Planet Town Market - Team 1

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Posted by Ensign James Wolf (Security Officer) in Planet Town Market - Team 1

Posted by Commander Solark (Chief Operations Officer / 2nd Officer) in Planet Town Market - Team 1
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The first away team consisting of Lt. O’Neill, Lt. Ari, Ensign Wolf, NE Ollie, NE Jiggle, NE Chase and NE Jodel materialised about four hundred metres from the entrance of a small town.


Ari, as his usual, took out the tricorder and started analyzing the vicinities of the planet. At a first sight it seemed pretty much a normal planet: green trees, weirdo plants, some sort of food. All characteristic of a Class M, but something was tickling Ari’s nose
“Hmm. Yeah it is just fine. For now. No huge energy output, no weird tachionic signal or some sort of disturbance. We should get to the town, Mrs. O’Neil.” Proposed the Lieutenant.

“Fine with me. Lead the way,” Kate said adjusting the phaser at her hip. She loved away missions. Kate didn’t care where they went or what they had to do. She had signed up for travel and whatever that meant, she would happily take.

In the meanwhile, He ordered to NE Ollie and Chase that it would have been cautious if they were to scan the nearby area while they walked toward the Town “if it is permitted, obviously.” Asked permission to Kate to send both around the vegetation for a brief inspection, looking the city entrance from afar.

Lieutenant Jr. grade Ari Kux Salemberger - CSO

=/\= Away Team, make sure you keep your eyes open and report in regularly. Let us know if you run into trouble. =/\=

Cmdr Black, XO

“Hey Kate, after this mission would you want to join me into some cooking? All these plants seems good to eat and cook.” Ari asked before the communication from the XO was forwarded to their badges.
“Oh, the boss. Let me reply.” Said Ari as he pressed the commbadge.
=/\= Away team to Odin. This is Lieutenant Salemberger. We’ll get a check-in comm every 1-2 hours. For now we haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary, just some unseen plants and a town ahead of us. If we rush into something we’ll let you know.=/\=

“Yes to dinner and you need to give them a bit more confidence,” Kate held up a finger to Kai. =/\=Commander Black it’s me =/\= Kate said in a slightly cocky but still maintaining the happy perky tone she was known for. =/\= I got eyes on the ground.=/\= Kate switched off her comm badge and walked with Kai towards town.

“So you cook,” Kate asked kicking a stone.

“I only have two talents. The ability to shoot something a million miles away and the ability to cook under any medium. Open fire, stove, grill,” she held up one finger for each appliance to cook on. “Our house didn’t have a replicator. I mean it did but it was for eh mur gent cees,” Kate drew out each word getting a slight twang to her voice. “My parents always wanted us prepared and cooking is a real bonding experience.”

There was nothing out of the ordinary. As they got closer, they saw that they were nearing a rather large and busy barter market. The sounds were loud as people were bargaining with each other for the best prices. There seemed to be everything on sale, from farm produce to processed food, from artisan’s crafts to flea market second-hand items. There were also the familiar Starfleet tricorders and medical equipment on sale at the second-hand stalls.


The Team arrived inside the town with people having tricorders beeping everywhere to make sure no traps were set or weird energy flux was present. Ari, perhaps, was curious about the things that merchants were selling. And after a brief look to both Kate and the teams members, he walked toward the second stand, lured by Starfleet’s Mk. VI tricorders.
The stand was not the most sophisticated: some sort of raw wood cut and held together by basic bolts and nails. Covering the merchandise there was a basic tent with a blue and white striping, held by metal salvaged metals with various lights and signs. A soft transparent tissue, covered the plain of the table and components and stuff were just laid down there.
“Kate! Come to see.” Called his superior “These dudes have something of our property.” Whispered to her as she came to see.

Lieutenant Jr. grade Ari Kux Salemberger - CSO

OOC: missed out that we are on the Odin. Oopsie! Now I’ve fixed it.


