Medical check in Tigress

Posted June 16, 2022, 11:54 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Siegfried Abel (Chief Medical Officer) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Tigress (Chief Engineer) in Medical check in Tigress

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Siegfried Abel (Chief Medical Officer) in Medical check in Tigress

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Tigress (Chief Engineer) in Medical check in Tigress
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After speaking to the XO Tigeress headed to her quarters to drop on the Quinn, she made sure to shut him off this time before heading to Sickbay for her medical evaluation. It took her forever for her to find sickbay. The ship was huge she got turned around more than once. finally, she walks into sickbay. Im Ensign Tigress I’m here for a boarding physical.” She said to a nurse as she Checked in.
LT. JG Tigress

“Welcome to the Odin,” Ravonne Washington said spinning around at the nurses check-in station. “Crew or civilian,” she asked not looking up. It had been a day and it was only eleven am. If they got another civilian in here with a case of allergies or some kid with something that needed to be extracted out of an orifice, she would blow the person out of the airlock.

Nurse Ravonne Washington.

” Crew”” She said a little confused by the question.
LT. JG Tigeress

Looking up from her desk, Ravonne gave the woman the once over. It was clear the woman was Starfleet based on the uniform. “Starfleet,” she answered for her and leaned back in her chair. “Shaun…Abel,” you got one of your people down here,” she yelled loud enough for her voice to echo in the space.

Ravonne Washington nurse

A handsome blonde man walked out from the central office and said “Nurse Washington, I have asked you numerous times to not yell across sickbay. Use the intercom from here on, or I block all soap operas from the sickbay monitors and you work the night shift.” He didn’t wait for the retort from the nurse, instead looking at the new arrival and smiling. “I’m Dr. Abel, the Chief Medical Officer. Please, follow me and we will get you checked in.” and he gestured to a vacant biobed.

Abel, CMO

Tigress covered her ears. ” Fun fact caitian ears are sensitive” She growled. She followed Able and took a set on the Biobed. She shook her head. “That girl can yell ouch, I think she may have broken my eardrum” tigress said.
Ensign Tigress

Abel smiled as he began the scans of the Ensign. “Nurse Washington is of the old school. She is loud, belligerent, and moderately insubordinate… but the best nurse I have ever had the privilege of working with. So don’t let her rough edges put you off. And broken eardrums are a specialty of mine.” he added with a grin. As the scan data began to appear, Abel said “Anything to discuss since your last physical, Ensign?”

Abel, CMO

Ensign that was not right. ” oh… I’m sorry I much have reported incorrectly im LT. Tigress im the new chief engineer. I was only recently promoted” She said a bit embarrassed. Her right ear twitched several times befor she flattened it against her head. There was a slight ringing in that ear driving her crazy. “It will stop eventually,” she thought.

The scan would show she was healthy. There were times however of minor damage to her right eardrum. The way she had that ear pined back and was now tilting her head ever so slightly to that side made it clear that wail minor it was definitely bothering her.
LT. Tigress

Abel nodded in satisfaction at the readings and said “Apologies, Chief. Yet another record to update, I suppose.” and he made the adjustments to the rank field. “Now… if you would relax a bit and lay back, I can get that ear fixed up in just a few minutes. Like I said… ears are a specialty.” and he chuckled.

Abel, CMO

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