Carrier Air Wing 14
  USS Brian A. Olinski  
The Olinski is a Brian Olinski Class Heavy Dreadnought. If you are interested in joining the Olinski, please contact the CO or the XO regarding ship's vacancies.
CO: Sidney Parker
The USS Olinski is the best ship in STF so come join us for some fun as a crew member. We are currently in the beginning of a new Sim which promises to be a lot of fun and action packed.
XO: Balfor Kolar
"Bajorans rock.
GM: Kenson Koh

SIM Update: Title - Trouble in the Angolian System

The Olinski has been called into the middle of the fray to assist the USS Santiago in a dog fight that has the Breen attacking the Tholians in Federation space.


Sim Status and Notes for Crew:

Prologue post -

  Ship Information  
Leaves of Absence / AWOLs


Please post on this ship if you are going on LOA. Also, contact the CO or XO via the contact links above.

AWOL Policy

CO, XO, GM: 3 Days
Department Heads: 5 Days
Junior Officers: 7 Days

Captains Log
Captains Log. My long time XO Cmd Harn has been promoted to his own command. However we now have Cmd Balfor Kolar as the newly promoted XO. Unfortunately his settle in time is limited as we have an emergency deployment tot he Angolian System to assist the USS Santiago who apparently has been attacked by the Breen. Information is unclear but the Olinski is ready
Alert Status

The Counsellor's Corner
The ships CNS does not always get all the press but its an important role. Im here to help out your overstressed character and even help out someone with OOC issues related to the ship. Don't forget your required to pay me a visit if your new to the ship.

Away Team Members

  Department Orders  
CAG: Lt. Col. Malcolm Dawkins

The Air Wing may be seeing a lot combat action this go around..

Security: Alexandra Drake

Battle Stations Chief. Man the breaches.

Tactical/Intel:Rebeca Lane

we need intel on what the Breen and Tholians are doing in the Angolian system. Intel make it happen

Helm: TBD

Set course for the Angolian system and get ready for some fancy flying.

Counselor: Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Any time there is combat there is a need for the CNS. Get on deck CNS.

Medical: Siegfried Abel

Combat medic time

Science: Idari Solit

New CSO but experienced. Lets get some data on the Xindi and help to in this fight

Engineering: TBD

Fighting the Breen. Chances are the ships going to get some holes in it. Be ready to keep it in combat ready mode

  Carrier Air Wing  
Commander of the Air Group
The Vipers, the original Green Squadron (VFA-47) are still available to be played even though they are not listed on the MOTD. We’re always on the lookout for new pilots so If you are interested in playing Marine pilot in the Green Squadron (or any other pilot) feel free to reach out to the CO or the CAG.
Red Squadron (VFA-56)
Collar Name Callsign
Ael Khev Apex
Blue Squadron (SRS-81)
Collar Name Callsign
Eleanor Carnegie Iron Lady
  Crew Roster  
Collar Rank Name Position Species Player
Capt. Sidney Parker CO Human Sidney Parker
Cmdr. Balfor Kolar XO Bajoran Luke Hung
Lt. Col. Malcolm "Astro" Dawkins CAG Human Jerome Davis
Lt. Cmd Idari Solit CSO Vulcan/Human/Bajoran/Cardassian Nicholas Villarreal
Lt. Cmd Siegfried Abel CMO Ardanan James Sinclair
Lt. Rebeca Lane CIO Human Nathan Derricut
Lt. Leroy Jethro Gibbs CNS Human Chrstopher Logan
Lt. Alexandra Drake CoS Human Sam Pennington
Lt. TBD CE Human TBD
Ens. Corbin Dallas Chief Operations Officer Human Sidney Parker
Lt. TBD Helm Human
Lt. Ael "Apex" Khev Red Squadron Leader Romulan Sam Pennington
Lt. Green Squadron Leader Human TBD
Maj. Eleanor "Iron Lady" Carnegie Blue Squadron Leader Human Joana Ribeiro
Lt. jg Red Squadron Human
Com Kenson Koh GM Kenson Koh
Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Sidney Parker Commanding Officer Human 47 5'08" 162 lbs Sidney Parker AWOL (4)
Commander Balfor Kolar Executive Officer Bajorian 35 6 ft 189 Luke Hung AWOL (7)
Lieutenant Commander Alexandra "Little Sehlat" Primage Commander Air Group (CAG) Human 30 5' 7" 180 Melissa Aragon OK (2)
Lieutenant Commander Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Leroy Jethro Gibbs Counselor Betazoid/Human Hybrid 32 6’2 120 Christopher Logan iLOA (20)
Lieutenant Rebecca Lane Chief Intel Officer (CIO) Human 30 5’11” 180lbs Nathan Derricutt AWOL (25)
Lieutenant Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Commander Siegfried Abel Chief Medical Officer Ardanan 32 6'1" 165 lbs. James Sinclair OK (2)
Lieutenant Chief of Security
Ensign Corbin Dallas Chief Operations Officer Human 25 6'1' 175 Sidney Parker AWOL (16)
Major Pilot, Blue Squadron Leader
Lieutenant Pilot, Red Squadron Leader
Gamemaster Kenson Koh Gamemaster Best GM Ever Kenson Koh AWOL (4*)

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