Planet Town - Team 2 (Attn: CE)

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“Don’t you know patience uh?” He held his position with the chest leaning forward “Right… sorry. On three.”
Positioning behind the back of the tractor, Chase put both of his hand on the chassis of the vehicle and looked for where the barn was. The rust and the metal roughness was like a can of tomato soup left under the rain and the dust for months before being recovered “Alright… One,” the NE started to count “Two, Three!”
With all of his force Chase started pushing, expecting that the woman would do the same.

Lieutenant Jr. grade Ari Kux Salemberger - CSO

They took about 40 minutes to move the 200 metres or so from the spot where the tractor was to the barn. It was warm and humid and the two of them perspired heavily. When they were in the cooler shade of the barn, Billie went to a table and handed Chase a bottle of clear liquid. “Take a drink. Water is good now. I am sure your body needs to replenish the water you lost.” The bottle contained about 1.5 litres of water.


Shortened of breath and incredulous that had just spent 40 minutes to push a dang broken tractor from the spot to the barn, Chase sat on the ground shadowed by the Barn’s roof and took the offered water with a sigh of relief “Thank you…” it took a while but in the end he drank about a third of the bottle and left the opened canister on the table, lazily trying to stay up “It was really really exhausting. How do you feel, Bill?” He asked the woman.

Lieutenant Jr. grade Ari Kux Salemberger - CSO

Billie was also a little breathless. “I’m used to hard work,” she said with a smile. “Thanks! Go through there and you will see a bathroom. Just fill the tub and soak yourself there. You need it. As to your clothes …” she spied down on his soiled uniform.


Smiling back, Chase stretched his arms out and was barely able to move due some aches on his feet “Yeah… uhm I guess I will probably need to wash them too. Or make a new set be transported down here so I have fresh clothes. At the same time I can also send down the spare parts for the tractor…” he proposed

Lieutenant Jr. grade Ari Kux Salemberger - CSO

“That would be a great help,” said Billie. “I could give you my paw’s old overalls, if you don’t mind …”


“Seems fine to me.” Tapping his commbadge he opened communication with the Odin =/\= Here Chase. I would love you to beam down a spare components and some fresh clothes if you may. I will send the specs via Tricorder. Do you Copy?=/\=

Lieutenant Jr. grade Ari Kux Salemberger - CSO

OOC: I am going to let CE make the decision to beam down or not … :)

IC: The NE who received the message said, =/\=Begin sending data.=/\=

After he had received the data, the NE said, =/\=Ensign Chase, we would need to replicate the components. They are rather ancient in design. What do you want them for?=/\=

((gonna auto the request to Ka’Lissi’s console on the Bridge from NE Booker… Figured he would let the CE know what was up before doing much))

(Back on the planet)

=/\= On ground repairs, NE. I just tell you it has brighten my day, today experience!=/\= Chase’s tone was almost like a joyful one. And indeed it was as he was going to do a good old bath and new clothes before again working on something he loved.

After about five minutes, a set of clothes were beamed down to NE Chase . Billie looked amused, “Do you think I should wash them or should you beam those dirty clothes to your ship’s laundry?”


“I guess we’ll make them beam aboard my ship. It has plenty of laundry space.” He smiled at Billy. He carefully took off his clothes and with a blanket he was going to get into the bath… when suddenly the transport beam appeared.

Less than five minutes later, a crate appeared and beside it was the Chief Engineer. “Salemberger. A pleasant surprise. I understand there is need of some repair work?” She was smiling and pleasant, even nodding to his companion. “I don’t believe we have met. I am Ka’Lissi Rosh, Chief Engineer.” She glanced back at Chase. “So tell me what’s going on?”

Lt Ka’Lissi Rosh
Chief Engineer

“GAH!” The NE shouted “Oh lord! Why here?” He blushed red as he felt almost compromised… “Uhm, Lieutenant Salemberger isn’t here. I was going to call him after the bath. A- A pleasure, NE Chase.” He saluted.

OOC: Ari isn’t there yet! Have fun with a semi-nude Chase :P

Lieutenant Jr. grade Ari Kux Salemberger - CSO

OOC: Now that was a development that I did not predict … ((my fault not catching it was an NE and wasn’t Salemberger lol))


Lissi hadn’t actually looked up, her nose in the PaDD in her hands as she mentioned the Science Chief. At hearing the gasp and the cry of the NE, she looked up and immediately turned her back. A laugh echoed up her throat. “Well next time, perhaps change beam down coordinates, Ensign. Yes?” She shook her head and smiled. A hand rose to indicate him to get whatever he was doing, done. “Let me know when it’s safe to walk away.” She couldn’t help but laugh at the poor man’s situation. But it had been their coordinates the beam down had indicated.

(ummm…. yeah) lol

The NE was unable to reply or something, indeed the coordinates weren’t the bathroom but perhaps was some 10 meters away from it “A-Alright!” And he immediately vanished behind the safe doors of the cozy bath. From there the NE filled the bathtub and with a loud tone he shouted “UHM… MA’AM NOW IS SAFE!” Ah… damn transporter officers!. After a while the NE finished the bath and cleaned the whole room. Donned the fresh clothing, Chase exited still red pepper and couldn’t look the CE “U-Uhm… thanks. Do you have the spare part I asked?” He questioned the engineer woman.

In the meanwhile the Ensign took liberty to make a call to his boss so he could come with the rest of squad =/\= Lieutenant Ari this is NE Chase, come in.=/\=
=/\= Chase you’ve been silent a while, all good lad, copy?=/\=
=/\= yes, sir. You may come here? Nothing to worry really, but there’s the CE down here.=/\= Chase replied
=/\= Alright, let me get there.=/\=

Lieutenant Jr. grade Ari Kux Salemberger - CSO

While the man had been bathing, Lissi had gone to unpack and see to the parts by the tractor in question. That’s where she was when anyone looked for her, head buried in the front end of the archaic machine.


“Can I help you?” asked Billie, wondering why a new person was here.

She was interrupted by a call from the Odin.

=/\=Away teams this is the Odin. I am relaying to you the co-ordinates of a suspicious person who had fled the market. Our sensors are tracking him. Use your tricorders to get update co-ordinates. You are to pursue and apprehend this person for questioning.=/\=

Ari would have gotten the message as well.


Ari had just arrived when the comm came through and saw both Chase and Miss Lissi working on the tractor “Have you heard it, Ollie? Get the tricorder fast!” He ordered the NE that was with him “Chase, Lieutenant, girl?” He looked at the woman “I’m sorry but I’m borrowing your officers for a moment, let’s go!”
As Ari got the phaser in hand the Lieutenant felt almost euphoric what a first mission he thought chuckling better than last assignment.

Lieutenant Jr. grade Ari Kux Salemberger - CSO

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