OOC: My post on the bridge thread ( indicated that I had made a mistake in the away teams. My suggestion as to the away teams are:

Team 1: Lt. O’Neill, Ensign Wolf, NE Jiggle, and NE Jodel
Team 2: Lt. Ari, NE Ollie and NE Chase

If you would like a different grouping, please indicate to me the grouping, so I don’t mix up the NEs especially.

Please, after the COS and CSO exchange, the away team will split into two and I will provide different scenarios for each team.

“What,” Kate said walking next to Kai. Seeing the parts on the table Kate looked to her right and then left before pulling out her personal communicator.
“Kai look around for more,” she said snapping a few images. “I am going to contact Ean.”

“Alright boss.” He called her “I’ll report in, in one hour or less.” As he went to take his boys, Ari left the CoS and went north of the town with tricorder in hand. Perhaps it was his first true away mission since the last assignment and thus he was a lot excited that he almost forgot his case at the stand.
“My sorries.” Went back and picked up the case “good work!” And left the security team

Lieutenant Jr. grade Ari Kux Salemberger - CSO

IC: Although they pretended that the Starfleet officers in their midst did not bother them, many of the people in the market bazaar were not able to hide their unease of their presence successfully.


OCC: Got it. ~ Kate :)

=/\= Zol I am sending you some images=/\= Kate said uploading the images on the table. =/\=Right now it looks like a blob of junk but=/\= she tossed a few pieces around the table =/\=you use pieces like this to fix tricorders right? I mean this piece,=/\= Kate took another picture and zoomed in =/\=this is part of a tricorder right? Sure looks like the piece that I brought you last month off that tricorder that....fell off… the table=/\= she embellished a bit. The truth was the tricorder in mention didn’t just fall off the table. It was the tricorder Shaun kept in the room to fix her bumps and bruises but Zol didn’t need to know that. He just needed to fix it and he did.


James enjoyed getting off the ship every now and then he was enjoying the sun on his skin. He looked around and Realized he was separated from his team =^= ensign Wolf to always team 1 I got separated from you where did you go”

Ensign James Wolf (Security)

=/\=I am fifty paces to your left=/\= Kate said into her com badge before switching the channel.

=/\=Zol=/\= she snapped into the comm badge. =/\=Stop trying to make a better mousetrap and just tell me about these pictures=/\= she began to re-upload the ones she sent. If he didn’t reply to the messages the constant stream of buzzes coming from his left pocket would annoy him enough to shut his personal communicator off. Yeah, this was the day he was going to regret giving her his number that time he and Laura and she and Shaun got drunk on shore leave.

Kate O’Neill COS

The images she sent were of Starfleet equipment which had been expertly rendered untraceable. Somehow, the security for those devices were hacked and their origins erased. The logos were scratched off but one look at the form one could easily see that they were Starfleet.


=/\= I got them O’Neill hold your panties and don’t get them in a bunch… from the looks of these…=/\= Ean paused as he looked, they were clearly Starfleet in origin, that was obvious but they certainly seemed to have been modified and changed. =/\= Look this stuff looks hot as can be, it’s all Starfleet but they certainly don’t want you to know from what ships or facilities. If I had to guess someone took these off… what’s the saying Shaun used? Off the back of a truck? Don’t know how that applies here but it’s clearly black market goods. Is there a certain item you want more on? I doubt I can give full details but maybe some of them… maybe… don’t get hopeful on me O’Neill.=/\=

Zol, Engineering

=/\=Okay I need to know if they are tricorders or weapons and if they are weapons the model and year. And what do you mean hopeful? All you engineers do it take things apart to see how they work and then complain when you have to put them back together again. Just think of this as the second stage where you are at the put back together phase. Let me know when you get some results. O’Neill out,=/\= she snapped off the connection. Turning to face Wolfe, Kate let her eyes drift around her surroundings as she spoke to him.

“So do these guys seem more edgy than normal for people walking around a market place,” she asked the ensign.

