Hangar Bay - Tinker, Tailor, soldier, Spy. [Open]

Posted Oct. 9, 2020, 10:14 p.m. by Lieutenant Vega Dal (Chief Engineer) (J Ridgley)

Posted by Commander Richard “Ricochet” O’Shea (Cmd Air Group (CAG)) in Hangar Bay - Tinker, Tailor, soldier, Spy. [Open]

Posted by Lieutenant Vega Dal (Chief Engineer) in Hangar Bay - Tinker, Tailor, soldier, Spy. [Open]
Having been tied mostly to engineering most of the past few days she was scratching at the bit to get out and go see something more than the ships engineering room, usually, its where she felt at home but was suffering what her crewman described as cabin fever. They were the ones who suggested to go for a walk having noticed how dishevelled she looked. Heeding their advice she began wandering the corridors of the Olinksi until she finally found herself in the hangar bay. She had been here before but only briefly and she hadn’t been able to have a nose around, she moved over to one of the ship’s fighters and ran a hand along the hull.

  • Lieutenant Vega Dal

As Vega touched the bird, she would feel it shift slightly from movement inside the cockpit. Looking up, she would notice a pair of boots extruding from the open canopy. She would also hear some grunts coming from inside before finally a triumphant “Got you, you little son of a. . . . .”

The boots disappeared and following more rustling from inside the upper of the CAG appeared. In his hand he held a small component.

“Oh, hey,” he said to the Trill. He tossed her the small module he had and began to climb out of his bird. “Who’d have thought that getting a gauss induction regulator out would be such a pain in the —” Ric bit his tongue refusing to finish the statement. ‘Sorry, Lt. I’ve been struggling with that for over a half hour.”

She looked down to the component in her hand which she recognised to be, an albeit slightly smaller version of what she knew anyway to be a gauss induction regulator. Vega was about to anseer but he asked another question.

As Vega was dressed in engineering coverall, he asked, “You knew to the flight crew, Lt.? I don’t think I’ve seen you on the deck before.”

Ricochet (CAG)

This time she found her voice and said, “Oh no not flight crew, Engineering” She said simply, there was no need to explain she was the chief though she imagined that it wouldn’t matter here anyway, after all this was thier world she had stumbled into. “Are you?” She asked a little dumbly, like a new fresh out of the gate graduate her only reconcile was she’d never worked with a fligh wing before and thier rank and insignia different enough to make no sense of it.

  • Lieutenant Vega Dal

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