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Posted March 10, 2021, 11:55 a.m. by Lieutenant Thomas Faraday (Chief Engineer) (Nathan Miller)


Thomas paused on his walk around the bridge, taking in the master system display at the rear of the bridge - the engineering station. Bigger one down below, he thought, then continued down to the forward section of the bridge. The captain’s seat was empty, but the port chair was occupied. Commander… Balfor, he recalled. He relaxed. This was easier. He brushed a lock of blond hair from his face and walked forward.

“Commander Balfor,” he greeted the Bajoran, hand extended, crooked smile in place. “Lieutenant Thomas Faraday, the new chief engineer.” He glanced at the empty seat. “I was told Captain Parker was expecting me.” He paused, then looked toward the aft, where he recalled the stairs to deck two were, and back to Balfor. “He down below?”

CE Faraday

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Thomas nodded to the first officer and made his way across the bridge to the aft corridor, taking the stairs down to the conference room below.

“That’s a large table,” he said to the empty room. A full senior staff would only fill approximately half of it - but then he recalled the additional flight ops staff that would be present and suddenly the size made sense. He spied the door to the captain’s office and he swallowed down the nervousness he was feeling again.

He squared his shoulders, straightened his back and strode to the door, tapped the entry panel, then assumed a parade rest as he waited.

CE Faraday

“Enter” The Captain called out.

He had read Faradays file. The man had made a name for himself. He wanted to know more than anything why he had asked for a combat posting. The Captain indicated with his hand to the chair in front of the desk for Faraday to sit.

Parker CO

Faraday stood to attention as he entered the private office. “Lieutenant Thomas Faraday, reporting for duty, sir.” He relaxed when offered the chair and sat, extending an isolinear chip. “My orders and personnel file; though I’m sure you have already seen both.” It was tradition to offer these, dating back hundreds of years to when hard copies of orders were the standard method; the advent of wireless communication, still hundreds of years ago, made this mostly moot, but tradition was tradition.

Faraday glanced about the room, trying to get a feel for the man who would be his commanding officer until fleet command told him otherwise.

CE Faraday

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