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Posted Nov. 28, 2020, 5:52 p.m. by Commander Richard "Ricochet" O'Shea (Cmd Air Group (CAG)) (Terry Sullivan)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Balfor Kolar (Chief Science Officer) in XO and CMO Announcement

Posted by Captain Sidney Parker (Commanding Officer) in XO and CMO Announcement
Greetings all,

Before we engage in Christmas vacations etc.. I want to make a very important announcement. I have chosen our very own Luke Hung as the new XO. Luke has functioned as the aXO many times in the past and this was not a hard choice to make. I will need a few things from you Luke:

  1. Please advise if you will use Kolar as the promoted XO or go with a new character
  2. If you go with another character please advise the status of Kolar in the CSO role

I am really excited about this selection because it makes great sense for the Olinski and keeps the role in the family. I want to thank R Smith for a really exceptional run as the XO. A great treat to have him and I am happy he was able to do so as the aCO for the last sim because that seems a good way to go. So in my IC dialogue I will say that Harn was promoted to Captain and reassigned.

I will take the time to announce that unfortunately once again we are needing a CMO as the previous tenant disappeared. If anyone knows of anyone please let me know in email or here in a post. My email is

Again thank you all for being a great crew and take the time to tell Luke congrats. He deserves the in ship promotion as does Kolar. Luke please let me know the two questions above.


Thanks Sidney, I will continue to use Kolar as the XO. It seems quite reasonable, and it will allow us to use him as CSO until another person becomes available.


Congratulations, Luke!!! –Terry

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