Planet Town - Team 2

Posted July 20, 2020, 5:13 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ari Kux Salemberger (Chief Science Officer) (Jay Luistro)

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ari Kux Salemberger (Chief Science Officer) in Planet Town - Team 2

“Seems easy peasy…” the officer held his tricorder in hand “Right, let’s get this bath.” Walking toward the tractor he looked at the machinery: it seemed old, maybe rudimental. It was a while since Chase really recalled a tractor being used in a field. Being born in a farm he knew how to use such vehicle Pff… it maybe as simple as that to get that shower! and rolling his sleeves he boarded the tractor and tried to find the ignition button.

Lieutenant Jr. grade Ari Kux Salemberger - CSO

Billie laughed. “If it could be driven, would I need your help? It won’t start. I’d love to tinkle with the engine but the day is only going to get hotter and it would be better if I looked at its engine inside the barn.”

Hovering the tricorder, Chase started scanning. Indeed pulling the ignition didn’t do anything but to rumble and then die. Rumble and then die “Come on bud, I already smell those sweet colorful roses in the bath.” Then the tricorder made a “bip” notifying the results “Ah-Ah!”

Chase’s tricorder told him that there were two circuits burnt out due to a faulty plug. On the ship, the replicator would be the place to get the replacements but there were no replicators around the field.


“So,” he dropped on the ground approaching Billie “The bad news is that some circuits are burnt. It may be a plug? Still need to check better but the good news is that our ship can replicate the parts… if you perhaps allow me to dismantle the tractor and send the faulty pieces onboard? This way we can repair it…” The NE asked politely to the young woman.

Lieutenant Jr. grade Ari Kux Salemberger - CSO

“Why don’t we just move the dang thing into the barn first?” asked Billie. “I am not going to allow this thing to stay outside in the elements. Do you want to help me push or not?” Her voice showed that she was beginning to be irritated.


“Don’t you know patience uh?” He held his position with the chest leaning forward “Right… sorry. On three.”
Positioning behind the back of the tractor, Chase put both of his hand on the chassis of the vehicle and looked for where the barn was. The rust and the metal roughness was like a can of tomato soup left under the rain and the dust for months before being recovered “Alright… One,” the NE started to count “Two, Three!”
With all of his force Chase started pushing, expecting that the woman would do the same.

Lieutenant Jr. grade Ari Kux Salemberger - CSO

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