Heading Up

Posted Feb. 21, 2022, 10:50 p.m. by Lieutenant Anastasia Adelaide Halsey (Supply Officer) (Kate O'Neill)

Posted by Fleet Captain Garrett Michael O’Connor (Commanding Officer) in Heading Up
Garrett had moved a bit slower all morning, cursing himself for overdoing it the night before. Addie’s own prowess and their near 7-year age difference caught up to him at times, but that was a hell-of-a problem to have! First they’d both overslept, which meant they were already running late so… like idiots… they thought they could shower together to save time. 25 minutes and a shower-based encore to the night before, they were now running even later than they were before. Garrett squared his quarters after walking Addie back to her room and sent his bags onward the shuttle via the Concierge. He then went and met Addie, helping her get her bags to his shuttle. Enjoying the finally minutes of holding her hand, Garrett’s hand suddenly squeezed hers and dropped unceremoniously as they approached the shuttle. “No reason to start the rumor mill at full tilt before we’re even on the ship Babe.” Garrett said softly with an apologetic smile. “Sorry.”

Addie looked at Garrett a bit confused at first however shore leave was ending. They couldn’t just skip around the halls playing he loves me he loves me not off Eden Prime. Still, sorry babe made Addie wrinkle her nose up. It wasn’t like he needed to say anything. He could have just let go of her hand without comment, but he did comment and apologize. Maybe it was the apology or the slight gnawing headache and scramble to the shuttle that had Addie in a mildly persnickety mood. Giving Garrett a side glance she decided was the apology.

Stopping walking, Addie planted her feet and crossed her arms. “Um Garrett I need a second,” she said. Clearing her throat, the next few minutes definitely did not go the way Addie had planned in her mind. “I think we need,” she started before a woman yelling caught Addie’s attention.

As the couple approached the shuttle, a young pilot waved and ran over to them. The redheaded Lieutenant Commander ran over and with no warning what so ever, threw her arms around Garrett’s neck, practically jumping into his arms and kissing him on the cheek. Garrett caught her effortlessly, kissing her back on the cheek and squeezing her before setting the overly excited woman on the deck.

“Holy frack Cannon!!” The girl practically squeaked, she looked around Addie’s age… if not a year or two younger.

“Yes holy frack,” Addie looked at Garrett wondering why his lips were involved in the greeting instead of his hand.

“How you been?! Did I read the manifest right… FCap?!” She was talking VERY fast and seemed to not even notice Addie. “What’s it been… three years since the 275th?” Garrett smiled and nodded.

Oh my god and my sign is Virgo and still love unicorns and the colors pink, lavender, and teal, Addie’s inner voice added to the sickeningly sweet conversation.

“Nearly four actual…” His voice and tone had noticeably changed, this was someone Garrett knew and he seemed surprised yet happy to see her. “… that was a great tour wasn’t it?”

Not as great as the four-minute flight we are going to take back to the ship. You are so not going to forget that actual four minutes. I have a feeling environmental controls are gonna be on the fritz so you better get that old parka out if any more body parts start touch ol’ Jezebel Jones there. Addie had no reason to be jealous however once the green-eyed monster woke up, it had to be satiated to fall back into its slumber.

Then the woman flushed, giggled, bit her lip and looked away for just a moment before almost breathlessly adding. “Yes… yes it was Mike.”

Then, like a switch, the woman turned to Addie… there was a challenge behind her green eyes and it wasn’t masked, something another woman would spot instantly. But she smiled and offered her hand. “Jessie Wells…” She smiled, the tall redhead looked down slightly at Addie. “… and you are?”

Garret & Jessie

The question the woman asked Addie was one every woman knew well. It was the candy-coated tone one all women used to say get out of my way witch yet still be appropriate around grandmothers and in church. The upbeat perkiness and fake pleasantry set Addie up to either respond and come off irrational or respond and come off insecure. Of the two, Addie was leaning more to the former. She opened her mouth to spit out some spicy retort, and then stopped. This Jessie wanted to make Addie falter and wobbly. It was why Jessie attacked Garrett as if he had just saved her from a band of roving pirates. What Jessie didn’t know was that Addie was feeling a little arg matey herself. The woman stated and Garrett agreed it had been a couple of years since the two of them had been in contact. Addie would just make sure to fill in the blanks.

“I’m Addie…Addie O’Connor,” she took Garrett’s hand back into hers making sure she dug her nails slightly into the back of his hand. If the man said anything she would not only mount Jessie’s head to her wall but Garrett’s as well. Being the supply officer of the Odin gave Addie one distinct advantage over most everyone. Addie knew almost everyone, especially the transfers. Even though Garrett slipped past her radar. Addie was sure some low-rent girls gone wild chick was not a permanent resident on the Odin.

“While we finally decided to make it official, we didn’t think there was a reason to start the rumor mill at full tilt before we’re even on the ship right, Babe.” Addie knew Garrett would not miss that she had just parroted the lines back he gave her before Jessie ran them down and climbed Garrett like a cat post. Her tone was new to Garrett but his years of command training and dealing with women would show Addie was livid. “Since he is just taking command we thought it was best to wait a bit before the crew got too excited. Can’t have too much good news in one day now can we?” Addie let out the tittering laugh and laid her head on Garrett’s shoulder. “But it is so nice to meet you Bessie Whale.” Addie’s honeyed tone paired with her smile would have been enough to send any diabetic into a sugar comma.

“Yes,” Addie smiled not outwardly acknowledging the correction of the woman’s name. “So I assume you were friends years ago? I only say that because Mike,” she let her voice raise as if it were a question but the side glance to Garrett, “hasn’t mentioned you before. Funny because I seem to have known and met everyone but you.”

Addie Halsey

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