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The sensors showed that Kino’s HQ was an impressive four storey building. It rather well protected with security devices. There were men with phaser weapons patrolling the perimeter of the building and its grounds. The away team would have to decide exactly where they were to beam in.


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Kate let out a groan seeing the large and heavily guarded four-story building on the sensors. Okay this place definitely does not look like it has barbecue, she thought. Opening her mouth, she looked at Paris.

“No take backsies,” Paris let out a laugh. Smiling she could not help but think how frustrated Kate would be and hysterical for everyone else to get a picture of her and Mason eating the barbecue she was thinking about.

“You know what you kinda suck as friends go,” she raised an eyebrow. “I will forgive you this time.”

“You are so gracious. Anyone ever tell you that O’Neill,” Black shot back in a good-natured tone. As much as she did enjoy hanging out with her friend, it was fun to be on away missions with the XO. She really didn’t care if the location changed but Paris really wanted to go with Mason.

Paris Black.

“So since we are not worrying about stealth or confrontation I say we beam outside of the facility and just knock on the front door. We have nothing to hide and if Kino and this Tracer don’t either they will let us in for a meet and greet. Possibly some refreshments,” she added as an afterthought. “If they don’t answer the door and we know they are home we can work on the Plan B of entry.”

Kate O’Neill

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IC: “They look like the value their security protocols,” Mason noted. “They might also have some kind of device to prevent transporters working if they have that much security. Lets beam down say 100 meters off their front gate, I agree we aren’t trying to be discreet so if we do anything else, they may take that as a sign of ill intent.”

Cmdr Mason Black, XO

The team was thus transported about 100 metres from the front gate and they were immediately spotted because the security at the gate went on alert without any klaxons or alarms.


“Okay, so these people are observant. That tells me they have stuff going on and it’s important to them.” Mason looked at Morganna and Paris. “Ready to do this?”

He began walking forward towards the front gate, slowly and making sure he kept his hands in full sight.

Cmdr Mason Black, XO

The most senior looking guard came to the front gate without opening it and asked, “Good day. Is there anything we can help you with?”


Mason came to a halt a few feet away from the gate, and smiled pleasantly. “Good day! I sure hope so. I’m Commander Mason Black of the Federation Starship Odin, this here with me is Commander Morganna Salazar our ships Counselor, and Lieutenant Commander Paris Black of our Sciences Division. We would like to see Kino and Tracer if they are available, in regards to the coming mediation organized by the Federation.

Cmdr Black, XO

The guard looked a little puzzled but said nonetheless, “Let me inform Mr. Kino to see if he would see you…”

“You know I love it when they try to make you feel so special and the other person on the opposite side of the door feels important. Just makes me,” Paris smiled fakely and shrugged her shoulders feigning excitement. While a Commander was not the top dog in rank in Starfleet, even laymen understood that the rank held significance and tended not to move a bit quicker when they thought rank was involved.

“You should put on your mean face. You know the one you put on when someone comes in after you made the duty roster because they suddenly remembered they can’t make that shift and turn you into a fast food manager dealing with teenagers and not grown arse adults.”

Paris Black

“You know you are literally the only one that does that, right?” Mason looked at Paris and raised his eyebrows. “Nobody else dares to meddle with my duty roster after that dude Parks decided he would try and skip a shift for that date of his. Sure I changed the roster, I had him cleaning the waste sanitation vats for a month of night shifts so he could go on his date. I hear his date was called in to cover a shift and couldn’t make their dinner anyway. That was sucky for him.” It was no secret among the Odin’s crew that the shift that Parks’ date had been called to cover, was Parks’ own shift. After that, it was widely known that the XO was that guy that would do that. It served as a timely warning for everyone not to mess with his duty roster. Except Paris. Paris clearly felt that she had privilege’s others didn’t, which Mason just accepted as a matter of course. The mean face that she was referring to was the one he kept specifically for her alone, he had no problem with Paris offering favors if she thought he was grumpy.

“You know if you keep picking on Parks, he is going to get a complex,” she let out a small laugh.

The guard left the group at the gate and then came back about five minutes later. “Mr. Kino would see you,” he said, “As to Mr. Tracer, Mr. Kino will explain the situation to you.”


“Excellent, I can’t wait to meet him.” Mason said as he checked the roll of his cuffs. “After you, take us to your leader,” he smiled at the guard politely.

