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“Do we have any idea where they’re headed?” Ael asked. “Or if they’ll have friends when they get there?”

-Lt Ael Khev, Apex

Xandra sighed. “So now we are playing cat n mouse. Great.” She hated when they were brought in simply because of others’ mistakes. And this felt like another one of those moments. “How far are we gonna chase? If no one was hurt or attacked, I mean. Is it really necessary to do more than just make sure they leave Federation Space?” She was leaning against the nearby support vehicle when she crossed her arms and frowned at him.


“Right now, I know about as much as you do,” Ric began. “They are in Federation space and they don’t need to be taking their conflict and endangering Federation planets and citizens. My guess is if we need to, we’ll pull escort duty to get them out of here, then stick around to make sure they don’t come back. Of course, that is just speculation.”

Ricoche (CAG)

“Great,” Xandra tried not to growl under her breath. “So we are babysitting. Making sure they behave, then sending them home with a pat on the head. And then punish them if they don’t behave. I feel like an intergalactic mother.” She laughed and shook her head. “Well, boss. Guess that makes you Dad.” She bit her lip trying not to laugh.


=^=CAG this is the XO. We have two Cadassian cruisers with casualties that are going to need an evac. We want fighter pilots in the shuttles to do the people moving… about 120 on the two vessels. Following that we are going to engage the Tholians… maybe the Breen too so the remaining fighters might be needed as well.=^=


=^=Roger, X. We’ll be ready,=^= replied Ricochet.

He turned to address the pilots. “Okay, people. Slight change of plans. We’ve got a couple of damaged Cardassian ships. Life support is failing and they need immediate evac. As of right now, this is a rescue mission for Red and Green Squadrons, Apex and Sehlat, assign your pilots to the shuttles. We may need some fancy flying to get those survivors back here.”

“Yes sir.” Ael responded.

“Fuse,” he said addressing the bombers squad leader, “have the Rangers ready to go. If we need to engage the Breen or Tholian ships, I want to pound the $h!& out of them before they even know what hit them. “

“I want the Templars prepped and ready to go, as well. Got it, Howler?”

Ricochet (CAG)

Ael walked away to assign groups, feeling uneasy. “Starbuck!”
“Yes, sir?”
“Get the squad prepped to go. Tell them we’ll convene by the shuttles.”
“Aye sir.”
Ael walked away to make his own preparations, feeling no better.

-Lt Ael Khev, Apex

OOC: Just FYI timing with the Bridge thread is everything on this one. Once the GM says they are still attacking the Tholians we need the shuttles launching so we can move off from the Cardassians as the shuttles pick up the Cardassians and stage to return to the ship as the Olinski spins back around to get the shuttles after hammering the Breen.


Xandra nodded to Ric and asked, “You want fighters covering the shuttle as well, or want us on board to kick butts into gear and make sure they keep moving?”

As Trotter passed her, she tapped her Second on the arm. “Get the pilots prepping shuttles and make sure the fighters are on standby in case we need to come back and launch quick.” He smiled with a quick nod and took off at a jog. She looked back at Ric to get his answer before heading to get ready. Well, looked like babysitting duty was getting a bit more involved.

Squad Ldr

OOC: Sorry for the absence. Real life has been sapping my creativity for a long time now, which is why I have decided to retire from teaching at the end of the current school year. I should be back to posting normally soon.

IC: “I want fighters prepped to offer air support in case the Breen return while we’re evacing the Cardassians,’ Ric replied. The shortesst distance between two points is a straight line. Let’s keep things straight as we can.”

When the shuttles were ready and orders given, Ric slid into the pilot’s seat of the lead shuttle and exited the hangar bay with the rest of the shuttles close behind before splitting off to the Cardassian ships.

Without the Breen returning to cause chaos, the evac went extremely smooth and before long, the shuttles returned safely to the Olinski’s hangar bay. Medical personnel were waiting to tend to the wounded visitors. All in a days work for the experienced pilots of the USS Brian S. Olinski.

As the last of the shuttles docked, Ric took stock of the situation and hit his comm badge. =^= Bridge this is Ricochet. All of the surviving Cardassians have been evacuated to the Olinski and are being tended to by the medical teams as needed.=^=

Ricochet (CAG)

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