why are you not paying attention to what I want you to pay attention to the argument that was brewing just below the surface. Addie needed Garret to focus on the problem he didn’t even know existed instead of reading some dumb article about a shuttle or a vehicle. Her face dropped and a small hint of a smile filled her face as she read his Starfleet dossier.

On the screen was a Starfleet Personnel Record… a classified one at that, specifically the Personnel Jacket for one Fleet Captain Garrett Michael O’Connor. He was 35, just over 6 feet tall at precisely 185cm in height. Garrett’s family was listed, including a link to his eldest sister’s SFMC Record. The Commands of the USS Monroe and the 275th Aerospace Combat Wing were there as well as him graduating top of his class at the Fleet & Command Ops College and listed his top academic achievement as a having a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Post Doc at Oxford. A Master Rated pilot, Garrett had a short tour as a Test Pilot following completion of TOPGUN. He spoke five languages and most importantly, the record showed no divorces and no children. Next Assignment… Commanding Officer, USS Odin.

When Addie finished reading and her eyes found his, Garrett silently leaned forward and with a smirk, swiped the screen to Addie’s right. Looking back at the PaDD, the Lieutenant found herself staring at her own face… embedded in her own Personnel Jacket.

Her smile melted causing her mouth to open slightly as she read the last sentence on the page. “Oh god…you are really a Captain,” she said in a surprised tone with a smile plastered on her face. “I mean not that I doubted you but you um....,” she scratched her forehead. “Wow the Odin,” she nodded. “The Ohhhhhdinnnnnnnnnn,” Addie repeated dragging out his name to stall for time. Oh crap, she thought as she nodded with the smile on her face.

Seeing her reaction, Garrett had a soft smile across his face as he asked. “Beacon of honesty huh?” Dark blue eyes sparkled playfully, the pilot having removed his glasses.

Garrett O’Connor

Pursing her lips, Addie moved from her knees to sink back to sit on her heels. It was clear, she was looking for some plausible reason for saying why she was not part of his crew and under the command of another. The way she played with her lips making a small popping sound showed Addie was not coming up with a damn reason even she would believe. “Okay I got nothing,” she admitted dropping her hands to her upper thighs making a small clapping sound. “I mean I could make something up,” she wobbled her head slightly as if debating if this comment was a valid one. It was then her mouth began to have the corners turn up slightly into a actual grin.

“Okay so let’s start with the Pro’s,” she said reaching out taking his beer, and swallowing a sip. “I can call you Sir and no one is ever gonna know the double meaning behind it. We won’t need to use our shore leave to bunk out in a ship because we are just a few floors down from each other. You will get to know the mundane things about me like I set the snooze four times and the bedroom clock ahead fifteen minutes to let me pretend I am sleeping in. Cons,” she polished off the bottle of beer in several large gulps, “you are gonna have to transfer me off the ship because I can’t be banging the boss and I can’t be on a ship with you where I am not banging you as my boss.” Using the back of her hand she wiped off her mouth and looked at Garrett. “Now let’s drink ourselves into a stupor and bang it out like bunnies because tomorrow is going to be the worst day in my life.”

Addie’s tone was light but Garrett could see she had boarded the struggle bus with this decision. Sitting up she kissed Garrett long and deep before breaking the kiss to look in his eyes. Raising her hand, she took a deep breath. “I need some booze here and keep it coming,” Addie yelled out to no one as she looked at Garrett. The resort staff was almost telepathic in their ability to know what their guests needed. Someone would be by with a drink any second. “Why did you have to be so perfect and so my Captain,” Addie let out a small laugh and shook her head. “I mean there are a thousand single men here and the only one I want is taken by another woman made or metal, circuits, and gel packs.”

Addie Halsey

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