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Posted April 7, 2021, 5:58 p.m. by Lieutenant James Grey (Chief Science Officer) (Hjortur Ingi)

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Posted by Lieutenant James Grey (Chief Science Officer) in Pre-Sim: CSO Arrival - Bridge (Tag XO, Bridge Officer)

Posted by Commander Balfor Kolar (Executive Officer) in Pre-Sim: CSO Arrival - Bridge (Tag XO, Bridge Officer)
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The Runabout dropped out of warp just outside the outer perimeter of Starbase 257 and approached the station slowly at impulse. The pilot spun around in her chair and looked at one of the passengers, a very tall middle-aged man in a blue science uniform and two pips. His long dark hair was held together in a loose ponytail. “We’ve arrived, Lieutenant. You won’t be docking at the base with the rest of us right?” She asked “No I won’t, I’ll be transporting directly to the Brian A. Olinski” His Glaswegian accent wasn’t too thick to be understood. The pilot swerved the ship around until they had a visual on the colossal Ship “Now that is a big ship. Nearly a bloody kilometer long and 40 decks high. Gorgeous vessel for certain but far too big” The scientist said with a half-smile. A few minutes later the pilot spun towards him again “The Olinksi has cleared to you beam over, sir” The Scientist grabbed a grey duffel bag marked with a Starfleet Delta and threw it over his shoulder “Thanks for the lift Ensign, nice flying” He said as he stepped on the transporter pad and soon felt the familiar tingling as his form was torn apart and shot out as an energy beam across the emptiness of space.

Moments later he rematerialized on Deck 6 in transporter room 1. He took a moment to look around the room before stepping off the platform “Lieutenant Grey, your belongings have been sent to Cargo Bay one” The transporter Chief said “Thank you, laddie.” James Grey said with a friendly smile “I trust that all my bits are in the right place” He laughed at his own joke as he walked past the transporter panel.


The transporter officer smiled. He had heard that one so many times he had ceased to reply.

“Sir the Captain left orders for you to check in at the Bridge and then to his Ready Room.” The officer called after the Lt.

NE Transporter Dude

“Thanks” James called back as he left the room. He made a quick stop in his new quarters to throw his bag down before making his way to the bridge. A few minutes after he arrived on the bridge through the aft turbolift. He took a moment to look around the bridge, it was different than any bridge he was used to. He hadn’t served on a ship with fighter crafts before, he hadn’t even seen an active fighter since his early twenties. A CIC-connected ops station and a fleet command station, this was an entirely different beast. He walked past the science station NE and looked at the controls, a bigger ship meant bigger stations for everyone. He walked past the command chairs towards the ready room.


OOC: We are a military like ship so don’t forget to report in to the Bridge Officer in command at the moment. Not sure who that will be but lets see if the XO or someone else replies.


James stopped at the Command chair and looked at the person sitting there “Lieutenant James Grey, Chief Science officer. Reporting in” He said with a half-smile. It had been years since he’d observed military protocols, it was actually kind of nostalgic.


Kolar glanced at him, not harshly, but appraisingly. “James Grey, do you have your orders?” He tilted his head.

Kolar formerly CSO

James gave the first officer a tight nod “Only orders I have are to present myself to the Captain” He explained, “I haven’t served on a proper combat vessel in a minute but as I understand it I should report you first, sir.” He smiled slightly “Do you require anything, something you need to know. As I understand it I’m to take over your old department”


“In a minute?” This must be a new phrase the young officers were using. Kolar tried to look harshly but it wasn’t his nature to be unnecessarily stern. “I’ve never viewed science’s role to be defined by the fact that this is a warship. This ship has gone on more scientific and diplomatic missions than combat. Do not forget that,” He looked about the CIC and the stations. “We are in a metal box with millions of kilometers of nothing between us an the universe. We can’t see, touch, or hear a darn thing… what we do have is science… You are the eyes, the ears, the hands of the star-ship.”

He nodded slowly… “And more often than not, you are the brain as well. I need the science department to be that… If I can’t depend on you to be those things. ” He left the rest hanging.

Kolar CSO

James nodded at his new XO’s words “That seems to be my calling, brains of a starship” He said with a polite smile “I don’t have any issues with serving on a combat ship if that’s what it sounded like” He explained “Just different protocols is all…” He paused “And I can be counted on to do my department and this ship proud.”


OOC: Just a quick note, James is almost fifty. - Hjortur

OOC: El Capitan will still need a word with the new CSO in the Ready Room when he is done talking to the XO.


OOc: I did create a split post for that reason, I’ll just bump it to the board.

Kolar tilted his head non-committally , “I didn’t take it any particular way, Lieutenant. I gave my expectations as it is both my duty and you requested it.” He watched James to see how he would respond.

Kolar XO

James looked at the first officer, his smile was small but still there “That you did” He clasped his hands behind his back “Do you have any questions for me, sir?” He asked. The Bajoran seemed an interesting man, clearly suited for a command role despite only having been promoted recently.


“No, not at this time.” Kolar looked at the not youthful science chief. It was a little odd to be a lieutenant at his age and still be an active duty officer. It could be a mid life career change, a return to duty, or a poor officer. Of course poor officers didn’t get to the Olinski…


James inclined his head “Then if you’ll excuse me I think I’ll go report to the Captain” He smiled politely once more then stood at attention for a moment before turning towards the Ready room.


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