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Posted Sept. 30, 2020, 2:18 p.m. by Lieutenant Vega Dal (Chief Engineer) (J Ridgley)

Posted by Gamemaster Kenson Koh (Gamemaster) in Main Engineering, Current timeline

Posted by Lieutenant Vega Dal (Chief Engineer) in Main Engineering, Current timeline
Vega was her busy self, she knew the ship had just dropped out of warp by how the reactor had changed its pitch and rythem which indicated to her that they were at thier destination. She checked the digital time readout and nodded to herself, it had taken the time she had predicted give or take a few minutes. “You know how this works, being post warp diagnostics and prepare the ship for further travel.” Ofcourse they knew what to do but sometimes they needed a little encouragement.

  • Lieutenant Vega Dal, CEO

“Aye Sir!” said an enthusiastic engineering NE. He started doing a level 5 diagnostic on the warp engines …


Content with the NE’s response she gave a nod of acknowledgement before returning to her office, she had a very open-door policy and if there were any problems she was sure that she would be visited though this was often not the case. Sitting down she leaned back in her chair, it was often she actually got to use her office opting for a hands-on leadership style either in main engineering or visiting the repair teams as they went about there daily business. She flicked on her screen and began reading.

  • Lieutenant Vega Dal

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