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Morganna looked at Weir ~i’m sure you will.~ She said ~Where are you meeting your son at?~ she asked as well as she returned her attention to the forward view screen.


~The Mess Hall....~ Weir said, continuing their telepathic conversation. ~Though, I have a feeling things might be delayed due to this.~ Sam looked over at the CO and then to the viewscreen. ~Is the Commodore always like this about new arrivals?~


The ship arrived at its destination and the transporters were ready to transport.

OOC: I might have some problems trying to remember who is in which away team. An indication before beaming down would be helpful to me. Thanks!


OOC: The two team leads are Kate and Kai, I am letting them pick their teams. If we need we can start two separate scenes to bring the teams over and they can declare who they wish to bring.

OOC: Thanks! By Kai, I am assuming you mean the CE.


Morganna smiled ~only those that he doesn’t know are aboard his ship and have been for a while. Especially one that is from Intelligence.~ Morganna replied telepathically ~If you have any additional information on this mission, you might want to share it with him now. ~


“Captain Weir you are dismissed from the Bridge,” Mason said to the man as he turned for the seat on the Command Deck. “I’m sure with your rank you are quite aware of the impropriety of being in this location without prior approval and clearance from either the Captain or myself, or at least Security. If you have nothing further to add I am sure the Captain will be available to you once he has a moment.”

Cmdr Black, XO

Weir faced the Commander and nodded. “As you wish…” He said and turned towards the Counselor. ~I’m sure I’ll be needing your assistance in an hour or two.~ Sam walked towards the turbolift and stepped in, but turned around. “Oh, and Commander… I hope you don’t mind me using your hot tub.” He said jokingly, “Afterall, you and Kate nearly destroyed mine on the Discovery.” The Intel Attache chuckled and disappeared into the turbolift .


Calin turned at the comment as he couldn’t have but a bit of a smirk at it. “Did he now Commander?” Calin asked as he couldn’t help but smile at the absurdity of it. “When this is over Captain I would be more than happy to go over this in detail with you… just bad timing I hope you know.”

Calin, CO

Ka’Lissi had been gone a few weeks to assist with a nearby station needing some immediate help after a tragic energy accident. Having arrived in the shuttle bay and the attempt at good humored banter with the NE Security officer there, she was told they were on alert and that she should probably report straight to the CO.

She left her bag inside the door of the bay and headed straight for the bridge. Arriving just after everyone else’s departure, she glanced around and spoke up as she stepped from the lift in a teasing tone. “I’ve only been gone a couple weeks. What didja all do to ma ship?” She wasn’t sure what was going on, but tensions were certainly running hi. “Forgive me, Captain, I was told I should probably come up here first and foremost?” She glanced briefly at everyone on the bridge and smiled at the ‘welcome back’s that echoed up.

“Lieutenant, a pleasure to have you back. I hope the trip was to your liking. We can fill you in shortly, right now if you would please monitor the away teams that are going to be departing.”

Lt Ka’Lissi Rosh
Chief Engineer

Ka’Lissi nodded with a smile. “Yes sir… thank you…” She then headed for the console for engineering and relieved the NE there, sending him back to engineering to monitor there and be a go between for her.

Morgana watched as Weir left and wondered what he meant by he would need her in an hour or two. She turned her attention back to the mission at hand and waited for additional information to come from the surface. She truely wondered what the away teams would find.


As she was focusing on the console in front of her, she could sense a slight increase of unease in the people on the planet. It should be expected. Many of the people there would be considered traitors and the Starfleet ship represented one of the established institutions in the quadrant.


Calin, CO

Morgana looked at Calin “There is a slight more unease on the surface.” She said “They are not happy that we’re here. We need to be cautious. I don’t know that they are going to attack us, but we need to be cautious.” She said as she continued to watch the screen.


Lissi watched the monitors to be sure the team, and the ship, were ready for anything that might occur.


OOC: Some posts ago, CO said:

OOC: The two team leads are Kate and Kai, I am letting them pick their teams. If we need we can start two separate scenes to bring the teams over and they can declare who they wish to bring.

and I replied:

OOC: Thanks! By Kai, I am assuming you mean the CE.... ((Sorry, Lissi is the CE… do you want her on the surface or stay on bridge? I thought Kai was someone else ))

However, it would seem Kai is not the CE as she has been assigned to monitor the away team. Who is Kai?


OOC: might be my other character posting on the Atlantis. People get confused or simply used my Discord Nick. So yeah, I am Kai! Aka Jay, Aka Ari :) hope it did not confused everyone.


OOC: Sigh! I had put you and the COS into one single team … Okay. I will separate you on the planet. You go down as one team and split once you reach the town.


Morganna watched the crew on the bridge and simply waited. That was the hardest part of any mission was the waiting and the not knowing if things were going smoothly or if the away team would encounter problems. Her mind wandered back to Weir…when had he actually come aboard. She remembered seeing him around and had meant to stop him to schedule his boarding evaluation and had not gotten to it.


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