Side sim - Mind over matter... or is it matter over mind? (Ric)

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Posted by Lieutenant Alexandra “Little Sehlat” Primage (Pilot. Grn Squad Ldr) in Side sim - Mind over matter… or is it matter over mind? (Ric)

Xandra sighed then smiled and shook her head. “All this and I forgot my debrief report as well. Sorry, hun. Umm… I remember everything, till I passed out. I mean, we arrived and Pitch answered the door. The baby was sleeping in the other room. You questioned her about the hanger and she then excused herself to get the kid because he’d woken up.” She went really still in his arms as she seemed to struggle to remember.

“He was adorable. I think. I can’t quite picture his face, now, come to think of it. I mean, I remember he was cute and I wanted to hold him.” She smiled but shook her head again. “I think she took him back at some point, because obviously I didn’t drop him when I fell. I remember you not wanting to hold him.” Her voice started to drop as she fought the memories. “I think I was coming back to sit on the couch when… or did I make it to the couch. I must have tripped on the table and fell.”

She propped herself up on her elbow, her eyes looking at him with a mixture of confusion and fear. “Ok, so how did I fall? It’s not like me to be a clutz. Not to that degree. What am I missing? Did I smack my head on the chair?” Her hand rose absently as if to try and find a bump she hadn’t realized was there before now.

Pilot (lost her mind? hehehe)

He released a deep sigh and ran his fingers through her hair. “Yes, you did hold the baby. It reached up and touched your face. . . .at that moment, as soon as the kid touched, that b**ch took control of you.”

Ric looked at her with concern. He knew she wasn’t going to like the next part, but she needed to know and he didn’t want to lie to her anymore.

“She took the baby back, and then. . . . .forced you, made you. . .come after me. You caught me off guard, because I wasn’t expecting it. She forced you to try to choke me out. I could tell you were trying to fight her off, but she was just too powerful. I don’t know if the kid amplified things, or if it was the rod they found, but you were being controlled.”

He raised his hand to his throat and indicated what remained of the bruises. You got a pretty good grip, but between you trying to resist her and me trying not to hurt you, I was able to break free. As soon as I did, she gassed us and we both went down. Security found and got us to sickbay. . . .”

“I didn’t want to tell you when you woke, because I didn’t know what kind of state you’d be in. I just wanted to make sure you were okay first. . . “

Ricochet (CAG)

The smile on her face from jesting about being a klutz, slowly fell away as if it was melting. “I..” she shook her head and sat up. She would have pushed herself off the bed, but she couldn’t feel her legs. “I did that?” Her hand went to her own throat imagining what she must have done. “Oh gods, Ric. I’m so sorry.”

Run… that’s what she wanted to do. Run like before. But it hadn’t helped then, and something told her it wouldn’t help now. This time had to be different. She was still shaking, but she let herself fold back down till she was laying with her head on his lap. She faced the door of the room, unable to face him. “I’ll find the Counselor tomorrow,” was all she said before falling silent.

(not hysterically screaming this time hehehehe)

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“Xan, I’m okay. No harm was done.” He brushed her hair away from her face and leaned down, holding her tight. “It’s not your fault!!! It was that witch and her demon seed. She was able to control a good number of the crew, not just you! That’s why I didn’t want that kid around you in Sickbay, just in case there was some lingering control.”

He continued to stroke her hair. “Maybe it would be a good idea to see the counselor, see if maybe there’s something else going on that’s making you susceptible to this. I’ll go with you, if you want?”

“Maybe we can talk to some of the Vulcans onboard, and see about maybe putting up some blocks to help. . . . “

Ricochet (CAG)

His offer to come with her made her relax. When he commented about the blocks, she relaxed even more. “Maybe that’s a good idea. I just don’t want to be a risk to you or the squad, or the ship, for that matter. She sat back up and looked at him with a smile. It was weary, but it was there. “And here you thought my sneaking into your drink stash was all you had to look forward to with me.” She tried to laugh but it still wasn’t sincere. “Just promise me next time, hit me harder.” She did laugh this time and leaned in to kiss him.

It was hard to believe he was still there with her. She had caught his attention by talking the bartender into letting her into his private stash. And here she was, after two mind melt downs and several missions, and he was still holding her. She was the luckiest woman in the galaxy.


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