Cmdr Black, XO

“Explain the situation to you,” Paris said in a low voice to her husband. “Doesn’t he know you tend to explain the situations or do you think he didn’t get the memo?”

They were led into the building and after a maze of corridors, they reached a large room where there were several people attending to one person sitting in a comfortable chair behind a rather elegant table. The man stood up and with a grin said, “I am Kino, very pleased to make your acquaintance. What can I do for you from Starfleet?”
The man wore gaudy colours that reminded the away team of the middle tier of yakuza gangs found in 20th century Japan on earth.



Paris looked around and tried to figure out how this scene matched the one she had in her head. It was not what she expected at all and might lead credence to the rumor Kino was up to something buying up all the land that did not benefit the little guys.

Paris Black Science

“Did the governor decide to get help from the Federation?” asked Kino.


“We were just in the area,” Paris said in a smart arse tone. Maybe it was the way the man seemed to lounge about the throne or his know a bit too much comment, Paris decided to match his demeanor.

Paris Black

”…and you decided to come and visit?” Kino asked incredulously. “I am afraid, Mr. Starfleet officer, that you had better come up with a better excuse or else, I will have to request that you leave Tammoron.”


“Did he just call you Mr. Starfleet,” Paris stifled a laugh behind a cough. “Oh that is one definitely going into my mission briefing.”

Paris Black science

Mason smiled as he looked at the man, then took a moment to survey the room. “You hold that kind of authority on this planet do you?” Mason’s tone wasn’t surprised or condescending, simply curious. “The Governor had little inclination to let us talk to you or any of the other groups of people to be honest, our orders came from higher up. We’re here to find out what’s stopping the export of your grain, and lend assistance however we can. Considering that the Governor wanted everyone to attend a dinner with him, we thought it best to come and have a chat with the people that have a direct hand in things here. You being one of them of course, and that fellow named Tracer. You’re partners?”

Mason Black

Kino’s face changed a little. “The Governor had invited you for dinner?” he asked in a calm tone. “Unfortunately, I have yet to receive his invitation. Mr Tracer would be invited of course. Perhaps he would be contacting me any time now …”


There was a man who came in and spoke to Kino in low tones.

“Please excuse me,” he said with a sardonic smile, “it seems the call is here …”

“So there is no love loss between Kino and Tracer,” Paris said to Mason in a low tone. “I take one you take the other at dinner?”

Then he went into another room. At the doorway, on the outside of the room stood two guards. There was one guard to the side with his hands in front of him.


“Wonder what would happen is we made any sudden moves,” she mused. It was hard to tell if this was just security or Kino’s body guards. If it was body guards then apparently Kino might not be as secure in his power as he was trying to make it seem. People only needed extra security when they were disliked enough to worry about a knife in the back.

Paris Black

Kino came back with his face considerable darker than before.

“So maybe these goons were not Kino’s goons but someone else’s?” She whispered to Mason. Whatever was said between the two men, Kino did not look as happy as when he returned back to the room.

He forced a smile, “It would seem, officers, that I would not be attending the dinner.” He came across the room and pointed to some seats. “Please take a seat.” Then, sitting after the officers sat down, he said, “Now, how could I help you?”


“We were looking for some information about Tammoron grain. You seem to be buying a whole lot of land tracts up. Career change to farmer,” Paris asked taking a seat in one of the offered chairs.

Paris Black

The young Tammoron man had a little smirk, “I am a farmer. I inherit my farm from my late father. I own the land and I grow Tammoron grain as my crop. It’s just that I have expanded my farm land in the last few years. I am sure that Starfleet has all the information you need about the biology of the grain. There is no secret in the growing of Tammoron grain.”


“I actually have progressive plans for the grain. Until now, the grain is used as a food crop. With a little innovation, it is possible to create profitable beverages from the grain. We can even produce fuel for regions that do not have the common fuels we have today,” he added.


“Really?” Mason nodded as he listened. “That sounds imminently intelligent to use the grain, something you have plenty of by the sounds of things for other industries. All together it would be likely to increase the value as well. So may I ask, what is the issue with the supply of the grain that’s currently going on, on this world? From what we have been able to gather, only bits and pieces, nobody seems to be on the same page.”

Mason Black, XO

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