Pre-Sim: Everyone remembers their first

Posted March 5, 2021, 4:44 a.m. by Lieutenant Thomas Faraday (Chief Engineer) (Nathan Miller)

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Posted by Lieutenant Thomas Faraday (Chief Engineer) in Pre-Sim: Everyone remembers their first
Thomas paused on the gangway, where the station umbilical met the ship’s hull. The connector hermetically sealed to the surface, forming an airtight connection, leaving only a few inches of the hull visible between the doorway and the umbilical wall. He could smell the ozone that permeated space-saturated metals, now that he was near it. He gingerly reached his hand out and touched the name emblazoned under the Starfleet logo: USS Brian A. Olinski.

“Traditionally, I’d call you a woman,” he whispered. “But that name…” He chuckled. “I hope ‘friend’ will do.” He dropped his hand and crossed the threshold into the ship, feeling the thrum of fusion reactors and EPS transfer conduits in the floor. A Bolian Ensign greeted him.

“Lieutenant Faraday?” she asked, and continued at his nod. “Captain Parker is expecting you. You should proceed to the bridge. I’ll alert him you’re on your way.” She tapped her PADD a few times. “Your belongings have already arrived and been brought to your quarters.” She gestured with her hand. “Turbo lift is down the hall on the left. Writing aboard the Olinski, sir.”

Thomas threw her a crooked half smile and headed in the appointed direction. Efficient, he thought. He was suddenly reminded this was a fighter carrier - efficiency was likely key. That thought sent fighter plans and diagrams spinning through his head, and he was in the lift before he realized it.

“Bridge,” he ordered. He chewed his lip as it began moving. He was always most nervous right before meeting a new superior - he’d relax almost immediately, but these few minutes before the event he always had to do like now - breathing exercises, mindfulness training, stopping his mind from going at warp speed. He put on a confident exterior - too confident he’d been told more than a time or two - but inside he was boiling over.

The doors opened and he stepped out, trying to find the uniform with those four pips.

CE Faraday

As the Captain knew his new CE was on his way he retired to the Ready Room to await him. He had left Cmd Balfor Kolar in charge of the Bridge. He was the guy with the 3 pips.

Parker CO

Thomas paused on his walk around the bridge, taking in the master system display at the rear of the bridge - the engineering station. Bigger one down below, he thought, then continued down to the forward section of the bridge. The captain’s seat was empty, but the port chair was occupied. Commander… Balfor, he recalled. He relaxed. This was easier. He brushed a lock of blond hair from his face and walked forward.

“Commander Balfor,” he greeted the Bajoran, hand extended, crooked smile in place. “Lieutenant Thomas Faraday, the new chief engineer.” He glanced at the empty seat. “I was told Captain Parker was expecting me.” He paused, then looked toward the aft, where he recalled the stairs to deck two were, and back to Balfor. “He down below?”

CE Faraday

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