Settling In

Posted Sept. 7, 2020, 9:42 a.m. by Lieutenant Vega Dal (Chief Engineer) (J Ridgley)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Albert Schweitzer (Chief Medical Officer) in Settling In
Lieutenant Schweitzer looked around the Sickbay that Dr. Doolittle has just vacated. It was a little smaller than the ones in in the teaching hospital, but it did not feel cramped. It had a standard complement of 3 bio-beds and one surgical bio-bed. There was no need for more than one as he was the only doctor on board. If he was incapacitated, the Captain or acting Captain could just engage the emergency medical hologram (EMH) and it would take over and perform the surgery.

Schweitzer examined the medical stockpile and found no major deficiencies. He did feel that the supply of anti-virals was a touch low, but not to an alarming degree. He also realized that what he considered an adequate supply was probably higher than most since he specialized in immunology.

What was alarming, however, was the state of the medical record files on each member of the crew. They were in an atrocious state. There was no tickler system or posted schedule of needed physicals or follow-up exams. Schweitzer would have to rework the entire system by hand. Fortunately, he was adept at the work and even rather enjoyed it.

Files didn’t argue with you, didn’t have awkward conversations with you, and best of all didn’t bully you. He smiled at that thought as set to the task.

Lt. (j. g.) Albert Schweitzer (CMO)

Vega had been feeling a little under the weather, she had however been putting off her visit to sickbay because of her own work continously keeping her busy. Finally having been forced out of engineering by her crew mates she found herself entering the medical bay and looking to see if anyone was able to attend to her. She looked a little beat as she caught her reflection in a mirror, with bags under her eyes and her eye somewhat dislodged. She sneezed as if to reinforce the point of her illness.

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