Carrier Air Wing 14
  USS Brian A. Olinski  
The Olinski is a Brian Olinski Class Heavy Dreadnought. If you are interested in joining the Olinski, please contact the CO or the XO regarding ship's vacancies.
CO: Sidney Parker
The USS Olinski is the best ship in STF so come join us for some fun as a crew member. We are currently in the beginning of a new Sim which promises to be a lot of fun and action packed.
XO: Jason Harn
"Don't try to be a great man; just be a man, and let history decide for itself." Zephram Cochrane.
GM: Kenson Koh

SIM Update: Title - Antioch

The USS Brian A. Olinski was assigned a mission to investigate what was happening at the Antioch system. A Pendragon-class ship, USS Dragoon, was sent earlier to investigate a sudden communication black out from the Antioch system. The ship had also stopped communicating after reaching Antioch. Armed with this little information, the Olinski moved cautiously as they neared the Antioch system. They were able to detect the Dragoon in orbit over one of the planets but most of the systems were offline. The planet showed human habitation but in a pre-coal civilisation. Yet, microwaves were detected emanating from the planet, strongest where the Dragoon was over. A runabout and a few fighters were sent to reconnoitre the situation. The crew on the runabout and fighters were aware of a hum that became increasingly annoying the nearer they were to the planet. One of the fighters got caught in the microwaves and found herself moving towards the planet surface. Thinking that the ship was being controlled, she discovered to her horror that her hands and feet were not doing what she wanted. At the same time, a torpedo armed with a way to counter the microwaves was launched and successfully negated the effects of the microwaves. The fighter who was controlled regained control of her own body and was ordered to return to the ship. What was really happening? Stay tuned …


Sim Status and Notes for Crew:

Prologue post -

Chapter 1 post -

  Ship Information  
Leaves of Absence / AWOLs


Please post on this ship if you are going on LOA. Also, contact the CO or XO via the contact links above.

AWOL Policy

CO, XO, GM: 3 Days
Department Heads: 5 Days
Junior Officers: 7 Days

Captains Log
Alert Status

The Counsellor's Corner
The ships CNS does not always get all the press but its an important role. Im here to help out your overstressed character and even help out someone with OOC issues related to the ship. Don't forget your required to pay me a visit if your new to the ship.

Away Team Members
USS Dragoon-Cmd. Harn, PLanet- Lt. Cmd Kolar, CE Lt. Gould, COS Lt. Chi, CMO Lt. Royce, CIO Toro, Plnet side Support- CAG and all of Fighter Wing

  Department Orders  
CAG: Richard O'Shea

Have all flight crews and craft ready for immediate deployment.

Security: Srothell Ch'zaolrirh

Its time to get Security ready for anything.

Tactical:Maritza "Toro" Turcio

The CIO is needed on this mission.

Helm: Miranda Lawerance

Try to keep up with the changes

Counselor: Trevor Michaels

Be ready to assist where needed.

Medical: TBA

Stop making out with the XO and fix up people so we can break them.

Science: Balfor Kolar

Got a feeling Science is going to be busy.

Engineering: Michael Gould

Engineering needs some attention. Engineering really needs a CE up to the task.

  Carrier Air Wing  
Commander of the Air Group
CAG/Richard O'Shea
Red Squadron (VFA-56)
Collar Name Callsign
Green Squadron (VFA-47)
Collar Name Callsign
Alexandra Primage Little Sehlat
Ael Khev Apex
  Crew Roster  
Collar Rank Name Position Species Player
Cpt. Sidney Parker CO Human Sidney Parker
Cmdr Jason Harn XO Human R. Smith
Cmdr Richard "Ricochet" O'Shea CAG Human Terry Sullivan
Lt. Cmdr Balfor Kolar CSO Bajoran Luke Hung
LT Maritza "Toro" Turcio CIO Human Tyra Schroll
Lt. Trevor Michaels CNS Human Ray Branch
Lt jg Srothell Ch'zaolrirh COS Andorian John P.
Lt Michael Gould CE Human Sam Pennington
Lt. Miranda Lawerance Helm Human Tyra Schroll
Lt. Alexandra "Little Sehlat" Primage Gr Sqd Ldr Human Melissa Aragon
LT j.g Ael "Apex" Khev Grn Sqd Romulan Sam Pennington
Lt. jg Red Sqd Human
Com Kenson Koh GM Kenson Koh
Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Captain Sidney Parker Commanding Officer Human 5'08" 162 lbs Sidney Parker OK (1)
Commander Jason Harn Executive Officer Human 6’3” (1.91 m) 235 lbs (106.6 kg) R Smith OK (0)
Commander Richard "Ricochet" O'Shea Cmd Air Group (CAG) Human 5'11" 180 lbs. Terry Sullivan OK (2)
Lieutenant Commander Balfor Kolar Chief Science Officer Bajorian 6 ft 189 Luke Hung OK (1)
Lieutenant Trevor Michaels Counselor Human 5'11'' 170 lbs Ray Branch AWOL (10)
Lieutenant Maritza Turcio "Toro" Chief Intel Officer (CIO) Human Tyra Schroll LOA (17)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Srothell Ch'zaolrirh Chief Security Officer Andorian 5'10" 165 lbs John P. OK (1)
Lieutenant Michael Gould Chief Engineer Human 5’9” 154 Sam Pennington OK (0)
Lieutenant Miranda Lawerance "Mirri" Helm Human Tyra Schroll LOA (17)
Lieutenant Alexandra "Little Sehlat" Primage Pilot. Grn Squad Ldr Melissa Aragon OK (1)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Ael Khev Pilot, Grn Squad Romulan 6’3” 221 Sam Pennington OK (1)
Gamemaster Kenson Koh Gamemaster Best GM Ever Kenson Koh OK (2)

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