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The whiteness dissolved into the interior of the Cardassian ship, their engineering section. Not too dissimilar from their own setup, there was a master display of the ship and a work table nearby, with many other consoles flashing. Thomas set his kit down and opened it, puling out an EPS tester before he stepped up to the master system display.

“Let’s see if this is easy,” he muttered, looking around it for the source of the problem with life support.

CE Faraday

=^=Parker to CE what is the status. Do you need some of the Cardassian officers to come back over to assist?=^=

Parker CO

Faraday tapped his combadge. =^= That would be always be helpful, if any are well enough. =^= His eyes traced diagrams and readouts on the master system display. =^= Still trying to locate the source of the life support problem, whether it’s a power issue, an overloaded system, damage somewhere. Will loop you in as soon as we know. =^=

He stared at the system display and sighed, again trying to locate a warning alert, an error, anything that would tell him where to start.

CE Faraday

The Breen had damaged several main conduits at main engineering. With power, the conduits could be replicated but without power, that was not possible. The Cardassians had power at the engines but the power was not going anywhere.


Thomas cursed under his breath. “Alright,” he called to the teams nearby over the local environment suit radio. “We need to find replacement power conduit. Let’s see if they carry any extra, though I doubt it. Check maintenance lockers, see if they have a cargo bay on this puppy. Stick together.”

He tapped the com panel on his environment suit. =^= Faraday to Olinski. Could you ask any of the Cardassians if they keep spare power conduit anywhere? We have to replace a LOT of it. Otherwise, we need to get our replicators in gear. =^=

He kept muttering as he began looking for any storage areas large enough to hold power conduit.

CE Faraday

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