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I can assume it’s for raiders and others, but maybe go ahead and see if there is some bigger fish out here.” Calin ordered her.

Calin, CO

“Sir,” said Solark, “I believe we are being scanned, passively. It’s like what the ancient use of pinhole cameras. Rather than flooding us with particles to reveal our ship, they are making use of the surrounding radiation as well as those emitted by our ship to create a ‘picture’ of our ship.”


“Can we get a pinpoint? Where is this coming from?” Calin ordered as he looked over at Solark.

Morganna stepped back on the bridge as Solark spoke about them being scanned. That didn’t sound like it was a good thing “Do we know who’s scanning us?” She asked as she moved further into the Bridge area.


Lissi expanded the search beyond them as well as narrowed the beam down to see if she could find the ‘pinhole camera’ that Solark spoke of.

Lissi spoke up as she searched, “I’m looking… one more minute…”


Calin, CO

“Lieutenant,” Solark said to the CE, “I am getting the reading at the platform that Maya and Gum original came from. I am assuming that it is so with you?”

Solark / GM

Lissi nodded and glanced back. “Yes, I am getting the same location.” She had a mild look of concern on her face as she turned back to the console to be sure it was the only reading.


Morganna took a seat in one of the chairs near the back of the Bridge and just watched and listened. She was only concerned about the away team. She closed her eyes for a moment and opened her mind to what was going on around her.


((From Lissi: Concern and curiosity, not panic, though.))

Solark watched with curiosity as the counsellor began her psychic search.

Morganna could sense that in two instances there was hostility to the Starfleet officers. There was one rather naughty amorous situation developing at one location. There was also unease and deception in another location where there was a sense of a Starfleet officer who was zealous, and was suspicious of the people on the planet.


Morganna spoke up “Captain, I’m sensing that there may be some hostility against some of our officers.” She said as she ignored the amorous situation and another Star Fleet officer seems to be overly zealous and seems to be suspicious of the people on the planet.” She said as she tried to get more information about the hostility that was going on.


“Commander Solark, lets make contact with our crew… see if the Counselors hunch is paying off.” Calin said as he nodded at Solark. He needed to know more and he wanted to be certain everything was okay.

Calin, CO

Morganna continued searching for the situation and information, she was not able to get beyond the sense of hostility that she was picking up on. She hoped that it was just that, a sense of hostility and not actually someone acting against their crew.


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