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Xandra didn’t like the idea of Ric joining them, but she wasn’t one to keep him from the black anymore than he would do to her. She just hoped it was all he saw today. Not being able to resist, she tapped the private channel to the CIC, =^=Sure you wanna do that, old man? I mean, it’s been a while since you were in the seat.=^= She had been joking with him as he had put her thru the simulator paces after CNS cleared her for duty. He had been doing other things and not joined her and she had constantly teased him about getting rusty. She didn’t see a reason not to make him smile with the small jibe now.


On the private channel, Ric replied, +^=I’ve spent so much time in that seat, it’s permanently molded to the shape of my butt, lady. Besides, it just like riding a bike, right?=^=

At that moment a call came in from the bridge. The XO was relaying the Captain’s orders to recall all squads and away teams.

Returning to the primary channel, Ric gave the order to return. =^=All squads, this is CIC. Return to mother ASAP. The Skipper has recalled all away teams. Return and refuel, but remain on standby. We’re going Breen hunting.=^=

Ricochet (CAG)

=/\=Roger that CAG.=/\= Ael turned around and headed back.

-Lt Ael Khev, Apex

Xandra frowned. “Go to space… no, wait… watch the grounders… no… wait… come back to the Oly.” At times like this she wished she was CAG or someone on the bridge so she could have a better understanding of the belayed and changed orders. As the others chimed in, she did as well.

=^=Roger, turning back.=^= She let her scanners scan the surface to be sure there wasn’t anything rising up to meet them and then turned her squad back to the ship.

Once aboard, she popped the canopy and hopped up to sit on the edge as her crew saw to the turn around. She waited till she saw Rick and nodded for him to come over. Hopefully he would have some answers.


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Ric made his way from CIC to the hangar floor. Seeing Xandra waiting for some explanation, he motioned for Apex and the other squad leaders to join them.

“It appears the Breen and Tholians didn’t want to mess with us. They were having some issues and the Santiago got caught in the crossfire. The way I understand it, there was no attack on the Federation ship. I tend to believe that, seeing as how they took off when we showed up. There was no incursion on the planet either. The problem is that they brought their conflict into Federation space. The Olinski is giving chase now to see if we can figure out what the hell is going on.”

He eyed the group of squad leaders. “Keep your flights at condition yellow. I don’t know what’s going to happen when we catch up to them, but I want y’all to be ready to fly at a moment’s notice. Any questions?”

Ricochet (CAG)

“Do we have any idea where they’re headed?” Ael asked. “Or if they’ll have friends when they get there?”

-Lt Ael Khev, Apex

Xandra sighed. “So now we are playing cat n mouse. Great.” She hated when they were brought in simply because of others’ mistakes. And this felt like another one of those moments. “How far are we gonna chase? If no one was hurt or attacked, I mean. Is it really necessary to do more than just make sure they leave Federation Space?” She was leaning against the nearby support vehicle when she crossed her arms and frowned at him.


“Right now, I know about as much as you do,” Ric began. “They are in Federation space and they don’t need to be taking their conflict and endangering Federation planets and citizens. My guess is if we need to, we’ll pull escort duty to get them out of here, then stick around to make sure they don’t come back. Of course, that is just speculation.”

Ricoche (CAG)

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