Lt. Kate O’Neill COS

The people did seem to be edgy. It was understandable because they knew that the visitors are from Starfleet and they were not exactly friends with the Federation. The man who was manning the stall was just a stone’s throw away from an a doorway into one of the houses. He did not linger near the two officers.


James thought for a moment said “ I did you notice a lot of people staring at me When I was on the far left of the Bizzarre” he said checking his phaser was fully charged.

Ensign James Wolf (Security)

Seeing him finger his phaser, the people were getting more nervous. A few of them left the vicinity, probably looking for cover from the potential violence that might erupt.


“I will follow your lead O’Neill” he said

Ensign James Wolf (Security)

“My lead,” Kate said with a slightly bewildered expression on her face seeing him toy with his phaser. She wouldn’t condemn his actions because Wolfe was trained exactly like she was to defend and secure those around her. The problem was right now they were the aggressors in public opinion. Glancing over to the man in the stall, Kate looked at Wolf. “Watch my six,” she said. Hopefully the man would be able to answer a few questions and not slink away like many of the people in the room.

Kate O’Neill

The man turned slightly pale as Kate approached him. He was probably thinking of getting away but he thought better of it. He paused, perhaps hoping that Kate was merely passing by.


OCC: I have to save I was not toying with my phaser I am a Star fleet officer and I real life I am an armed Officer. Wolf just check to see if his phaser was fully charged and put it back.

Ensign James Wolf (Security)

Kate strolled up to the booth with the man in it with all the skill and style of any woman at a farmer’s market. It helped that she was from a home town where Farmers Markets were also a hotbed of private information. If you wanted to know who was pining for who buy some pears. If you wanted to know who was having credit problems talk to Martha as the jam stand. If you wanted to know who was moving into town and who was moving out you needed to speak with Dan in the BBQ booth. Whether or not the man wanted to share was the question.

“Hey,” she said nodding to the man. “I know that is not your stall back there but can you point out the person that runs it?” Raising her hands up in a passive gesture, Kate continued, “and before you ask I only get a substandard credit check every two weeks. You could steal a shuttle and I am only going to fill out the paperwork. They do not pay me enough care about what people can’t keep a hold of.”

Lt. Kate O’Neill COS

“I…I’ll call him,” the man said. “Bud! There’s someone who would like to speak to you!” he shouted.

A large bearded man came out from one of the storage pods next to the stall. “What can I do for you?” he asked matter-of-factly. There was no malice or threat in his voice.


Whoa just like back in Greene County they do grow you big down in the market, she thought looking at Bud. While there was no malice or threat to the manner in which the stall owner addressed her, Kate did not want to go ten rounds with Bud. Letting her eyes rise to meet his Kate went with the honey catches more flies than vinegar approach as she called it. “Hi Bud. I’m Kate,” she stuck her hand out in greeting. At five foot four if Bud got feisty at least holding his arm would give her leverage. “So wanna tell me where you got these bits o’ phasers?”

Lt. Kate O’Neill COS

Cautiously, Bud took her hand, gave it a shake and said, “From anyone who would sell them to me. This is a flea market, Ma’am. We buy and sell. They came as is and will be sold as is. We don’t take the fresh stuff, you’d know them because their security devices were still in them. As long as they are used stuff, we’ll buy and sell.”


James was watching the mans face and noticed the man was hiding something. He tapped his COM badge James to O’Neill the man is hiding something. He said it in a way to were only she can hear it.

Ensign James Wolf (Security)

“Copy that. Keep watching my six,” Kate replied softly brushing a lock of hair about her ear. It hid her whisper to Wolf and probably made her seem softer and more innocent to Bud. Until Kate knew what was going on she wasn’t going to open fire or start taking hostages The honey approach seemed to be working well for her at the moment so why sabotage a good thing.

Bud was totally relaxed. This was part of being in the flea market trade. Because he was dealing with used goods, his customers often had many questions and suspicions.


