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OOC: Perhaps the Topic was not clear. I avoided using “New Sim” because the last sim was titled the same way.

A priority message came in from Starfleet. It was an urgent message.

“Captain we have a priority message from Star-Fleet Command, Its an Admiral Whatley....” He shrugged slightly, “I am not familiar with him or her.”

It was Admiral Whatley. =/\=Captain, there is a distress call near the Algolian homeworld. The USS Santiago from Starbase 128 was dispatched, and on reaching there sent a message to ask for reinforcements. Your ship, USS Brian Olinski from Starbase 257 will proceed to the Algol system to assist the Santiago. The USS Radical from Starbase 11 will also be dispatched. From initial reports, there seems to be the Breen involved.=/\=


“You’d think after all these years, they’d know to stay on their side of the quadrant.” The Counselor stated quietly to himself. Lieutenant Michaels moved over to one of the auxiliary stations to pull up recent information about Breen activity.


“ETA 4 hours at Warp 9.”


Sid was happy to be back in the center seat and on his ship. He knew there was always a mission waiting to happen and was not surprised on being assigned one. Hearing the name of the Breen was not something that kept his mood in the green though.

=^=Adm. Whatley good to hear from you. We will be on our way at best warp. However please clarify if we will be operationally in charge upon arrival or will that stay with the Santiago? =^=

The Captain knew one thing was clarity of orders and operational chain of command were of the utmost importance and getting that straight right away was a must.

Parker CO


=/\=The Santiago will be in charge. They were the first to be there and would have the best knowledge of the situation. The Santiago’s commander is Commodore Yeoh. She would be the highest ranking officer as well.=/\=


=^=Understood. Parker out=^=

“Make warp 9 or best safe warp to the Santiago.” He said directing his order to Mirri.

“Other senior staff to the Briefing Room to include CMO and CNS.” He then ordered as he rose. “Mirri she is yours to steer.”

He walked over to the briefing room as his team present followed.

OOC: I will make a Briefing Thread in case Kenson wants to keep the Bridge thread open for something

Parker CO

Miri nodded “Aye, Captain. I’ll try not to break her too badly.” She said

The information about the three ships showed that the USS Radical will be just minutes ahead of the Olinski at the destination.


Halfway towards their destination, the long range sensors had already detected the place where the Santiago had called from. The Breen ship signatures were present. Besides them and the Starfleet signatures, there was another which the Federation had not encountered for some time … Tholians.


OOC: I’m not sure we are on the bridge at this moment so this is Kolar if he’s there if he’s not its a random science officer.

“We have multiple signatures at the site. Several Breen and at least one Tholian ship. Scanning for class.”


OOC: I gave Mirri at helm the Bridge. So Tyra.


The signature was definitely Tholian but it was a size that was not in the Starfleet database. It was about as large as the Olinksi.


A message came from the Radical. =/\=Brian Olinski, this is the Raidcal, we are reading Tholian ship signatures as well as to Breen. We are engaging maximum warp to get to the Santiago.=/\=

OOC: Raidical - Maverick Class - max warp 9.405; Olinski max warp 9.5; Santiago - Victoria class


“She’s a big one, either a battleship or a carrier… probably a carrier.”


OOC: I emailed Tyra. However we should almost be done in the briefing and be returning.


Miri looked at the scans and decided she needed to notify the captain of the new information. =^=Lawerance to Captain Parker. We have Tholian and Breen signatures heading toward the Santiago. The Radical is increasing speed to intercept. Should I follow suit?=^=


The NE at tactical increased power to the sensors and reported, “The Santiago has received damage. The Breen and Tholians are exchanging fire!”


At this time the Bridge crew emerged from the briefing room and took stations. The Captain sat down.

=^=Red Alert. All hands to battle stations.=^= He ordered on ship wide coms.

“Chief Engineer be read to do the spoof. If you cannot then tell me so we can just jump in at weapons hot.” He said over his shoulder to Vega and Kolar.

Parker CO

Vega nodded and turned to her console as she worked and relayed orders to main Engineering, “Let’s hope this works” she said quietly to herself as new figures and result came in from the early stages of trial and error, this was going to go to the wire.

“I stand corrected,” Michaels said as he exited the briefing room and took a stance at the back of the Bridge. For now, he was going to be the standby medic for the Bridge.


Kolar thought the fleet should regroup although the Federation way was to run into danger without much of a strategy.


The Captain let his Department Heads do their jobs. This would require Dal and the CIC do coordinate along with Science.

