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Posted March 12, 2021, 4:40 p.m. by Lieutenant Thomas Faraday (Chief Engineer) (Nathan Miller)


“Lt. I must say your background and indeed professional experience is impressive. One of the reasons I decided to accept you on the Olinski. I see a lot of research background and that’s great. However do you think your up to the change. The Olinski is the tip of the spear for the Fleet. The kind of research you might find yourself doing is in the moment and the decision neds to be quick and the right one or we all die.” The Captain asked.

Parker CO

Thomas nodded, considering the man’s words. He wasn’t wrong; Thomas had spent a decent amount of time on teams designing starships and warp engines instead of actually working on them. “I knew that needed to be corrected,” he responded. “I’ve since spent time on explorers and cruisers - and don’t get me wrong, that is worthwhile work that is the future of the Federation.”

He mulled his next words for a moment. “But I felt my skills were best put to use elsewhere. Somewhere the decisions need to be quick, and the right one,” he echoed the captain’s words. “I’m not saying I’m the best engineer, sir. But I think I’m the right one.”

CE Faraday

“Very good. Time will tell but I tend to agree with you.” The Captain said. “Have you had the chance to study the Olinski?”

Parker CO

Thomas nodded. “From almost the moment I received my orders.” He paused. “Though that’s on paper, sir. I’ve found that it’s always little different than you expect in person,” he added with a grin.

CE Faraday

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