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The away team beamed about 20 metres from the entrance to the village centre where the faction HQ was housed.


Abel looked around for a moment and blinked several times. It had indeed been a while since he had been off the ship. Looking around and seeing the faction house, he nodded to himself slightly and waited for the others to decide on an approach.

Abel, CMO

There were villagers moving about inside the village. However, no one seemed to have detected the away team.



Abel took a step forwards and looked around. He stepped out in view of the residents and smiled. “Um.. hello? We were hoping to speak with whomever is in charge? We are with the United Federation of Planets.”

Abel, CMO

“Whose in charge,” Kate looked at Abel and let out a small laugh. “You sound kinda imposing and menacing there. No one here knows you are a doctor and probably one of the nicest guys I met but maybe we should start at the village tavern. The local watering hole is always the best place to get the down low,” Kate said to the medical chief.

The villagers who were closest to the away team looked surprised but stayed still. The villages who were slightly further away disappeared into their houses.

“See,” she gestured. “Look what you did. Slouch or something,” she offered as a solution. The problem with this situation was the paradox that was Abel Sinclair. The man looked like he could break you in two and not break a sweat. He was large, authoritative, and generally just a mountain of a man. The other side was the true Abel. He was the kindest and gentlest soul which came through in his profession. Abel’s greatest real strength was his ability to make others feel safe, cared for, and valued. Kate’s teasing of the situation showed that people always tended to go with what they saw instead of taking a second to learn something much like the villagers were doing now.

“Who…whom… with whom would you … you like to speak to?” one of the villagers stammered.

Sensing the first villager’s difficulty, a second villager managed to say, “We could bring you to the village chief, if that’s what you mean?”


Time to play Big cop small cop Kate thought to herself. Paired next to Abel, no one ever took a second glance at her but of the group, Kate could hogtie someone in less than a minute flat in a full-out conflict. What she lacked in size, she made up for in dexterity, training, and stamina.

“Hello I am Kate,” she stepped forward putting a hand to her chest. “This is Abel. We are from the Federation,” she backed the medical chief’s statement, “but we are only here to help you. We are looking for someone that could get us in contact with the person in charge that replaced Prox. We heard about his recent death and the difficulties you all,” she gestured about, “have been facing. My family owns a farm. I know how hard of a life it is.” Kate waited to see how the person would react to her greeting.

Kate O’Neill COS

That seemed to make the villagers more anxious. The doctor would not need a medical tricorder to detect the adrenaline that seem to be in high gear in the villagers addressing them.

“Please follow us …” the second villager said quickly and moved towards the interior of the village.

They reached a large house in the middle of the village. It was just like the surrounding houses except that it was about 50% larger.

“Chief!! Off worlders are here to see ya!” shouted the villager who led the group with a trembling voice.

A rather stout man came out. He looked harried, compared to most of the other villagers. “Who ..?” He paused when he saw the Starfleet officers, “What does Starfleet want with me?” he asked politely.


“A cold beer and a sandwich for starters,” Kate half joked. “We are looking for some information.” Hearing her comm badge beep, Kate held up a finger.

=/\=O’Neill,=/\= she responded.

=/\=Akanar to O’Neill, I just received my assingment and I’m just about to transport to your location, but I wanted to make sure that there isn’t anything you need me to do while I am still up here=/\=

-Lt. Akanar

=/\=Nope come on down. We are just making an introduction with=/\= Kate let her voice trail off waiting for the man labeled chief to supply something a little more formal.

Kate O’Neill COS

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“I am called Tine, the chief of this village,” the man said with a smile, realising the first words of O’Neill were in jest.


“I’m Kate. Lt. Kate O’Neill with two L’s of the USS Odin. The O’Neill with one L has no sense of humor. This is Able and Akanar,” she introduced the people in her party. “We are down here because of the Tammoron Grain Predicament. Is there a place we can talk?”

Kate O’Neill COS

The chief looked a little surprised. “I did not think the predicament would interest the involvement of Starfleet. Yet I believe that your presence would be of great help. Please come this way …” He showed the away team into the house. They were led into a rather large room, presumably the living room of the house.

Kate and her group followed them into the large room.

“Please take a seat. Would you like to have some tea?” he asked.


“I would rather choke down camel sweat. Got a cold beer or some coffee,” she asked making herself comfortable. Why people insisted tea was the perfect beverage was beyond her. Tea was for uptight English folk or woke hipsters who drank bubble teas as the new it convention. Bubble tea was just milk with tapioca balls in it but so non palpable that they actually flavored the milk with this other than teas. Coffee was for working folk. “So what do you know about a person named Diana,” Kate cut to the chase.

Kate O’Neill. COS

Tine looked puzzled, “What is a care-merl?”

“No camel. It’s a big hairy animal that…sorry bad joke,” Kate waved it off.

He continued barely two seconds later, “Coffee, we do have. It is, of course, here in Tammoron, an uncommon drink.” He left to give some instructions to a boy waiting at the door before returning and sitting down with the group.

Leaning over to Abel she whispered. “Okay we’re is coffee not common. Making a mental note that this place is off the possible places to retire.”

Tine spoke gravely, “Diana is the Prox’s daughter. She took over her father’s role in liaising with the governor regarding Tammoron grain. She went once for a meeting with the governor and then two days after she returned here, she disappeared.”



“Wait she disappeared after coming back here?” Since the man freely gave the information it was doubtful to Kate the guy had anything to do with the disappearance.

“And leads on who might have been involved and who is filling in the vacuum as liaison in her absence?”

Kate O’Neill COS

“Yes,” said Tine. “The day after she came back, she briefed us on what had happened at the meeting with the governor. She had managed to twist the governor’s arm to set the price of the next harvest at 2% higher than last year’s. The call from Kino and his people was to set it considerably higher but this puts a damper on their plans to make big profits. The traditionalists were content with the 2% rise, although they preferred it to be the same as last year. However, they conceded that that increase was an acceptable compromise. Diana was supposed to travel to the governor the next day to ratify the agreement. However, when she was not present at breakfast, we sent some people to call her and found that her room was empty and her bed did not seem to have been slept in.”


“So anyone else not around the next morning,” Kate asked. “Any signs of a struggle or did she like just poof…disappear?”

Kate O’Neill COS

“She was the only one,” said Tine sadly. “There were no signs of struggle or any blood to indicate that there might have been violence done to her.”


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Tine looked very worried as he looked up at the Starfleet officers.

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