Parker CO

At maximum warp, the Olinski was ahead of the Radical but not by much. The ship still took about 30 minutes to reach the fray. As they got nearer, the sensors told them that the Santiago had taken damage but was not adrift. They had been transferring power to their shields, not using their weapons much. However, there was a hole on the hull at fore port.

When the Olinski finally reached there, the 3 Breen ships was actually engaging the Tholian ship. It was a large ship. Sensors indicated that there were several web spinners within it. The Tholians were also fighting back but the two sides did not seem to be focussing on the Santiago.


Kolar scanned who had fired on the Santiago.. with multiple combatants it was possible that one of the races were just an incidental combatant… no matter how unlikely.

“Captain, main engineering are reporting that the latest spoofing simulations have returned positive results and we are ready to begin to spoof, I just need control of our deflector shield and science sensors” Vega said having turned from her console to speak to the Captain, one hand still resting on the tap icon to begin the process, a process which would immediately show results… If it worked in real time. “I’m confident this will work and it’ll allow us to fight without being hit”

  • Lieutenant Vega Dal

OOC: With Kenson taking a week long LOA of more if needed lets take this time to RP the complex Spoofing maneuver with fighter launch sequence. Lets do it right. That will require the CAG, Squad Ldrs, CE and CSO to all work it out. Lets make this like if we were really doing it. Start right before we drop out and lets move as we drop out. I will provide any GM assistance that is needed. All of this will be pre-contact with the Santiago. My plan is to drop out between the Santiago and the Breen position.


Alexandra stared at the sensor readings silently. She glanced under her station to a hand phaser she kept stowed for convenience.

-Lt Alexandra Drake, CoS

“The Santiago is at the fringe of the battle zone, she is damaged but under her own power. The Breen and the Tholians are exchanging fire.”


=^=CIC are you ready for deployment?=^= The Captain said in a com to the Fighter Wing.

“Remember put us in between the Santiago and the Breen and Tholians. We will protect our own first and then see why the others are fighting. ” He said to Mirri at the helm. He left it to Kolar and the CE to put us closer to the battle in the spoof maneuver. Let them think the Flagship of Fleet 5 had just landed in front of them both and see if they wanted to keep fighting. By the time they realize its a sensor ghost maybe it would stop the attacks. Plus it would give the Fighters a chance to deploy to the flanks of the Olinski and further shield the Santiago.

Parker CO

=/\=Aye skipper. Pilots preparing to deploy now.=/\=

-Lt Ael Khev, Apex

Kolar sent the course corrections to the helm, tilting the arrival angle so that the fighters launched ‘behind’ the Oliniski and the combatants so that the ship would protect them if the Breen or Tholians decided to take some pot shots.


“All civilians are accounted for in their designated shelter areas.” The Counselor announced as held a firm grip onto the nearest duty station. He wasn’t sure what to expect when they entered the area and wanted to be ready to jump in when needed.


Vega received confirmation that engineering and science had prepared everything they could have, she activated the program and other than the acknowledgement from the computer there was no way of knowing if the spoofing was working until the jumped into battle and phaser fire missed them. “Captain, we’re good to go. We’re currently projecting sensor ghosts and masking our own, or atleast I hope so, we won’t know until they begun firing at us. We’ve also come up with a way to replicate damage and hits by fluctuating the sensor readings, itll hopefully keep the deception going for longer.”

  • Lt Vega Dal

OOC: I want Kenson back before I give the go or else we all will end up just waiting around.

IC: “Good work Dal. Get ready. We want as much time with the Santiago as possible so we will know what has happened here before we start opening fire on anybody.”

Parker CO

Just as they were getting ready, there was a message from the Tholians, audio only:

=/\= Federation ships, this does not concern you. Do not interfere!=/\=


Kolar looked at the Captain. It was fine by him, although the damaged Santiago would suggest otherwise. “The image of the Olinski should be projected between the combatants, they could be responding to that. If we send out a communication that would reveal our actual location.”


“Anyway to just tow the Santiago out of the sector and let the Breen and Tholians duke it out?” Lieutenant Michaels asked, now seeing that there wasn’t an immediate threat. “Once we get the Santiago out of the way, I’m sure they’ll still be here.”


“I agree sir, we should prioritise the Santiago.” Alexandra added. “The Breen and Tholians have each other to contend with as well as us, we should protect our own first.”

-Lt Alexandra Drake, CoS

=^=Bridge, this is CIC. Red and Green Squads have launched and are providing cover support to the Santiago and Olinski. Blue and Gold Squads are standing by.=^=

Ricochet (CAG)

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