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Sid entered quickly and assumed his seat at the end of the table. He waited for the rest to do the same. No need for pretenses here. They were all there to get to work.

Parker CO

Vega was both excited and nervous, she hadn’t been apart of any large meeting yet but recent events clearly meant it was time to put everyone heads together, she entered the Conference room and took an empty seat acknowledging the captain as she did.

“We should be sure our power systems are secure against whatever modifications they did to their draining weapon. I don’t want to get Chin’tocka-ed, once was more than enough.” There was no reference to Kolar being at the Battle of Chin’tocka and if he had he would have been very young.


“If that’s the case, we might want to have the civilians sheltered in place until we can get the full picture.” The Counselor added. “But, we haven’t had any issues with the Breen recently so who knows how they’re involved.”


“Engineering is looking at having a secondary, externally sighted power source. Were hoping that if our primary power is drained we can switch to this system, it’ll be kept off until needed so they won’t even know we have it until it’s on and hopefully to late for them to do anything about, though there will be a slight delay in power as we swap.” She hoped this put some measure of relief to the Captain and others.

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