At that moment, the Odin hailed them.

=/\=Away team 1, this is the Odin. Could we have a status report?=/\=


Kate debated for a second as to what to say. She had been a part of Calin’s crew for a while now. She hoped he would get the idea to play along. =/\=Yeah not much here Sir. I um…well....I am not so good with the tech and what I thought was Fed equipment was just some old flashlight parts. =/\= Kate rolled her eyes some at Bud hoping he would recognize the classic tell the boss what he wants to hear tone in her voice and that she really didn’t care about what he sent her down to do. =/\=Check back in an hour sir. O’Neill out,=/\= she clicked off on the comm badge and looked back at Bud.

“Okay so can you tell me where I can find the guy that dropped these off at your stalls. I am not looking to bust anyone but more for a side job.” Glancing slightly around Kate picked up something examining it while she talked. The object was more to hide the conversation she was about to have then her wanting to buy it. “See I found a sweet little place on Risa but I am not going to have enough money to buy it unless I run a few side gigs from time to time. I have the expertise to disarm the weapons without making them into scrap. Anyway you can put me into the contact with the original supplier,” Kate asked.

Lt. Kate O’Neill COS

“I can’t tell you which guy dropped off which particular article. I am dealing with used goods and I don’t keep records of my suppliers. However, I can tell you that there’s one guy, I only know him as ‘Shamus’ and he usually drops by every ten days or so to deliver one or two items that are acceptable. He usually brings about 20 items to try his luck. However, only one or two is what I will take in. The others are sporadic. There’s one lady who came half a year ago for the first time, and brought only eight items and all of them were within the criteria. I sold them all to just one customer. I have not seen her since. Every month or two, there would be another guy. He refuses to give his name, so I call him Wiz. He usually brings in twenty to forty pieces, and I find about fifteen to thirty pieces acceptable. Why do I call him Wiz? He can tear down some of the unacceptable pieces in front of me, mix and match and turn some of the unacceptable pieces into acceptable pieces. He is due any day now. If you can wait, I can point him out to you.”



Wolf was keep her 6 clear and keeping eyes on everything around. He trust the COS and made dame sure no harm comes to her.

Ensign James Wolf (Security)

The people did not seem to bother very much about the conversation going on between the COS and Bud. However, he did notice that they tried to steal a glance their way once in a while.


Just then, a small man, looking like he was 17 or 18 , came waltzing through the crowd. He saw Wolf and O’Neill and stopped in his tracks. He turned round quickly, intending to disappear into the crowd.


Wolfs eyes narrowed on the man =^= O’Neill man at our 4th o’clock. He knows something about to pursuit him =^= Wolf started to moved through the crowd and was Abel to catch up into the man without him knowing he said behind the man “now you look like you know something”

Ensign James Wolf (Security)

The man simply gave a loud groan and picked up speed. Then he ducked into a large crowd of people at a butcher’s stall. Wolf lost sight of him.

About 30 seconds later, he caught, at the periphery of his vision, a strange movement of tables some 20 metres away, and the glimpsed the man’s head moving away where the tables moved.


Wolf moved fast he speed was great do to his half Vulcan blood. Once again he caught up Grandpa Man shoulder and did the vulcan nerve pinch. He tapped his comm =^= Wolf to O’Neil I got him he is sleeping now but don’t worry there was no phaser fire =^=

Ensign James Wolf (Security)

The man struggled underneath him and Wolf discovered that it was not the man he was after. This man was visibly older. As he looked up a crowd of people gathered round him glaring at him.

“What are you doing?” asked one of the women. “Starfleet don’t have any authority here!”


Wolf was very Embarrassed But how in gods name can he have made a mistake.... “Sorry everyone he matched The description of someone we are looking for. He is just fine taking a little nap he will wake up in a few minutes feeling refresh. If you all don’t want me here any more I will contact my DH will will return to our vessel and not return to the plant” he said

Ensign James Wolf (Security)

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